Rate the last game you've played!
  • RE6 and RE5 both have their good and bad spots. I think the tipping point for me is the recycling in RE6. Doing boss fights twice because the characters' stories intersect might have sounded cool on paper, but the reality was "oh God, not this fight again". The story was also told in a manner that would have made Tarantino jealous, which didn't help things. It wasn't until you played through as Ada that shit even began to make sense. In those respects, I think I'd take RE5 over RE6, but any battle involving Wesker in RE5 can go eat a dick too.
  • I'm thinking I'm not a huge fan of point and click adventure games
    because I found my time with ROM to mostly be boring. It took a really
    long time to get ramped up with the story, but aside from a few select
    moments the story was largely uneventful. I did really like the
    cyberpunk themed world that was built up and I found that a lot more
    interesting to poke around than I did playing through the majority of
    the game. If you're a bigger fan of more narrative driven experiences in
    games than I am you might enjoy ROM more than I did. Oh, also at times
    the game feels a little heavy handed with it's presentation of gender
    identity and racial equality, but I'm not sure if that is a result of it
    actually being heavy handed, or my inability to relate to the problems
    and situations being presented. It wasn't like it presented things a lot
    differently than other games have, but I was more easily able to
    understand or relate to those political ideas where in this case I
    wasn't, hence my waffling on if it was actually a detracting
    characteristic of the game.
  • I haven't played video games in a bit. Tried meddling with Shadow Warrior for an hour on Xbox One but found it to be a bit shite.

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