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  • My 2016 Oscars go to:

    Hell or High Water


    Those were the two best movies I saw this year. I loved MCU Civil War, but that was great popcorn, not the art these two guys wowed me with.
  • Rogue One

    It's great. Fun, even though it is dark as Vader. Fast pacing, the editing at the start is trying to keep you disoriented, in a good way. Stunning action, best twenty seconds of Vader action maybe ever. CGI Tarkin is past the uncanny valley, special effect of the year. Really emotional, you either buy in or feel jerked around. I for one loved it more than Force Awakens ( Even though I said no more Death Stars. ), and I hail our evil Disney overlords.
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  • Noobied by 1sloth
  • Just saw Rogue One. I like it more than any other Star Wars film and I liked 7 a lot.
    My partner is a huge fan of the franchise and he came out buzzing with similar sentiments to ranking.

    I highly recommend this for even the uninitiated. It's just a beautiful war film. In space.
    Really, really beautiful.
  • Carrie Fisher passed away. RIP. Star Wars will never be quite the same without her.
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  • Deadpool - Not bad. This is one of the few of these superhero type movies I could sit through. The Hugh Jackman piss-taking got some chuckles. 7/10

    Bad Neighbors 2 - I once had bad oysters and spent 12 hours following on a toilet exploding from all orifices. That experience was more enjoyable than this movie. 0/10

    Rogue One - I was surprised by this one. As a movie in and of itself, it is pretty bad. But as a movie for established Star Wars fans, it is quite good. Better than anything since RotJ easily. It still falls down on some points even in that context, but meh, at this point anything better than total shit when it comes to Star Wars is a pleasant surprise. 7/10
  • Nick Fury: Agent of Shield (1998)

    I know why man crossed the oceans and the Indians had to die in their millions. I know why language was invented and why man first told stories by the fire. It was all to lay the foundation for this art to be created. Honestly, I wonder how we have survived the last seventeen years, as a species. Clearly we have accomplished the goal God set for us, we have made this film. We can now die happy.

    David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury. Why have we been wasting our time with Sam whatever? The film even opens with a helicopter view of the ocean, ala Baywatch. There is good David Goyer and very bad David Goyer, and this is camp awful Goyer. Finally, Marvel has it's Trolls 2. I am aware of the off brand Captain Americas.

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