Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 24/04/17
  • You could probably write out my next six months' worth of WiG entries in advance now if you like...

    (360) Skyrim Snail-like pace through an almost bottomless font of open-world missions and side quests.

    There.  Copy-paste that 24 times and we should be good.  Oh and I got drunk watching Match of the Day so played a bit of (PS3) FIFA16 too, but what's a bit of footie between friends?

    Over to you.
  • I'm joining @Littleg with the snail pace gaming. I'm 40 hours into Breath of the Wildand I haven't even touched a mainline quest. I may attempt to take on a divine beast later tonight. I'll probably get side tracked with another shrine or four though.

    I'm also working my way though Persona 5 Rather slowly. I have done the first dungeon and just opened up the second. That game keeps telling me to take my time, so that is what I will do. What idiot decided to take on two 100+ hour games at once.

    I also touched a litttle Overwatch and did the new horde type mode, which was fun and I've been playing 1-2 switch with the missus every now and then.
  • Persona 5 (PS4) -- I played the tutorial and am back in the first palace in the safe room. Like 90 minutes or so is all. I've never been able to get into the games that much and sadly this week has been sort of busy and prevented me from doing so.

    Overwatch (PC) -- Played enough to level up and get a new loot box, had a really good match as where I went 35/3 11.5k. I miiiiiiiiight play some Heroes of the Storm for the new skins, since the Uprising ones were pretty underwhelming.

    Diablo 3 (PC) -- Played a bunch of a newish, non-seasonal toon that I was able to run out on Torment IV at level 40 because of a -39 level req ancient legendary 2 hander as well as a crafted Hellfire Amulet. None of that probably made any sense to anyone.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Got the platinum on Horizon. Probably going to backtrack to Dishonored 2.
  • Dark Souls 3 - Didn't play much, just a few rounds as white phantom for randoms.

    Gears 4 - More Horde, and managed to get all the Marcus skins in the latest batch of timed card packs.

    Plants vs Zombies GW2 - Levelled up some characters. Every time I save up enough coins for a new character pack I always seem to get an Engineer.

    Ryse - It was free on LIVE so I gave it a try. Horrible game.

    I should really go back to Horizon before I forget everything.
  • Nier: Automata (PS4) I have finished route C! Looks like there are only the 3 routes in the game b/c after you finish route C you go back to the beginning of A. But after you finish C, you get chapter select so you can skip around to get all the things you missed. I am now doing cleanup, getting the remaining endings and gathering upgrade materials for my weapons and pods. Also leveling up to fight some optional boss fights. Really loving this game and I'm going to be so lost once I finish everything and there is no more reason for me to play this every night.

    Thats it. I might be able to get the Platinum trophy in Nier before the dlc comes out next week. Then, I'll start thinking about what I wan to play next.

    How is the new Dark Souls 3 dlc? I have it, but I'm not feeling the need to go back to the game at all right now.
  • Vamp, the new DLC is good, and has an Artorias of the Abyss vibe. It was pretty hard but they've nerfed some stuff since release so it's much more manageable now. There are 4 bosses that are all good, but none of them beat Friede from the Ashes DLC.
  • Yeah, the DLC is super good. I haven't enjoyed one this much since Artorias.
  • Also, my week has just been Outlast II. I'm enjoying it so far, only like an hour or two in. Not as creepy or as "enthralling" as the first game was yet, but it's still good.

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