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  • Since we don't make threads for each game anymore, or reviews, and week in gaming threads that can only just be called 'weekly', it might be an idea to have a thread like our movie thread so people can post thoughts and scores whenever they want. So here it is.

    To kick it off I just finished

    Agents of Mayhem (PS4) - If you haven't given up on Saint's Row yet this might be worth a look. It is a single player hero shooter in which you take a team of 3 agents out into the field to stop a bunch of villains from taking over Seoul. The game has a cartoon feel to it, and in typical Saint's style it takes the Mickey out of a lot of gaming tropes and pop culture. The story was average, as was just about everything about this game. The heroes are all pretty meh, I found only a few that I really enjoyed and just stuck with them. There are loot boxes scattered all over the place and getting new gear, skins, and vehicles is a crap shoot for most things. It feels like Saint's Row 4 mixed with Diablo 3 and Overwatch. I enjoyed the playthru overall, but it is a very average game with an endgame that is a huge grindfest if you plan on levelling up all the agents and getting all the trophies. I did like this more than Gat Out Of Hell, but that game and now Mayhem equate to Saint's Row being on its death bed hacking up its lungs imo. Buy it cheap. 5/10.

    Noobied by 1NewAgeRed
  • Resident Evil 6
    Went back through this to scoop up achievements on the Xbox One version, since it was $6 when I bought it on sale or something like that, plus I was on a huge RE kick when Resident Evil 7 dropped that I went out and bought Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Revelation 2. While I'm waiting for the 'Not A Hero' DLC to drop next month for RE7 I decided I'd revisit and finish my play-through of the previous title in the series.

    It's quick-timey as fuck, and it made me realize I didn't miss the glorified action game the series had become when I played RE7 earlier this year. That said, I finished Leon's campaign and it's still the best out of the four from what I can remember, with Chris Redfield's still being the weakest by far.

    Is it a terrible game? No, not at all. Is it a terrible Resident Evil game? No, it's a fun game overall minus the quick time events but I would have preferred if the entire campaign had Leon's feel to it with the original zombies and that whole feeling. It did make me miss seeing Leon and other familiar faces in Resident Evil 7, and I still don't think that fucker at the end of RE7 is Chris Redfield.

    I seem to be in the minority of preferring it over Resident Evil 5.

    Play it co-op, it's kind of a bore solo sometimes.

  • RE6 and RE5 both have their good and bad spots. I think the tipping point for me is the recycling in RE6. Doing boss fights twice because the characters' stories intersect might have sounded cool on paper, but the reality was "oh God, not this fight again". The story was also told in a manner that would have made Tarantino jealous, which didn't help things. It wasn't until you played through as Ada that shit even began to make sense. In those respects, I think I'd take RE5 over RE6, but any battle involving Wesker in RE5 can go eat a dick too.
  • Wolfenstein (PS3) - I was curious to see the difference between the PS4 and PS3 versions and when I found this in the bargain bin going for a few bucks I grabbed it. It goes without saying if you plan on getting this get the PS4 version, the PS3 version was worse than I imagined. I enjoyed the game on PS4, but all I can really say about it on PS3 is that it was playable, just. Load times were a bit long, and while I expected some graphical differences, the texture pop was quite incredible. Nazi soldiers would be having their features popping in even as they died, and turning around fast would cause the game to almost shit itself trying to render everything. Trophies were also prone to delay. The first time it happened I thought it had glitched but every trophy would pop long after the conditions were met to get it. It's a great game, but looks rubbish on PS3. It feels like they didn't even try to optimise it. If you're looking for a good shooter on PS3, there's plenty of others to go for before this. 8/10 on PS4, 5/10 on PS3.
  • The Evil Within (XBone) - I played this back when it first came out on PS4 but with the release of the sequel I wanted to give it another go. It's not a game for everyone, but it is a game that cops more flak than it deserves. The game is pretty hard, with plenty of enemies that can and will 1-shot you, and the story is one you'll either love or hate. It leaves a lot of things unclear and many have said this equates to a bad story, but I disagree. The basic premise of the game is very clear, and then there are gaps, as there are in memories, which is part of the theme of the game. If you like your stories conventional, look elsewhere. The enemies, visuals, and sound are all great imo, particularly the bosses, which were all pretty great. The gameplay is a bit janky, but if people can forgive the Resident Evil series they can certainly find room for this. What is unforgiving in this game, is a lack of resources requiring pretty efficient bullet management, and the brutality of the enemies. The game never explains when you should run, and when you should stay and fight, and prefers to let the player have a few game overs while they figure it out for themselves. Putting these 1-shot enemies into puzzle mazes can also lead to many deaths, and if you get caught in a bad checkpoint loop, I can imagine the rage. Perhaps the Dark Souls series has conditioned me to having to redo a lot of work if I fuck up, and so this didn't really bother me all that much, but people who hate redoing anything and want a checkpoint at every corner, this game may not be for you. If you enjoy horror games like RE4-6, Outlast, etc, and can tolerate a bit of punishment, it's worth checking out. When I beat the first boss on the Bone the achievement told me that only 38% of players had accomplished this, meaning 62% of Boners who own the Evil Within haven't even beaten the first boss. Tragic. You can get the game and all the DLC for probably $15 or so. Try it. 7/10
  • The Evil Within 2 (PS4) - Straight after the first game I dived into the 2nd, and experienced mixed emotions. Unlike its predecessor, which was a pure linear experience, the Evil Within 2 is a semi-open world game, made up of smallish sandboxes linked together by a tunnel system. You're no longer alone throughout the game, as there are a few NPCs holed up in safe houses around the map who offer side missions and rewards, and opportunities for Bioware style dialogues but without the depth, choice, or consequences. The story is still kinda bonkers, and follows on from the first game. If you didn't play the first game, or rather if you didn't play the DLC of the first game, a lot of things won't make much sense, but not to worry, as this game dives into WTF-land pretty quickly regardless. There's not many boss fights, and towards the big finale every boss from the first game is recycled in a throwback battle that feels cool yet lazy at the same time. But given how few people got through the first game, most of these bosses will be new for most players. What new bosses there are however, are pretty cool in terms of design, but the bosses in EW2 are simple affairs. Shoot them until they die. In EW1 the bosses were almost puzzles, which I miss. EW2 is also a LOT easier than the first game, far fewer insta-kills and more direction as to where to go and what to do. There are no more matches to burn bodies, once a bad guy is dead, he's dead for good this time. It's interesting that the EW2 is seeing a lot more praise than the original game did after it dumbed itself down into a more generic open-world, easy, zombie game. Everything that made the original unique is gone, and while this game is getting the praise the first game didn't, I wonder how a 3rd game would fare (which is coming if the ending is anything to go by). It's a good enough game in its own right, but the Evil Within was never intended to have a sequel, and I see here what I saw with Mass Effect 2. A sequel dumbed down for the muggles which saw much acclaim, but which to me signalled only the beginning of the downward spiral. 7/10
  • Assassin's Creed Origins - This is the strongest Assassin's Creed game in a very, very long time. While I loved Syndicate I did find the environments of London somewhat stagnant and I never found myself doing much exploration in that game. The setting of Egypt completely breathes life into the franchise, and the more RPG style approach to the game really works in terms of gameplay and feel. The weapon system feels more exciting as do the outfits for your character as there seems to be a wide variety to play with in terms of weapon choices and playstyles. You're not just restricted to using your Hidden Blade and a sword. You can rock a variety of weapons and tools, and the bows are really great.

    I'm about six or so hours into the game and I've yet to hear any mention of Assassin orders or the Templars outside of the modern day portions of the game, which thankfully are incredibly short. I'm feeling like the game is the origin story of the Assassin order, etc, hence the title.

    As of my six hours into the game I can safely say this may be the best Assassin's Creed game to date. It's so much fun and exploring the pyramids and tombs of Ancient Egypt is just exciting.


    It's tied with Resident Evil 7 as my Game of the Year for 2017.

  • I've been hearing good things about Ass Creed Origins. I might pick it up eventually, but I still haven't played Black Flag, Unity, or Syndicate. The last game I played through was AC3 I think. Is the story anywhere near concluding yet? 

    DOOM (PS4) - This was fucking great. Balls to the wall demon-slaying from start to finish. There's really nothing to complain about. Doom Guy is a great protagonist, and it was fun learning about him through historical recordings found in Hell, made by demons, who regard DG as a kind of harbinger of the apocalypse (for demonkind). His actions do all the talking for him, and he meets everything with pure aggression. The game makes you feel like an unholy badass too, with arenas on Mars and in Hell full of monsters to rip and blow apart with a variety of guns and of course, the chainsaw, all while rocking out to a fantastic soundtrack. Run out of bullets? No problem, grab the Berserker power-up and punch everything to death! All the enemies from the old games are back, meaner than ever. They feel a lot like they did in the old games too, with the exception of the Pinky demons who are huge damage sponges now unless you can flank them. Also like the old games, there are secrets aplenty to be discovered around the maps. Once you're done with the campaign there's also the snap map level designer to play with if you're into that sort of thing, which is pretty cool as it allows you to set up some pretty complex things rather easily. There's also multiplayer which a lot of people poo poo'd for being boring but these people are just soulless husks. The multiplayer is basically a recreation of the old games' multiplayer, it felt like Doom 2 or Quake did back in the day, only with better graphics. It's not my cup of tea personally, because I'm not much for online shooters in general anyway, but I think it achieved what it was going for. The game is good, it's cheap as chips these days, and there's no reason not to have this. 10/10 

    A great remake of the original games' soundtrack can be found here for those interested: http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/idkfa-doom-soundtrack

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS3) - This game has some great moments in it, and it also has some lows too. In some ways it improves upon the first game, in others it makes a right mess of things. The choice to make this game episodic was probably one of the main reasons it turned out the way it did. Each episode takes place in one location, however in each case you play through the same location as two separate teams (Claire & Moira, and Barry & Natalia), at two different points in time. The boredom and repetitive nature of this is offset by each team encountering different enemies, and the enemies in Barry's story will slightly differ depending on what you did as Claire. Similarly, Claire can make changes to the map in her playthrough, such as open doors or flick switches which will then appear as such in Barry's playthrough. I liked this idea, but it wasn't quite enough to stop me from feeling a bit frustrated at having to do the same maps twice all the time. The other new gimmick here is the two teams. In their respective teams Claire and Barry provide the firepower, while the partners Moira and Natalia act as scouts. Moira has a flashlight that can reveal hidden items and blind enemies, while Natalia has a sixth sense which allows her to sense hidden items and reveal enemy locations around her. These two characters basically just replace the scanner camera from the first game, and honestly I'd rather just have the camera. Switching back and forth between characters, juggling inventory between characters, and doing the co-op 'puzzles' that were all stupidly easy was getting irritating by the end. The fact that the final boss fight used this mechanic was really jarring as well, especially as the player didn't choose when to switch, but rather the switch occurred automatically depending on where the boss was. Now I'm Barry, now I'm Claire, now I'm Barry again. Aaarghhh. The story like a lot of Resident Evil games is bonkers and often raises more questions than it answers, which I won't go into here to avoid getting all spoilery, suffice to say you'll know what I'm talking about if you play it. Overall I enjoyed the game, and at the price you can get it these days it's worth the risk. 6/10
  • I'm thinking I'm not a huge fan of point and click adventure games
    because I found my time with ROM to mostly be boring. It took a really
    long time to get ramped up with the story, but aside from a few select
    moments the story was largely uneventful. I did really like the
    cyberpunk themed world that was built up and I found that a lot more
    interesting to poke around than I did playing through the majority of
    the game. If you're a bigger fan of more narrative driven experiences in
    games than I am you might enjoy ROM more than I did. Oh, also at times
    the game feels a little heavy handed with it's presentation of gender
    identity and racial equality, but I'm not sure if that is a result of it
    actually being heavy handed, or my inability to relate to the problems
    and situations being presented. It wasn't like it presented things a lot
    differently than other games have, but I was more easily able to
    understand or relate to those political ideas where in this case I
    wasn't, hence my waffling on if it was actually a detracting
    characteristic of the game.
  • The Surge + DLC (Bone) - Underappreciated Souls-like gem. It's not as big or deep as a From game, but it's still a lot of fun. The Surge is a single player only experience, having neither co-op nor pvp, and it does not allow for character creation or modification in any way, aside from the rig (power suit) you acquire. What you do get though is a fun little action game that offers a Soulsy take on the dystopian sci-fi genre. There is a plot about a plan to save Earth gone horribly awry, and the game never loses its dark tone even in the DLC, which offers a twisted take on Disneyland in which the robotic mascots in the park have gone insane and begun killing the staff and tourists. The combat is fast and fluid, comparable to Bloodborne in speed and execution. Light weapons are fast, heavy weapons are slow and feel as weighty as they would do. The one complaint with combat I had was that despite the number of weapons you end up finding through your playthru, most of the same weapon type feel very similar, and there are only 5 weapon types. Also, for most weapon types you will have one that clearly outperforms all the others, and once you get it and invest resources levelling it up, you will hesitate to change. This is compounded by the fact that the game has no skill trees for your character, and rather uses a system wherein each weapon type has a skill ranking, and the more you use a certain weapon type, the higher that rank will be. It's a nice idea in theory, and you can get some good damage bonuses out of levelling up, but it also deters you from switching weapon types. And there are the rigs, your power suit which can be equipped with mod chips granting various abilities, and different armour types that also grant various set bonuses. These are all a lot of fun to play with. Going out and chopping off various enemy appendages to forge and level new gear is where the bulk of this game's farming element takes place. Another huge difference in this game compared to a Souls game is that, rather than smashing through what are mostly fodder mobs to get to the next boss, The Surge has very few bosses (only 5 in the main game, 2 in the DLC) and instead has regular mobs that can mess your shit up. The bosses also often have some trick to defeating them, or a special kill condition which if achieved, grants you special boss loot - a feature carried over from Lords of the Fallen. Having said that, once you figure out a certain enemy's moves or weakness, they become a lot easier to deal with. If you like Souls games at all, or sci-fi action games, and are not afraid of a challenge, give it a try. 8/10.

    Call of Duty: WW2 (PS4) - Yay, COD has gone back to WW2! Boo, COD is still COD! Like most people I was glad to be back fighting in WW2, where the game belongs, but COD2 and World At War were a long time ago, from a far more innocent age, and these fond memories only further highlight what COD is today. No more can the fans say "COD would be good again if they'd just go back to WW2". WW2 is better than the zero G space battles of Infinite Warfare, sure, but if that's the highest we're aiming for we may as well give up now. WW2 is cinematic, clumsily tries to hit you in the feels, makes no attempt to move from the caricatures of Nazi's being pure evil every chance they get and Americans being playboys who can get the job done once they've finished wrapping their cocks in the American flag and smacking everyone in the mouth with it. The cliches come thick and fast (like an American GI, no?), and despite the old WW2 skin being thrown on it, it's still a modern COD game underneath. You watch lots of cutscenes, you're not limited to ground battles as you also have to fly fighters and drive tanks or man turrets regularly. The story is OK, I guess, but is fairly typical WW2 fluff and not necessary. COD was never about prolonged exposition. The multiplayer and even Nazi Zombies mode are now chock full of skills, mods, XP bonuses, and 'cosmetics' all tucked away in loot boxes that cost real money. It'd be like throwing a Halo skin on Destiny 2 and saying it's still the Bungie Halo games we loved in the past. It's not. It's every bit a COD game of today featuring cosmetics to arouse nostalgia and separate us from our money. As for the gameplay, it's COD, you've played it if you have ever played an FPS in the past 10 years. There are some glitches and unhelpful mechanics, and everyone's favourite -the QTE- back in full force. If you're still playing COD today then you no doubt already have this game. If you're hoping this will take you back in time to the COD of old, it won't. Just go play your old COD games again. As a generic WW2 era FPS, it's not too bad, but in the context of it being a big AAA COD game and what the series once was, it's fairly average, and with the exception of the short campaign, you might even say bad. If you insist on this game, at least wait for a sale. 5/10. 
  • Path of Exile 8/10
    One of the better RPGs I've played, a very nice change after the dramatic Diablo 3.
    Gameplay very pleasant, although typical for Hack & Slash games.
    Graphics a little worse than in Diablo, but less depressive :-) More sun, warm colors and much brighter colors.
    Forgive me for comparing it to Diablo, but there are not many MMO RPGs behind the dead MU Online.
    A highly developed system of improvements, and I like improvements. You improve your items with poe orbs, it is currency in PoE. Thanks to this you can create a unique character according to your own idea, or many builds available on the Internet.
    Updates often come out, GGG studio takes great care of this game.
    An interesting trading system, as I wrote above, PoE Orbs to currency. Currency, and at the same time item you can use (like jewelers at MU Online). I remember how to trade in Diablo and then they removed the auction house - in my opinion it was a big mistake. In PoE, trading is just that much fun :-)
    I know better MMOs, but Path of Exile is the best MMO RPG that I know. I would highly recommend

    I trade myself, that is, buy and sell PoE Currency and there are several rules.
    First of all, the price of each orb is higher at the beginning of the season, with the passage of time the orbs are getting cheaper, and at the end of the league (season) are the cheapest, this applies to all types of currency in PoE :-)
    Therefore, it is worth getting exalted orbs at the beginning of the season, then there are also many people willing to buy them :-)
    It is best to buy PoE currency in trusted stores, where the seller's counterfeit is low (low fee). It allows cheaper to sell poe orbs, so customers buy cheap exalted orbs.
    You can also earn more, so selling poe currency pays off :-)
    In my opinion, the best PoE Shop to buy PoE Currency is at this link BUY POE CURRENCY
  • I just finished kizi free. Well, or at least the new story line that is made up of nine chapters.
    There is more to the add-on than that like an entire additional story
    arc and a new quest hub that you will arrive at after the completion of
    the story.
  • @Skeesny I've put > 800 hours into PoE over the past many years.  I recently just finished up enough of the challenges in the Abyss league to get all the MTX.  This league I've managed all the end game content minus Uber Atziri, Shaper, and Hall of Grandmasters (Atlas completion at 155/157).  

    There are two ways to play the game; Standard - which is a persistent mode where you keep your character forever.  It has all the accepted mechanics from all the leagues that run every few months, it is the vanilla version of the game. Then there's Leagues.  Every few months, GGG hosts a league that features new content (Skill gems, uniques, mechanics, etc).  Depending on the reception of the new content, they might eventually be introduced into Standard.  Once a league expires, any characters, currency and items in said league will be moved to Standard, and then in a few months a new league will spin up and you can start anew.  I've only ever played in the leagues, and it gives me a reason to come back every few months to try out the new mechanics, skill gems, and uniques.

    To say I think PoE is one of  the best ARPGs is probably a bit of an understatement.  The amount of builds and interactions with skill gems vs uniques is staggering.  Granted, majority of them might not be end game content (by end game content, I really mean post-game content, as a lot of players consider the final boss to actually be the START of the real game within the atlas), but those builds are fun, never the less.

    Unfortunately, the learning curve is pretty steep when you are looking to minmax, as the nuances of the game are pretty technical (doing your homework in the wiki for PoE is mandatory).  But it always feels great when your build comes together and does well. I agree fully with Skeeny's rating and encourage anyone who's into ARPGs to wait for a new league to start and jump in.

    For those interested, here's my build for the Abyss league.

  • No rating but Stellaris is fun and punishing. It didn't at all click at first and I jumped into Ironman mode. I recovered from a slow start to be a reasonably powerful and advanced empire only to have the most powerful declare war on me and stomp me. Whoops!

    Monster Hunter World has been solid so far. The increased focus on story is silly and I am not far, but it's relatively pretty and feels nice to finally play a game on a console (only ever played on PSP and 3DS). They've continued to make strides in accessibility without sacrificing the core gameplay that much, and it's not even too terribly slow an introduction, which the last 3DS one kind of suffered from. There are still things not explained that newbies might not grasp, but they're not needed early which is good.
  • I finally finished Disgaea 5 this past weekend.  Having always been a fan of the series, I thought I was going to be super into this one.  But I don't know.  The dialog can be straight up horrible at times and legit can be cringe worthy.  But at other times, it's still pretty compelling... mostly when the game tries to take its self more seriously.  Sad thing is, ALL the games in the series are like this.

    But he combat in the game is still exactly what I remember, it's still fun to minmax and rewarding when you completely steam-roll the map.  I never had to grind the entire time and just went from map to map.  I kept a party of 6, so they were about level 100 by the end.  And while the combat is fun, it's ultimately unchanged from the previous entries of the series.  The only major difference is that there are new animations to watch, which have always been over the top and flashy.  Definitely helps with the repetition.

    Ultimately though, I think I might actually be done with the franchise.  I don't believe there's any more it can really offer, specially after 5 games with no real evolution to combat.  Coupled with the story being hard to swallow at times due to cringiness, I'd rather back out now before I go into another and end up hating it.

    Probably put this at around a 5/10, very middling.
  • I haven't played video games in a bit. Tried meddling with Shadow Warrior for an hour on Xbox One but found it to be a bit shite.
  • Mass Effect (PC) - I've never played through these, started this one awhile back, but put it to the side after getting control of the ship. just got back in the other night. feels dated, but fine enough. Should I download the 2.77GB textures mod that's out there? 

    Borderlands (PC) - Playing this with TheOneB, Orion, and 8Drawt. looks nice in a lot of spots, yet muddy in others. First time through, Lv22. seems aight.

    Paladins/Battlegrounds (PC) - Paladins is a decent Overwatch clone imo. but it's been going a bit downhill in some ways. they just released a rough alpha battlegrounds mode. 

    Pokemon Revolution Online (PC) - A fan made pokemon MMO. it's ok. I looked at it last year, but didn't really play. now I just updated it and got to and beat Brock. looks like 4 regions on the map, and 32 badges. 
  • Secret of Mana Remake - Recently finished this over the weekend.  If you look at the steam page for it, it has a lot of really drastic reviews on both ends of the spectrum.  

    A lot of people seem to take issue with the voice acting and the newly remade soundtrack. It seems most people recommend swapping to the Japanese voice overs and the original OST. And honestly, when I first started playing, I did as well. But after an hour or so, I swapped back to the english dubs and new OST and it really wasn’t that bad. I think I know the reason. The game definitely doesn’t put it’s best foot forward. The initial voice acting up to the point you reach the town is definitely not that great… in fact it was pretty bad. Same for the music. The few tracks you hear up to the time you get to Potos Village were mediocre at best, but the Potos Village them is just… bad. So again, users just swap to the original OST and leave it there. But the thing is, it gets better. Both the voice acting and the OST, I’ve come to believe are actually pretty good. Important characters were cast well. Gemma, Sage Luka, Watts, Undine, Gnome, all of their voice acting is more than okay, it’s pretty good. Same for the OST. Once you get out of Potos Village, all the tracks are pretty good, and some are excellent. But most people are left with a bad first impression and won’t give it another chance. Which, I don’t blame them, this is entirely the game’s fault.

    The gameplay is a bit more cut and dry, but I do think there’s a bit of confusion. Some people complained that there is bad hit detection. I believe people are confusing hit detection with damage buffering/delay. In the original game, you could spend about 4 years charging up a high level attack, unleash it no a group of enemies and… nothing happen. No miss, no dodge animation from the enemy, just nothing. This was poor hit detection. The remake does not have this issue. In fact, the game had added hit sparks and sound effects that assure you that your hits have gone through. But also like the original game, there is something similar to damage buffering. If an enemy takes damage, recoils, lays on the ground, and receives damage… that’s all that enemy can take at the time. If another character hits that enemy while it’s in it’s on-the-ground state, that damage won’t register until that animation is complete, creating this strange delay. And once you start using magic as well, this becomes a bit more apparent. That is still present, but it’s not poor hit detection. Actually, now that you aren’t locked into the four cardinal directions like the original, hitting things in the game is easier now than ever to hit things. That coupled with being able to map items, weapons, or spells to the bumpers as shortcuts, battle feels pretty good. I mean, it’s still a slow paced battle system considering you still have to wait for your action gauge to hit 100%, but that’s just how the game is. But shortcuts aren't the only thing, like the newly added mini-map (which uses the original game’s maps, which is really cool and it’s nice to see the original game within the new). Also, using the D-pad to swap between characters quickly has been really useful as well. I find myself in the remake swapping characters frequently depending on who’s using what weapons. Ultimately, I think the battle system is either on par, if not better than the original.

    But there’s one thing I’ve saved for last. Something that I think it the games biggest offense. And that’s the exclusion of an online feature. Honestly, all the issues that any negative Steam review has mentioned, I could blow off if only this game had online. I’d consider any issues just kind of nit-picking since I’d be able to play a childhood game in a more modern form alongside my friends. This is the game’s biggest flaw. And what’s sad is the excuse the developer’s gave for this:

    “You have three players sitting next to each other on the couch with three controllers – all playing at the same time. I think a lot of the enjoyment that people have in their memories of the original game relies on that playstyle. We felt it was best to have that recreated in the same way.” - Oyamada, Producer

    This is flawed on so many levels. The biggest of which is that having online wouldn’t take away from those that do want to have the local co-op experience. It is no excuse to not include the feature. Specially with us older gamers who grew up with the game, our close-knit group of friends have moved off and gotten jobs elsewhere. Online is the only option we have now. And to turn a blind eye to this is selfish and lazy. This is ultimately why I can’t recommend this game, specially at $40. It’s a huge disappointment and shows that the developer doesn’t actually care about the players. And what’s sad is that I did like this game. I want to recommend it. It’s just that it could have been so much more. It’s a situation where I’m more disappointed than mad. The only hope is that one day they’d include an online mulitplayer update… but I am skeptical to say the least.

  • Vampyr (PS4) -  This is a slow game. If spending a LOT of time talking to NPCs doesn't interest you, stay far away from this one. The game is probably 50% talking, 25% map exploration, and 25% combat. If that's not a deal breaker for you, then you might enjoy Vampyr quite a bit. The game is basically an RPG that allows you to level up your powers and weapons with a combat system that reminded me a bit of The Surge. You play a vampire who is also a doctor living in London during a time of World War and plague. A lot of the gameplay involves talking to NPCs to find out what ails them, what secrets they have, and helping them when needed. The game has a really interesting motivator to make the player want to help these people, as helping them and unlocking their secrets boosts their XP gauge, which is how much XP you can get from them by eating them. Kinda like fattening lambs for the slaughter. I thought this was a pretty cool mechanic. Of course should you not want to kill everyone you meet, that's fine, but you'll be missing out on a lot of XP, which means you won't be able to level up as much, which means the game will be harder. The combat is fun and has a Soulsy quality to it in that there is stamina management and parries etc, but for me, while I found it mostly enjoyable, I was getting bored of fighting the same clumps of dudes over and over again. There is not much enemy variety. 

    The story was interesting and some of the NPCs you encounter were fun, but this game is a lot more generic than a game like Vampire The Masquerade with all those cool families and ghouls. I also didn't like some of the choices they made with their vampire lore, particularly in regard to the Elders. The soundtrack is basically non-stop violin scraping which suits the mood of the game but can get a bit irritating. Or at least it did for me. The combat was fun enough but could have been better. There were plenty of boss fights but most of them were pretty forgettable. 

    Overall, it's worth a look if you like vampires and don't mind a slow pace game. I'm sure it will be in the bargain bins soon. 5/10

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