Noobtoob's Week in Gaming 7/8/17
  • What chaos has been unleashed upon us, such as it that the Egg has not posted in weeks, the plural form of week? What hath this planet wrought such that the Egg's trials and tribulations in Skyrim and the pitch will not be shared? We are all left to wonder. What we can do, in the mean time, is attempt to fill the void with what we all have been playing.

    Overwatch (PC): A decent amount of mystery heroes and group quick play. Did well in the former, not so hot in the latter, we ran into a fucking masterful Widowmaker in back-to-back games and it was ugly. However, I am getting very good at Tracer now, and accomplished a 28-1 match which involved a 21 kill streak, and gold medals in elims, damage, objective kills, and objective time. Of course, I got a card for some other bullshit. Alas.

    Diablo 3 (PC): Finished chapter 4 of the season on my Necro, which completed the shitty gear set I don't want. I have now picked up a few pieces of the gear set I do want, but am still struggling to find a halfway decent legendary or set weapon. I am still using a bonkers rolled yellow. I'm around T5. I also played some of a T10 monk, T2 DH, Master Barbarian, and a new Crusader, none of whom are seasonal. Bounties remain the weakest part of the endgame. 

    Diablo 2 (PC): Started new characters with Winsord and NewAgeRed. This is just a tough game to play co-op these days, as much as the core gameplay remains fun. FFA loot is just a clusterfuck. I don't even know how we put up with it back in the day.
  • Overwatch - Played a few games, checked out the new skins, not really interested in any of them. Cricket Junkrat looks kinda OK, Mercy, and Widowmaker's poolside skin, but not enough that I care about getting them.

    Dark Souls series - A few more bosses down.

    Gears 4 - More horde.

    Dead Rising 4 - Finished it. Pretty meh overall.

    Slime Rancher - This is so not up my alley.

    I also bought a Switch and Splatoon 2 because fuck it. All still in boxes for when I get around to it, because fuck it. Will probably pick up that Mario Rabbids Xcom rip-off too.
  • So my week went like this. Work. Something went wrong at work. Spend extra time at work (unpaid), get home (knackered), look for something to unwind for 20 minutes. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

    As for the things I used to unwind. I watched the WWE mainly Smackdown and Raw (in a total of 6 sittings). This actually led me to playing WWE 2k17 . I created a guy and I am slowly making my way through NXT, 20 minutes (roughly 2 matches) a night. I also try and fit one or two Matches of Splatoon 2 in each day. Sometimes on my break or even on my commute home (over 4g via tethering). So that was my week.
  • @nutta27

    I saw WWE live last weekend, twas the Summerslam. Good shit. I didn't recognize too many folks since I haven't been up with the wrasslin since the early 2000s. I saw Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns (gross), Samoa Joe and just a handful of cool people.

    Warframe (Xbox One) - I'm addicted. Send help. It's also cool cause the developers of the game have their studio about two blocks down the street from my apartment so I get to see the Warframe statues on my walk downtown every week.

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