Noobtoob's Fortnight in Gaming: 27/02/17
  • Let's just write last week off, eh?  Half-term holidays in cultural Stratford-Upon-Avon, work trips for me and my other half.  It was a doozy!

    (360) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Hooo boy, hope I know what I've let myself in for.  My Khajit named Snowball has only just slain his first dragon.  Apparently I'm Dragonborn or sumfink...

    How's about you, chums?

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  • I tried The Last Guardian. I didn't like it. I tried XCom2. I didn't like it. I played a little bit of Far Cry:Primal. It's okay but nothing spectacular. I didn't do too much because I don't want to spoil myself on that game genre when I have so much Horizon to play soon.

    I also played through the entirety of Resident Evil 7. That game is incredible. So reminiscent of the older games in the series. Yet so modern in how it feels.

    I also just this week picked up Nioh and Horizon: Zero Dawn Nioh seems fun if not a little bit too unnecessarily difficult and Horizon is tonights venture.
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  • For Honor (PC): Played several hours over the weekend, finished a majority of the campaign. Still haven't really touched PvP yet but I will after I finish the story and do some more player vs AI and I feel at least aware enough of the maps and situations. I'd like to mostly suck when I first do PvP, not entirely so. I like the game but I can't really marathon it. The set pieces are nice, it feels solid, the UI is intuitive, but after a while of the slow pace of fights and sort of hesitancy and patience I feel like I just need to smash stuff.

    Overwatch (PC): So much Overwatch. I now have 41 hours alone on my main man McCree.  My stats tell me that over my last 38 matches I've been in the 99th percentile of damage and the 80th for eliminations. I am clearly not that good but I am so familiar with the game now and have a ton of characters I have 8+ hours on that I can usually contribute well enough and grab a bunch of medals and stuff. I very rarely feel like I don't know what to do or how to do it, it's just a matter of doing it. I definitely could still improve my headshots as well my tank play, but I feel really good on healers and flanking attack characters, and Hanzo too, but he's sniping for babbys.
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  • Ok, its feels like its been ... well a fortnight since I posted last...

    Dark Souls 3 (PS4) I went back to this a little bit to get some footage for a music video. ;)

    Alwa's Awakening (PC/Steam) I'd been looking forward to this for a while and I played it, and enjoyed it so much I went and beat it with 100% item and map completion. :) Really fun with an amazing soundtrack. I looked and it only took 10 hours to beat the game 100%, however it took me right at 3 weeks for me to play those 10 hours. ;p

    Dariusburst CS (PS4) I got some brand new eye glasses the other week so I thought I'd go back to this and try to beat it. I was doing much better and have beaten 36 of the CS mode missions, but it turns out there is something like 200 missions and I'm demotivated again lol.

    I'm really looking forward to Neir Automata coming out next week and I don't want to start anything new b/c I know whatever I start I won't have time to finish, so I guess I will just keep chipping away at Dariusburst CS in my free time. Lucky for me I do really love Dariusburst CS and its music and all the sea creature themed bosses.
  • For Honor - Xbox One

    It's good and fun. It's really great to sit down with and play with a group of friends. I think my favorite moment was having a showdown with a fellow Warden and kicking him into a spike wall. The microtransactions irk me a little in the way it can help you get better gear, but I've had no issues beating people with a better gear rank than me.

    Stories Untold - PC
    Text-based adventure games meet survival horror. It feels really 80s-ish in terms of sound and design. I haven't put too much time into it yet to formulate a solid opinion.

    Resident Evil 7 - Xbox One
    Went back to the game to play the Banned Footage DLC. This stuff is pretty cool and the Ethan Must Die mode is really cool. About to check out Volume 2 of the Banned Footage. 
  • Resident Evil 7 DLC - Mixed bag. Some of it is good, other parts are pretty shit. Blackjack for fuck's sake? Jack's Birthday was also lame. To people strapped for cash, definitely try the game but skip the DLC.

    Nioh - Spent most of my time on this. 2 more trophies for the platinum and they are both easy yet very grindy. I need points for the blacksmith and to finish off the twilight missions. I need 3 more twilight missions but the game rotates them daily so you just have to wait for the ones you need to pop up. It's a fun game. In my opinion not as hard or as good as Souls, but still pretty damn good.

    Gears 4 - Checked out the Feral Horde mode that was on last weekend.

    Plants vs Zombies - Yes, the old original. After all this time I finally went back and played some more.

    I also finally got around to putting a 2TB hard disk in my PS4 and then downloaded the fuck out of the PSN store. So I got plenty of shit to keep me busy now, and I don't have to juggle which games I have installed all the time. Fuck you 500GB.

    Vamp, that's some pretty bad parry skills you got there mate :p
  • Far Cry Primal PS4 Almost done with the game getting all the skill and some animal hunts then i am finished, oh and one story mission left

    Anna Extended edition PS3 played this a little stuck in the garden

    Hawken PS4 It is like mechwarrior but smaller maps

    Ninja Senki DX PS4 Another retro style game, very like Megaman and the difficulty ranks up quickly
    This is slowly filling my rage meter so i will probably stop playing this.

    Let it Die PS4 not doing much log in bonus mainly

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 Sloging through getting all the levels on super hard but there are so many crew levels :(

    Exist Archive PSVita Drop beter armour crappy monsters!

    Warframe PS4  Yep still Logging in for the inlog bonus
  • I have gone so far down the hole that is Stardew Valley I am sure to be eaten alive. Right now tryig to complete the fishing bundles in the community centre. Without! Buying! Anything! Hard af. Now prepping baits and rods like crazy. Which is stupid because I live in one of the best places for actual fishing in the world and I never do it. I am rediscoveringa passion for it, though, and may try fishing on the lake inthe canoe again this summer. Pick up some walleye and have a fish-fry for reals.

    Other things that are very real in Stardew: remembering people's birthdays makes them happy, buildig improvements on your home (we are going through wall-building this week, dust everywhere)... I find rhis game can be an oddly accurate simulation for small town life... outside of the backcountry mining and monsters.

    Honestly, it's making me impatient for blueberries next summer.

    I never said it wasn't weird... but I make no apologies for how this game affects me, because I love it.

    Hope all of you are well!

    Oh: @Littleg get on the fast track to owning Breezeshome (Become Whiterun Jarl, need 5k gold to start)... but then allow your soul to wander freely. Go for long walks in wilderness once your character is a bit stronger. Worth it to take the long road and find easter eggs.

    *typos--on a phone sry
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