Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)
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    Latest Pokemon games! Old Pokemon have been revamped, new ones have been introduced, and the series continues to get a bit more convenient to pick-up-and-play. As always, it boils down to whether or not you enjoy catching, raising, and fighting lots of Pokemon.

    Anyone get this? Which version did you get? Which starter did you choose?
  • I got Sun! I picked the grass owl!
    I don't like my starter.

    I'm really enjoying it so far. I've been playing White and then HeartGold every night in bed as my 'relax and go to sleep' end of day routine. The trouble with this is that although I've logged five-six hours on Sun, I've only actually played it for about an hour. I keep nodding off where ever I am with it. But for the bits that I am awake for, I think the game is great!

    Its surprisingly hard in that you _have_ to use elemental advantages, not grind-y at all with how EXP is shared, and I don't feel like I'm sludging through yet another Pokemon gerbil wheel because of all the new and interesting things. (especially love the nice to you, here have a good time UI)

    What I don't like about it are the constant cut scenes but I know they'll taper off eventually, the isometric view I wish was zoomed out just a bit more, and the frame rate tanking whenever a zubat calls for reinforcements which is every single encounter.

    I've heard its 30 hours so hopefully I'll have this finished in time for Final Fantasy 15. If I don't fall asleep on it again.
  • Got mine today. The release date is 5 days after the US :( . Got Pokemon Moon, should be good.
  • I think the difficulty in this game is great. I feel like I really have to be spot on with my team and elemental advantages.

    I'm at about 10 hours now and still enjoying it thoroughly. There's a lot of NPC whimsy and the attention to detail is great. Not sure if I liked the Magmar giving me a pokeball out of its ass but hey, I appreciated the sentiment. I like how there's actual pokemon about in the houses and towns. Its a very noticeable change in the vibe. I can't wait until Gamefreak do a bigger Pokemon game with my concurrent screen elements on the Switch.

    I also bought Jockey Solitaire on the 3DS which is another game Gamefreak made.
  • I am a couple of hours in. I went:

    Pokemon Moon and the Owl thing.

    Shame you don't like your starter @sloth . I am really taken with my owl thing haha. It still hasn't evolved yet though. Catching every Pokemon I find for the sake of it, I am only really training a Pichu and the Owl. I haven't found if there is an equivalent to Super Training yet, but i am not very far.

    Like you say the attention to detail is great, one of the freshest - feeling Pokemon games in the 3d era. One of the things I am so excited about the Switch is definitely that Pokemon will be forced to up their game to at least a semi-homeconsole like state. ( Haven't been given a skid-marked pokeball from Magmar's rectum yet, something to look forward too xD ) . 
  • @8drawt We should friend up or something. I really liked my little owl thing too until it evolved. It has an extremely punchable face.

    If anybody wants any of the Sun Pokemon, let me know and I'll keep an eye out to catch extras. I'll take your Poketrash trades and don't mind at all.
  • Buying a 3DS and this game when I get paid next week. Here I come Pokemon. I'll be picking up Moon!
  • I have not really done much mobile/handheld gaming for a few years now. This new Pokemon game looks interesting but I know if I bought it, it'd just sit and collect dust.

    I may however jump in when/if this gets on the Switch.
  • The Skull gang duo are hilarious.
  • @sloth Yeah, definitely should friend up. I have no idea how the friend system works in this game though. My Owl finally evolved too, cant say I use it that much.

    I have finally got to the second island and all is good thus far.
  • I bought alpha sapphire around the same time everyone was all hyped on Pokemon Go. I'm still slowly playing through that half an hour at a time after work each day.

    What big differences are there in this?
    Should I pick this up and start this instead?
    Are there more original Pokémon hanging around in this game?
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    Noobied by 1sloth
  • @.Ethereal. Cool, I think... 

    @nutta27 From what I played of AS it was really good, if you are only playing through slowly I would probably wait for this. Saying all that, Sun and Moon introduce enough new features to make this feel slightly fresher than Pokemon has been in a while. I would definitely recommend it (bare in mind I am probably around 1/4 in) . The new pokemon I have encountered are pretty good, a little better than the other more recent selections.
  • I found the Magmar with the item. Very friendly of him :P

    The team Skull guys are really hilarious, especially the characters reactions to them. 

    I was a bit dissapointed with the contents of the egg that is given to the player as I already have 2 Eevies and a Sylvian.  that I have caught. 

    Enjoying the game loads.

    How far along are you at @sloth ?
  • @nutta27 @8drawt
    I booted up alpha sapphire to transfer my Pokemon across to the bank and thinking back, if you enjoy the game, I would recommend sun or moon in maybe six month's time. To give yourself some time away to then come back and enjoy it more.

    Oh and btw, we can't transfer our Pokemon from the bank into sun or moon until January. What I was doing before was hoarding up Pokemon in heart gold, white and sapphire with full intentions of going all Blastoise as soon as I could. Very sad I can't do so.
  • I'm about forty hours in but have only just completed the fifth challenge. I keep falling asleep because I've programmed my body to think Pokemon time = sleepy time even when I'm not in the bed.
  • My starter owl is fully evolved and I dislike him more. He went from stupid fringe flicker to insufferable hoodie hoodlum. But I'm still using him because grass, normal, ghost (signature arrow), and flying moves seem to just over run everything. My equally levelled growlithe is really struggling with his lack of tank and move versatility.
  • I am also 5 challenges in, and am trying to handicap myself by using weird teams and poor mixtures of Pokemon. The whole inter-dimensional storyline was sort of clumsy and not really needed. Unless it becomes much bigger later. Running around on Tauros is cool, cuts down on travel time. Also throwing those freaking slime Pokemon back into the ocean is an incredible source of money, but the game mostly provides you with all the items you need for free. I was surprised against my rival last night when Raichu busted out Psychic. Wtf dude. Didn't plan on that.
  • @sloth I agree with you that if you are still playing Alpha Sapphire/O Ruby it would be sensible to maybe hold off for a while.

    I didn't realise that the pokemon bank didn't work, wtf. I have got games and games worth of pokemon stored up. Come on gamefreak. Although I am doing my best to use only new pokemon or variations ( I am still catching everything) . It would have been nice to include a new eeveelotion, I think it is the only game that hasn't. 

    I am hoping there is a cool dragon type later on, I deliberately haven't been checking the new Pokedex online or anything so everything is new.

    @sloth Meh not as aggrieved as you about the owl, mine has only evolved once. I definitely don't like it, but not massively disappointed as I rarely like the starters. I like that eventually all the starters are equally both weak and strong against each other due to the second typing, That is cool. At first I couldn't understand why the rival didn't go for the fire pokemon to burn my ass, now I know that he went for the water pokemon as it eventually gets the ice typing and can freeze my ass!

    Only 3 trials in.

    @GoodEnoughForMe I have a Pichu now evolved to a Pikachu... I want that RIchu sooo bad! Richu has always been one of my favourite Pokemon, not because it's particularly strong, I just think its cool as. A new Richu alola form is pretty awesome in my book ( gives me an excuse to use a Richu, though i normally do anyway) . I don't know how Pikachu evolves if it is still a thunderstone and I am reluctant to check online as I don't want to spoil anything for myself, but I am looking forward to it.

    I wish some of the new Pokemon evolved twice rather than the once , but it is usually that way so not a major gripe.

  • I like how Litten turned out. Not a wrestling fan but he went from cute to pretty tough looking. I agree that Rowlet's later stages aren't as good as the original. Glad I switched at the last second.
  • Everyone always laughs at me because I pick the water starter every time and I fell in love with my adorkable little sea lion the moment I saw her, now you're all pressed  that the other 2 turned into some basic bitches and my companion...



    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Litten is a kitten though

    Kittens > all
  • @.Ethereal.I never pick the water pokemon as I usually have a water pokemon as a HM slave. But Pokemon Sun/Moon have changed that which is pretty cool - having a pokemon you can summon is a much better system. But that pokemon is awesome :P .

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