Dark Souls 1 Remastered (PS4, Bone, Switch, PC)
  • Currently in Anor Londo. Blighttown ran beautifully, no chug at all. Sen's Fortress was as good as always. Now it's time to get that Lord Vessel and start teleporting!

    I've ended up making a sort of dex + faith build. Using Astora's straightsword, a bow, and lightning spears. And Force for invaders dumb enough to follow me up to high ledges. Always fun to knock people off things. Haven't had many invasions yet, but the backstab is alive and well. Almost everyone has been fishing for rolling backstabs, but the lag-stab doesn't seem as bad this time. It's still a bit there, but I haven't been backstabbed by a dude from across the room like the good old DS1 days.
  • Purchased. Thoughts tomorrow.

    Xbox One cause my Souls co-op buddy plays on Xbox.
  • Nice. I might buy the Bone version next week too. Complete my collection across systems.

    Smough & Ornstein are no more. I've got the Lord Vessel and now soul grinding to level up gear and trying to get covenant items. I might do a dark playthrough first because it's more annoying from memory, and I have to join the covenant for the trophy anyway. I have to do Sif and the 4 Kings first for that but it's so tempting to just go with Frampt and use the lord vessel now.
  • Played about an hour before work today. Just beat the Belfry Gargoyles without any issue. I remember first playing the game back in 2011 and these guys causing me to stop playing for like two years.
  • I cleared out the forest, took care of Sif, and cleared out New Londo Ruins. Other than that my night consisted of lots of co-op, lots of grinding to buy materials for gear, and lots of trying to remember where everything is.
  • It has begun. Well, at least we had 1 whole day without people abusing the system. The invasion of the overpowered twinks has begun. Ran into 2 of them today while white phantoming for randoms. I truly don't understand the mindset of these sad acts. If you can only win by cheating, why bother? It's not like there's a monetary reward at stake like athletes might have. You're a fucking dude in a living room with a PS4. It's like punching babies and then bragging about how many fights you've won.

    Another random aside, some chap I was playing with dropped a stack of 99 Gwyn souls at my feet, so yeah, pretty safe to say the duping scene is also alive and well.
  • I remember on the Prepare To Die Edition for PC I would dress up as Solaire, invade people and drop items and then promptly jump off the ledges in Olocile Township to my death.

    And, Quelaag is dead now.
  • I'm now officially of the opinion that these games are not hard, people are just really friggin dumb.

    I've made pretty much no progress for hours now. Just enjoying the phantom experience. I joined the Darkwraith covenant for a while but I still prefer fighting the good fight, so I'm back in the Sun Bros. now. Might go take out some of the big boys later tonight, Seath perhaps. I'm in the mood to grind for a summoner's trident.
  • Went back to the Asylum and killed the Stray Demon with a Bandit Knife, two handed. Kept rolling around and chopping at his butt.

    EDIT: Is there an easier way to get to the Sunbros, aside from killing the Hellkite Dragon?

    EDIT 2.0: 10 minutes to beat Sen's Fortress and Iron Golem? That felt good.

    EDIT 3.0: Anor Londo seems easier too. Hmm.

  • I usually just run past the dragon to get to the Sun Bros. You have to lure him out first though otherwise he will just flame spam you to death. If you get him on the ground and run past him he takes a while to reposition. You will have plenty of time to get by.

    Have you been finding the bosses a bit spazzy? They don't seem to move smoothly anymore, and sometimes they just stop moving at all and let you wail on them. It also happens sometimes with regular enemies but I really notice it with the bosses. Also with 4 Kings, the spawn in timer for the next king seems a hell of a lot shorter than it used to be. I wonder if it has something to do with the 60fps upgrade? I remember DS2 having a problem with weapon durability after they changed it to 60fps.

    I had my first lagstab yesterday. The dude went from in front of me to behind me like The Flash. I saved the clip for the memories. Since they've made up to 6 players in a game possible this time the pvp is more broken than it's ever been.
  • I've noticed that too. Quelaag just sort of spun around in circles and let my co-op buddy and I just  Sorcery her to death.
  • Killed the midget, just Seath and Nito to go now for the big 3. Good to have that dinosaur filled lava land behind me. I still need to level up in Nito's covenant, so I will leave him for last. Next up I might go back to the start, grab a dolly, and head into the painted world, or I might just go for Seath. Gwyndolin is also still awaiting her bloody murder, but again, I need to level up in her covenant first.

    Have you been getting invaded by that spiked dude Manio? Kirk is his name, maybe? He's supposed to appear in the Depths and after Ceaseless Discharge, but I haven't heard a peep from him. A bit bummed about that, because I think his armour/weapon set counts for one of the trophies.
  • Yeah, Kirk totally shows up in the Depths.  He does have 3 different spawn locations though.  But the bad news bears is that if you've beaten the Gaping Dragon, he no longer will spawn.

    I've beating everyone but Bed of Chaos and Four Kings.  Just finished the DLC and beat Manus after my third attempt.  I've also been co-opping in a friend's world, and it's been a blast.  Specially when we get to gank invaders.  There was one invader that hit us up in Dukes Archives, but spawned on the wrong side and ended up rotating the stairs that let us bypass the rest of the archives, which was super convenient.

    My build is uses Great Scythe with Power Within and Darkmoon Blade.  Had to do a bit of PvP to be able to get the spell, which was kind of rough.  Specially since the remaster still has a lot of jank strats like reverse rolling and the like.  And me, not wanting to use them, puts me at a pretty steep disadvantage.  But I'm really happy with my build, the game, and it's performance.  I heard a lot of people complaining about hacking, but having dumped 30 hours into it and a good bit of PvP, I've seen nothing that supports that.
  • Killed Priscilla. Yet another NPC invader didn't spawn for me. Hopefully on my 2nd playthru things go a bit better.
  • Killed O&S. Easier than I remember, so that was weird.

    Now I'm off to kill Four Kings so I can join the Darkstalkers. It reminds me, my very first time taking on Four Kings I had no issues and solo'd them super quickly. Everytime after that I just get my ass handed to me.
  • I don't doubt you, but are you making sure you are human around those areas, Flibble?
  • Lantis, yep, I'm always human. And I always clear out an area before I hit the boss. They aren't spawning for me. It takes 2.5 playthrus to plat the game anyway, so as long as they spawn within the next 1.5 playthrus I'll be happy. 

    Manio, all the bosses seem much easier imo. I was playing the original prior to the release of the remaster and it felt harder. Like I said, the bosses move really janky and freeze sometimes in this version, so you get a lot of chances to hit them without fear of punishment. Hopefully there's a patch in the works.
  • Finished it. Now just have to get these last trophies (making weapons and getting all the spells). Shouldn't take long. 
  • Forgot you need the Ring of Abysswalking for the Four Kings. Oops.

    Gotta backtrack and take on Sif, but atleast I have the Lordvessel now.
  • This is a great troll. I wish I'd thought of it.

  • I watched that today. It's so good. So good.

    I forgot how annoying it is backtracking to kill the Four Kings if you die. 
  • Plat #130. Now ready for Demon's Souls Remastered.

    A lot of bosses have annoying backtracking, like Nito or Seath. It's that damn elevator ride from Firelink that gets annoying with 4 Kings.
  • I can't even find summon signs for Four Kings, and it's honestly the only boss I'm struggling with aha.
  • There's an NPC summon behind one of the walls near the 4 Kings fog gate. I think it's the White Witch or something like that? If you can't find any humans and need help you could try her. That's why I don't like passwords in these games. People just buddy up. Part of the charm of the original was the complete randomness of everything. Even on PS4 I noticed a lot less summon signs, but if you check out the PlayStation communities section you will find loads of people using passwords to get help. What they should have done was scrap passwords and make all summon signs available to everyone, then adjust phantom levels according to the level of the host (like what happens with password summons anyway).
  • Got this on PC and so far I just beat the Capra Demon in the Lower Undead Burg.

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