Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 07/11/16
  • *Just about summons enough energy to stare blankly at the computer screen before starting to type*

    (PS3) FIFA16 In contrast to last week, gaming time was back to being the odd snatched half hour before bed, which is far more suited to making more FIFA Career progress.  My Notts County finished the season strong, pulling out a gap on third-placed Huddersfield (who had leapfrogged previous chasers Preston North End), although never being able to close the distance on first-placed Wigan Athletic who ended up with more than 100 points at the top of League 1.  

    Automatic promotion secured, I've hopped up into the Championship with the remit to be challenging for promotion this season, although I'm worried about the budget that I've been set - the team still needs building and strengthening in several areas and almost all of my money has gone on a Left Back (Joe Gomez of Liverpool) and a promising Centre Back Marc-Oliver Kempf.  Bad negotiating on my part has meant that I've not got much cash to get through the rest of the year, and as a result I've had to accept an (admittedly, surprisingly large) offer for my main Right Back Amevor.  I'll be scraping around among free agents and possible loan moves to see if I can fill in some of the gaps without too much outlay.

    On the other side, I've been very lucky with the players that have come through from the youth squad with two very promising strikers, a decent defensive midfielder and both left and right wingers coming in and slotting nicely into the squad.  The Argentinian kid who came through the FIFA Marketplace 'Scout a Future Star' thing in particular seems like a real find, scoring two goals in his two starts wide right.  Who knows, I might make it through the season OK?

    OK, that's enough for me. Celebrate our Brave New World with a report on your Week in Gaming.  Beats rocking quietly in the corner, I suppose.
  • Called Trump a long time ago. It hurts being this good. I'll be roasting marshmallows over the embers of western civilization this week.

    Dark Souls 3 - Another new character. Cleared everything with him.

    Bloodborne - Same as above.
  • Dota 2(PC): Had a bit of a rough stretch with 2 or 3 straight games where somebody ditched. Also did a bot match to practice as Jugg and though we won, it was not at all because of me. Still love Lich.

    Marvel Heroes (PC): Booted it up and dicked around for like 5 minutes. Wow such a long session.

    Overwatch (PC): Played a few matches, did ok, but team lost all of them. Felt like I contributed well as tank.
  • I'm in pretty much the same boat as @Littleg on this one all I have managed to do is catch probably 20 or 30 minutes of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered before going to work or going to bed. That has only probably been on one or two occasions also. So I'm level 8 in the multiplayer and although it feels good and like Call of Duty and all that, the level progression system feels so barebones today with the Titanfall and current call of duty offerings. Everytime I play this I wonder why I'm not just playing Titanfall
  • Another batch of free PSN+ games have arrived and i tried some of them

    Costume Quest 2 PS3 Loved the first one and am enjoying this one

    Pumped BMX+ PS3 Only did the tutorial, partly, already failed to explain how to get out of the advanced special move after 20 face plants i gave up.

    The Deadly Tower of Monsters PS4 One of my easiest Plat ever, you play one of 3 heroes in this 3D shooty platformer styled like a 50's crappy sf movie, with commentary by a fictitious movie director. I found it quite amusing.

    Letter Quest Remastered PS4 2D Dungeon scrabble, simple but fun, and a good way to relearn some words, although being multilingual is kind of a handicap.

    And Everybody's gone to Rapture PS4, haven't tried it yet, seems i am not into walking exploring games

    Exist Archive PSVita Mostly grinding and exploring level 100% before i continue 

    神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ or The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum PS3 On Dungeon level 15 Last level but i cannot finish this play through before i get to the level cap

    Played some warframe PS4  Just doing the daily missions.

  • Dark Souls III - Helped a buddy tackle some of the DLC.

    Battlefield 1 - Leveling up and having fun with this. Can't wait for some new modes and maps now. I'm starting to feel a tad bit of boredom set in.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 1 - Just playing conquest with some friends and it's still great to squad up and work together to secure objectives/capture points.

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