(Multi) Resident Evil 7: Official Discussion Thread
  • Honestly, I am probably checking out at this point. Maybe 3 years ago this could have seemed cool. But in a post PT (which probably had more creativity and narrative in one demo than this whole game will have, sadly) and post "1000000000000 indie first person horror games set in a creepy house" world, this just seems like it's going to be.... uninspiring? Same-y? It's been a weird journey to this point. I played and enjoyed 1-3 and 5, and the series definitely evolved into more a TPS than a survival horror, so I guess if you're looking for fear again, maybe this will float your boat, but all I feel when I watch the video is "wow, I've seen this 100 times before and all in like the past 24 months."
  • Haven't finished 6 yet, better action games out there, if they go back to the roots i maybe interested
  • RE6 and the spin offs were a bit of a mess, so I don't hold out much hope for this. I like that they're trying something different for the next game, but that different has already been flogged hard the last couple of years.

    Just HD remake RE2 & 3 for fucks sake already.
  • I mean, we are getting an HD remake of RE2 at some point in the future which is nice as long as it's not episodic.
  • Yeah I'm pretty much over limited editions and all that. I think the last Happy Meal edition I bought was Dead Space 2 with that lame gun. Just give me the game.
  • I guess in some sense having a fully fledged AAA game making a game like this is ok, since most are indie/small-dev but LOL that voice acting of the enemies. It's like the worst stereotypical southern black dude.
  • I've pre-ordered the game because the demo sold me. My thoughts shall be posted on January 24th.
  • @Manio will you be using VR. This game may sell me on a psvr
  • I've been thinking of picking RE5 up for some couch co-op, definitely had a lot of fun with in years back. 6 was sort of a train wreck, but I'd be willing to give 7 a shot. I think I'll be waiting to hear some feedback from others who get it at launch and maybe wait for a price drop.
  • Game looks very interesting so I put a pre-order in. Really looking forward to trying this out.

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