Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 19/02/18
  • Posting this in the first half of the week, so that's practically early by my usual standards. I ended last week's post talking about going back to Front Mission 3 for a couple of missions and having a hankering for tactical games, so how did that go...?

    (PS3) Valkyria Chronicles It feels funny to be writing about this nearly ten years after I first heard about it, especially as the first people I heard talking about it were the NT Modcast guys.  Looking back, I used to post in every Modcast episode thread with unnecessarily long posts expending on some of the discussions in the show and also listing out the games I'd played that week.  Once the Modcast ended, Week in Gaming became the new spot where I would post those thoughts.  Full circle, in a way.

    As for Valkyria, I had misunderstood the mechanics of the game a little - I had it in my head that it was fully turn-based and on some kind of grid (a la XCOM/Front Mission), I hadn't grasped the way the characters could move and act in each of their turns.  That said, it has a lot of what I was after - especially the team building and challenging tactics.  Story-wise the book-and-episodes format that you have to select in turn slows things down a bit and is a little frustrating, but the story itself is very charming and nicely delivered. Another thing I hadn't expected was the look of the game - obviously I knew the style it had going in, but this is one of the oldest games I've played in years and I think it looks great. The cel-shading and Japanese take on WWII Europe has not aged a jot.

    I'm still in the early stages of the game and it is still introducing mechanics, so there's every chance that I will eventually lose patience with it and it'll get too hard, but for now I'm really enjoying it and keep looking forward to the next time I can play.

    OK, that's it for now, how about you?

  • Monster Hunter World - Another week of nothing but this. I'm hunter rank 111 now and just grinding hunts to get gold crowns, which is taking an eternity. I decided to break the monotony by experimenting with new weapons and armour and this has made things a bit more interesting, but killing the same monster over and over in the hopes that it will drop a gold crown is starting to piss me off. I'm thinking of buying Kingdom Come Deliverance for something new to play but some aspects of that game sound damn irritating, like the horrendous save system and having to eat all the time. I guess there's always the 2 Bayonetta games on Switch. I never did get around to playing through Bayonetta 2.  
  • (PS4) Persona 5 - Still slowing making my way through the game. Got to what I think it the start of the fourth palace/dungeon and for the first time I am starting to feel very underpowered and think it may take several attempts to get through the area.
  • @Littleg I've been a pretty big fan of VC.  I ended up playing a VC3 with a translation patch sometime last year and I really enjoyed it.

    Secret of Mana Remake - Oh man.  There's a lot of controversy around this game.  The mixed reviews in steam attest to that fairly well.  With the lacking of online, it's missing a lot.  But it's playing to my nostalgia.  The combat feels better as hits seem to land way more consistently than they did in the SNES version.  The new soundtrack can be kind of bad at times and the english voice acting is kind of cheesy.  But both can swapped for the original or have japanese dubs.  I actually have a LOT to say about this game, but I think I'm going to save it for when I actually finish it and write up something proper in Rate The Last Game You Played.
  • Does having the intent to play a game count. If so I totally intended to play Shadow of the Colossus and Monster Hunter.

    Oh wait. Intent doesn't count?

    Well then. I guess nothing.
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