Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 10/04/17
  • Ran out of time to post this one yesterday - sorry!  No time for witty intros.  Go go go!

    (360) Skyrim At the stage of being hopelessly addicted to this.  Spent over an hour the other night going backwards and forwards between all the sellers, blacksmiths and enchanting tables, crafting and then enchanting a whole new set of armour and some sick weapons.  I'd also only just noticed that you can name your items as you enchant them, so of course I had to spend time looking up Khajit mythology to try and pick some names for them all (I say of course, because of course I am an idiot).  Remember weeks and weeks back that I still had to collect the next item that would progress the main story quest?  Still not done it.

    How about the rest of you?  Anyone stuck in a Sisyphean torment of your own making?
  • Nier: Automata (PS4) -- I beat it a second time, getting ending B. I made sure to do more sidequests this time around, although some of them were dull. Collecting ten stamps is boring. The only highlight was the cutscene at the end. I'm not sure what all this game intended to say about humanity, but for all its criticism of war, violence, dogma, etc., the fact that all the machines want to be humans ends up being very life affirming. The game also does a good job filling in tragic backstories for everyone. YorHa has a tragic backstory, the machines do, even Adam and Eve do. It's all a neat bait and switch; replace human desire for love, beauty, laughter, et al., with robots seeking the same thing. Then watch as everyone and everything gets used for nefarious ends. Life is rough.

    Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (3DS) -- I felt like replaying this since I remember almost nothing. I just did the early tutorial-like beginning. I don't think I ever liked the drop system of forced character change much. For some reason, the handheld games have just never quite shined like the PS2 ones, although Birth By Sleep came close. They always seem to try a gimmick that ends up being a bit meh.
  • @littleg

    Oh the craft hole in Skyrim is deep my friend. After making the armor, in which only falls can harm me, I let my five year-old play Skyrim as a walking simulator.

    Have you been to Blackreach?
  • (PS4) Bloodborne

    Been playing this for the last week since I bought my PS4. This is fucking amazing. My favourite of the Soulsborne games. The setting is amazing, the visuals are rad and the game just feels amazing. It's like the feeling I got playing Dark Souls for the first time but like ten-fold.

    Just beat Wet Nurse Mergo and started tackling the DLC. Hunter's Dream is on fire so I assume I'm at the end game content. Did some Chalice Dungeons as well. This is my new hotness.

    (PS4) Until Dawn

    Started playing this today. Not too far in, but I know what to expect. I watched someone already play this game, but the choices I make should make me see some new experiences.

    (Xbox One) Dark Souls III

    DLC and some PvP with my buddy. At the final boss of the last expansion. I don't know if I'll jump into NG+4 after this.

    (Xbox One) Yooka-Laylee

    A little bit of this as well since it released yesterday. It's very Banjo-Kazooie in terms of gameplay, aesthetics and just overall appearance (considering Banjo devs worked on this). I'm not too far in, only on World 2 but I'm really enjoying it. If you loved the old-school platformers of the N64 era then you should be taken back and have some fun with it.
  • Nier: Automata (PS4) I finished route B and I have started route C, and the game just keeps getting more insane, and I love it! :) Route C is very different from A and B, and I haven't been able to pull myself away from this game to be able to play anything else. :p

    I haven't had as much time to play games lately as I'd like, but... I'm going to continue playing Nier, atleast until I get the ending for route E. :)
  • Dark Souls 3 DLC - Yep, still playing it. Mixing it up a bit now, sometimes white knighting, sometimes invading. Some people suck so bad at this game I didn't even bother trying to kill them as an invader. I do enjoy shooting people off ladders though. That's fun, watching their little arms flailing as they fall.
  • @westsw

    I know. I also stumbled on some video tutorials on how to use the enchantment/restoration potion loop to break the game and I'm using all my strength not to do that as I'm actually enjoying playing the game as intended.

    Not been to Blackreach (in fact, I'm not entirely sure where that is), last night I worked my way along the North West coast away from the Thalmor fort that I'd just rescued one of the Gray-Manes from. Felt good to start fighting the high-elf guys as they are exclusively arseholes whenever you talk to them.  I got as far as my first Orc fort (who wouldn't let me in) and then doubled back towards the marshy area near Solitude where this trumpet I'm supposed to be looking for is.
  • You have much to look forward to. I only went resto pot loop after I had done every little thing, even beyond the platinum trophy. Also, if you resto pot loop, the game can get stuck that way. Hold off until you are good and bored. You can beat the tar out of everything within the rules. What can withstand an endless daisy chain of high level double summons? Nothing. You can make yourself an endless bullet time archer or just make stamina draining weapons to beat on things endlessly. The game is easy within the rules.

    It is a Bethesda game. The missions will lead you around the map and under it. You don't have to icon scrub unless you want to.
  • For me this will be my Switch edition of WiG, I found a Switch somewhere everyone and I bought it. Because I wanted to.Take that Louisa, I bought it, it was my decision and i'm happy about it ha (Louisa is my girlfriend to give a little bit of context to the situation and needless to say when I walked through the door with the product she wasn't all too happy). 

    Anyway the games i have been playing are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. On my commute mainly. Couple hours a day. Look around for and do a few shrines. The world is incredible. I finally won my girlfriend around and we have been playing a bit of 1-2 Switch and Snipperclips. Great co-op experiences.

    Most of my time though has been spent sinking myself into the world of Persona 5. Oh my do I love this game. I have played around 15 hours and I feel like I am only scratching the surface. With this and Zelda I think I will be busy for a very long time.
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