Dark Souls 1 Remastered (PS4, Bone, Switch, PC)
  • And surprise surprise, PC gamers are still moaning. They want it for free. Entitled twats.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Heads up bitches!

    You can download the network test version this week, and then it is gone. The tests are scheduled for May 11th and May 12th. Check the hours and time zones and jazz. It is important to note that you will not be able to download the day of the day of the tests, so get on that shit this week.
  • I'm ready for the network tests. So ready.
  • Can't wait.

  • Swiftor's rage in Dark Souls is the stuff of meme now.

  • Well, the network test started about an hour ago, and I've been playing it. Or at least I've been trying to play it. It's pretty bad. The game is literally crashing every 2 minutes. I tried to summon people, I tried to be summoned, I tried just going through the offered area (which is armour pig btw) by myself, and every time it crashed and dumped me back to the dashboard. After just shy of 10 attempts I give up for now. This is really fucked. Fair enough it's a network test so if summons aren't working properly I'm cool with that, but crashes when just playing solo?

    You can pick 1 of 6 character types, 4 of them archetypes like pyro, fighter, etc, and then 2 bonus characters, Solaire or a black knight. Alas, I never got more than a few minutes with any of them, but the gameplay felt off somehow. I wish I could play a bit longer to see if it's just me or if they have fucked with something. The graphics have improved for sure, I have no complaints about what I saw, but yeah, those crashes, holy shit.

    Anyone else tried it? Did you have better luck than me? Thoughts?
  • I did not get on, cuz all MTG all the time ( You got a Nether Void? ) but that does not sound like an auspicious test. If multiplayer does not work well people are gonna be pissed off.
  • Specially for the people who view the online pvp/pve as the main draw to the remaster...
  • I had no connection issues when I played, so who knows! Lots of invasions were going on for me and I noticed way better frame-rates than the original.
  • Maybe it was an issue with the Japanese servers. Glad to hear the US test went a bit better. I'll jump on again tonight when the servers are on again and give it another go. Fingers crossed. I'm not too worried though, From has a bit of a track record of having network issues early on. I remember the original release of DS1 being offline for a few days post launch. They'll get their shit together.
  • Second night went much better. Played for 2 hours and had zero crashes and zero connectivity issues. Woohoo.
  • If you shove your hand up his arse he dies pretty quick, same as the Bloodborne piggies. Looking forward to the full release now. What am I going to fill these 2 weeks with?
  • For historical records, the DS1R network test.

  • A Blighttown that doesn't run like ass? Yes.

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