Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/01/17
  • Sorry folks, was off ill the early part of this week, so didn't get a chance to post.  That's also affected my game time so, as of last week, what I have managed to play is zip/zero/zilch/nada.

    Make me seethe with jealousy at your youthful free time (apart from all you similarly old fuckers like me, I'll just seethe at your crusty, old free time).


  • Diablo 3 (PC): Just ran a couple rifts with Winsord. Somewhere around low to mid 50s in level.

    Path of Exile (PC): Some 4-man co-op, some 2-man, and a lot of solo. So much has changed since I last played, most notably, ascendancy classes, which are like advanced subclasses for your character. Apparently they are only about 9 months old, so that explains it. Really fun Diablo 2.5ish experience, although also fails to explain any of the mechanics. But the massive, massive skill system has always been endearing and the freedom it brings is not very common in this type of game. Speaking of this type of game...

    Marvel Heroes (PC): Wow another Diablo-like! Plowed through chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9 on Hulk, who I am about to ding 60 with. Everything gameplay-wise about this game is charming and fun, it's just the systems that are a mess, and they're starting to chip away at the amount of "stuff." There are, quite literally, over 12 endgame currencies in this game, which is about 10 too many. And there are three skill systems, of which one features over 120 options. Tomorrow, they release the game's biggest patch yet, and they're slowly starting to simply this and make it more elegant.

    Dota 2 (PC): Tried to play a game with AshGooner, but since he moved to a village with a population of ~200 in the middle of nowhere, England (quite literally), his internet is not good enough to support multiplayer online games. A moment of silence for Ash.
  • Gears of War 4 - Played lots of Horde. Levelled up 4 of the character classes to 10 and now have one left to go. Currently at 5.

    LEGO City - Continued the campaign after not touching it for ages.

    Mario Maker - Played through a few courses.

    Minecraft - Another update, so checked it out.

    Mad Max - Started it. I like it so far. Everything is very familiar as far as sandbox action games go.

    The Last Guardian - Played a few hours of it. A few mostly frustrating hours. Trico is a pain in the arse to get to do anything sometimes. It's not bad, but considering how long we waited for it, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. This is the best they could do with 7 friggin years? Anyway I'm stuck at the moment. Not for lack of knowing what to do however, it's just Trico is refusing to cooperate. I might give it another go this week.

    Paladins - Got into the alpha on PS4. Waste of time. This game is tepid turd water.
  • I have still been getting up a couple hours early for work to fit in a little gaming time (I should probably be using it to get back into the Gym) with that time I finished up Doom and I have finally managed to put a bit of time into Final Fantasy XV. My feelings haven't changed on either game, Doom is incredible and Final Fantasy is fun and hectic and dumb. 

    I keep playing around with the idea of getting either a switch or a PSVR (if I can get a hold of either). I know they are a waste of fact yes its a waste of money. I have just talked myself out of it, thank you.
  • Herr Flibble if you hate Paladins, i will probably like it :P

    Let it Die PS4 Leveling my next character and weapons before i go after the next mini-boss

    Day of the Tentacle Remastered PS4 Platted it want toplay Maniac mansion again as it comes "hidden" in the game

    Azkend 2 PS4 At chapter 5 now :P

    One piece pirate warriors 2 musou PS3 Finished the main story and the true ending

    Exist Archive PSVita getting the friendship level up between party members, is time consuming
    warframe PS4  Playing it every now and then
  • Epke, just get Overwatch, or Battleborn. Both are far better experiences. Paladins is free to play, and that's the best thing it has going for it.
  • Polished up Resident Evil REmake and Resident Evil 0 in preparation for RE7 on Tuesday. Also been running through RE5 and 6 cooperatively with a buddy.
  • (PC) Football Manager 2017 - This game has sucked me in. I'm now 45 hours in!

    (PC) FIFA 17 - Played one game and lost :(

    (Xbox One) Battlefield 1 - I feel like I am falling behind and doing worse with every game I play.

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