Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 21/05/18
  • Holding text to hold onto.
  • I've been blasting back to the past again this week on my PS3. 

    Resistance 2 - Cleaned up the last couple of trophies I could get. Sadly 3 of them, and the platinum, are forever beyond my grasp now the competitive servers are gone. You can still play the co-op because it was peer to peer. 

    The Smurfs 2 - Platted it. I don't know why I didn't finish it back in the day, the last couple of trophies took less than a hour. Such a low effort and shit platformer.

    X-COM The Bureau - Went back after all these years and finished my commander playthru, getting another platinum in the process, bringing my total to 129.

    Damnation - Got all the collectables. Just have to finish off the campaign on Insane now.

    Bayonetta - Almost platted. I think all the hard stuff is done, I just need a couple of miscellaneous trophies.

    Vanquish - The final trophy for this game has taunted me for a long time, and continues to do so. These challenge missions are stupidly hard, especially the last couple. One mistake, dead.

    Resident Evil Revelations - Another one almost platted, but I need to find a co-op partner somewhere to get one of the raid trophies, otherwise I shouldn't have too many problems ahead. I already did most of the hard stuff like the grind to level 50, all S ranks, and beating the game on the hardest difficulty.

    Hotline Miami - Replaying levels trying to find secrets and stuff. 

    Dark Souls Remastered is so close now. 
  • Just Overwatch. The event gave everyone a crate with a guaranteed Legendary inside of it. I got the Sherlock event skin for McCree.
  • As I mentioned in last week's post I have finished God of War, what a game. It's definitely my 2018 game of the year so far (psssst.... It's the only game I've played that was released this year). Truely incredible and I can not wait to see what they do with the (sort of) twist ending and I'm excited for the second, after that post credits scene.

    As you may know after God of War, I wasn't too sure what to play. I want something to tide me over till Spiderman in September (I think, don't quote me on that date). I ended up picking Prey. About an hour in so far, the world is really intruiging me. The mimics though. They are pissing me off something rotten. Facing them is more of an annoyance than a fun combat encounter.

    Apart from that, I'm still trucking along with San Andreas. I finally want to see this game through I'm closing in on their version of Vegas and I'm excited to see what it's like.

    The plan is this, then Red Dead 1 again and then a first person only playthrough of GTA V to lead me up to Red Dead Redemption 2 in October (?? Again don't quote me on that date).

    A quick game of PUBG here and there too. I'm getting better. I have a few mobile chicken dinners but still nothing to shout about on the real version.

  • I finished Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  And while I'm really not much of a fan of the western style RPG, this one was alright.  At least once you got to the point where you didn't need to do any more optional quests.  There was just hundreds of mundane quests that offer so little for what they ask you to do.

    A party member requests that you deliver two message to two different people.  Person A is located on an island but they don't tell you where.  So you have to spend a long time finding this random NPC.  Once you find her, she refuses to accept your message until you stop her stalker.  So you have to find a second random NPC, (of course not even suggesting where he might be) and get him to stop stalking the chick.  Person B is located on a different item, and like before, aren't given any idea where he might be.  Once you do find him, you have to go through a dialog tree, that if goes poorly, results in a fight that fails the quest.  Once you deliver the two messages, you go back to a town and the party member that requests you to do this has to leave your party for an unspecified amount of time, meaning they miss out on all the experience you gain while she's away.  And your reward once she returns?  Optional dialog with her.  No gold, no experience, no items.  Just an extra dialog tree.  This coming from a game that grant experience just from walking into a town for the first time.

    Basically, the plot relevant events are good enough to carry the game, but all the other stuff... not so much.

  • Manio, I got Sherlock McCree too. 
  • Posting down here for the shameless thread bump.

    (PS3) Valkyria Chronicles Finished the final two missions and once again had to research what the knack of both of them was.  The final boss fight was fairly clear, although execution was a little challenging due to the boss being able to one-shot most of the team if you took too long about what you were doing.  As for the way that you took down the giant tank in the penultimate mission?  Quite how you would figure that out without banging your head against it for hours and hours is beyond me.

    But with VC now done and dusted, I've been reflecting and I can't say why but it is honestly one of my favourite games that I've played on this gen of consoles.  I recognise it's not the best, but the look and feel of the whole thing and the just good god damn heart of the game has left a real impression on me.  I loved the Japanese take on WWI/WWII Europe mixed with weird super powers, the graphics were genuinely astonishingly good for a pretty old game, and I found myself really caring for the main characters and even the background squad members - Band-of-Brothers-ing it up around Gallia was fun and challenging with a nice sense of team progression as you levelled up your team and your gear.

    Sadly, it looks like my interest in this series is probably going to end here as I don't think there is any way I can play the second and third instalments.

    (XB1) Forza Motorsport 7 Am slowly getting my head around the oddly restrictive career progression (I picked most of my races from the grid thing in FM4, but it looks like that isn't an option here at all) and the mildly baffling (to someone who has missed two whole Forza games and nearly 5 years' worth of modern gaming's obsession with in-game currencies) Credits/XP/Car Collection/Loot Box systems.  Had a couple of frustrating episodes where I spent credits on cars that I didn't need to because I was not familiar with what cars were already in my garage - that would've never happened in earlier versions of the game - but other than that no major complaints.  It's slightly odd that a lot of the cars already come to you heavily tuned, when one of the main draws of a Forza/Gran Turiismo career mode to me has always been taking a car and picking upgrades in order to be competitive across multiple races, but again credits are rolling in so rapidly (particularly once I started making use of the mods and plunked down some real cash on VIP status - felt I should throw some money Turn10's way after a few years off) that it's not a major problem.

    So, aside from me struggling to get my old-man brain around the modern world and in between bouts of going outside to shout at clouds I'm really enjoying the game.  Handling/car selection/track selection/graphics are everything I hoped a next-gen Forza would be and you can tell I like it as I'm back to my old, bad habits of playing it until I can't keep my eyelids open any longer, waking up asleep on the sofa with the controller in my head most nights this week...

    Lots to say this week, but between old games and new games I had some Thoughts.

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