Civilization VI (PC)
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    This came out last Friday, as the latest entry in the turn based strategy game where you lead a Civilization to endless war victory. I know I am not the only Noobtoober playing this. Anyone else? Thoughts?

    AI decision making is wonky as hell. I like the more indepth city state and spy facets. I wish the maps were bigger but then I sit through a loading screen and see why they weren't. It's mostly pretty good so far although constant war is a slog, especially with how fast tech goes compared to building and moving.
  • 8drawt was talking about it, and I saw a few people in the NT steam group playing.
    I was telling 8drawt we should have made an event for it too the other day. But I didn't because I don't own it, and doubt I'll get it. (I don't really play RTS)
  • I started playing but resigned to the fact that I am too dumb and worn for Civ 6 tonight. I will retry on a weekend morning. I've never played Civ before but enjoy its simplified clones greatly.

    Its a really pleasant game to boot into. The music is nice, the interface has little chimes, and the narrator's husky manliness is very compelling at the reduced pace he dictates. I like all this a lot.
  • I quickly setup a game using the default settings and ending up spending over 10 hours playing this game!

    I started on Prince difficulty and early on the barbarians were a lot tougher than they have been in past Civ games I've played. They got easier as they game progressed but it was a long old battle with them early on (for Prince difficulty).

    So far I've only played 1 game and lost to the CPU but it's a great game to chillout with.

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