It's Official, GOP Loses Its Damn Mind
  • How anyone can't see that this man is motivated purely by self-interest is really beyond me. Sorry US, but you dropped the ball on this one. Big time. It is very entertaining and all, but it's the fucking presidency...
  • Well, one week in and beyond the insecure crowd measuring, refugee banning, and laying the groundwork for getting rid of twenty to thirty million Americans health insurance; Trump has removed the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence from the security council. Oh yeah, and the highest tier of the State Department just quit. So we removed almost all expertise and experience in foreign policy, and Mike Flynn looks like a guy who wants war with Iran. What could possibly go wrong?
  • World war 3 is closer than you think, maybe Nostradamus was right :O
  • WW3 is already here. It started quite some time ago. Trump is completely irrelevant in the equation.
  • I guess you definition of WW3 is different than the rest of the world? Only a few countries are embroiled in separate conflicts/war
  • Bullshit Epke. The list of countries either directly participating in and/or funding wars is quite long. Not to mention currency wars which most don't even begin to understand, and which throughout history have always ended in troops crossing borders. You're vision of WW3 is Fallout. Simplistic and lowbrow. If the missiles fly, that's the END, not the beginning, of WW3.

    The USA is at war.
    The Middle East is at war.
    The EU is at war.
    China and Russia are at war.
    Korea is at war.
    Japan is at war.
    Australia is at war.
    South Americans are fighting themselves for the last rolls of toilet paper.
    Africa is a fucking mess.

    Just because the bombs aren't dropping at your doorstep doesn't mean shit isn't happening.
  • By your definition, we are not in WW3, we simply have always been at war.
  • It is still not a world war, if it was most of the world would be affected and it isn't, the major powers are still not at each other throats yet, mostly "normal" imperialism. I still don't have to buy war bonds, i am not doing my part yet, so do you need to know more?
  • We just continue to normalize crazy. No proof for three million illegal voters. No proof Obama wire tapped Trump Tower. Does not seem to matter much. Thirty to forty percent of the country seems willing to entertain whatever comes out of Trumps mouth.
  • Poor whites on disability continue to support Trump after he has put in a budget that would have them go hungry. People say Seth Rich and pizzagate, like there is a shred of evidence for them, yet ignore the mounting evidence that their candidate was aided by the Russians. The only positive seems to be the GOP cannot get it together. All three branches under their control and zero significant legislation.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Yah know, I expected the corruption, but the sheer stupid of this administration is mind boogling. You document clear collusion with a foreign adversary via email! And folks still defend this behavior. Beyond the damage Trump has done to American institutions, this is making it clear that a significant percentage of Americans do not understand law, as a concept. They think there is one set of rules for people you like, and an entire other set for people you do not like.
  • The final sentence sums up a good chunk of American history. To this day even.
  • Yeah, having the most impulsive and child like President in living memory is terrifying.

    Beyond the leaking, there are also other signs that the US government is functioning in ways I have not seen before. Some of Trumps statements are just being ignored. The trans ban tweet has not turned into any policy, it is being ignored. Trump said the new Ford class should go back to steam based aircraft launching, and the Navy straight up ignored it and installed the magnetic system. The US military ignoring the commander in chief is strange. It makes you wonder if Trump ordered nukes on North Korea, would a bunch of the E ring of the Pentagon just quit in protest?

    The most cynical part of my mind thinks Trump is trying to goad North Korea into striking first, so that he can be at war and improve his poll numbers.

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