Noobtoob's Week in Gaming, 10/10/16
  • Finally a week where I don't have to remember the European formatting of the date. This week, I wrote it the correct Muhrican way.

    Finished my first playthrough of Xcom 2. Those load screens are obnoxious. Forget Bloodborne, you gotta have a movie running while you this. Even flying home takes forever. Stupid hard, savescumming is baked in for a reason. Still love it. Maybe no plat.

    I tried PSVR at best buy. It seems to work really well. Fits my size eight head and glasses, and it is very comfortable. The graphics are like PS3 through a screen door. The are good enough. The tracking was pretty perfect through three games. The move controllers were the best part, seeing your hands and doing stuff is extremely immersive. The tech is the real deal.

    The down side was none of the games were must have, gonna play sixty hour affairs. Being Batman is cool as cool can be, but you can tell it is a one or two hour gig. Battle zone seems like a good game..... that I could play on 65 inch TV. I dunno, I want you all to buy it to drive the market and bring us that must play game. I think the VR equivalent of Super Mario Bros is coming. And I will buy a PSVR the moment it hits. It is an amazing toy waiting for its app.
  • I want to post first. because I always see this topic and don't post until after everyone else. 
    I've been playing so many games, you should see all these games. people say hey, look at all them games.

    jk.. I need people to play with, ya bastards. :P
  • Hmm... what have I been playing this past week...?

    Slayer Shock (PC/Steam) I beat this game. All 5 Seasons, and I got all but 2 of the achievements. They were hidden achievements that I didn't look up how to get until after I beat the game, only to discover I had the perfect opportunity to get one of them during my playthru had I known how. so now to get it I'd have to start over. A bit bummed about that, but not surprising considering how things usually go for me. ;p Overall I really enjoyed this game, and it will be getting a Halloween update to add some new levels and such, maybe some more achievements too. ;)

    Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP/Vita) Trying to play thur this for October. I haven't played any Vita games in a really long time and I had forgotten why until I tried to play this for more than 25 mins. The Vita is not very comfortable to hold or play games on for extended periods.

    That is it from me. I haven't really been feeling like playing much of anything lately.
  • Command & Conquer 95 (PC): Did a few more Nod missions. Stupid and simple and still fun.

    Monster Hunter: Generations (3DS): Just did a couple three-star quests. Feel like I've about hit my limit with this game, put in a decent amount of time and managed to at least have acceptable gear and completion of quests.

    Overwatch (PC): Hadn't played in quite a long time. Finally got to try the newest map. Won more than I lost in quick play by quite a bit, including some really good rounds as tank. It's still a fun game. But pretty much have to play solo at this point.
  • Deus Ex - Platted it.

    7 Days to Die - Tried to enjoy it, but couldn't. It's crap.


    Xcom 2 - Played a little. Looks pretty damn good so far.

    Conker's Bad Fur Day - Got a whole bunch of free games when I bought my Bone including RareReplay which included this. Good memories.

    Ratchet & Clank - Finished in 2 sittings. I enjoyed this a lot. Bit of a difficulty spike at the end with that last boss though.
  • @Dr Flibble

    Conker's is so damn good.

    Dark Souls III
    Lots of PvP. Respec'd and now I'm running a pure Dex based build. +10 Sharp Uchi, but I'm really leaning towards my Washing Pole.

    Warhammer: Vermintide
    Think Left 4 Dead, but in the Warhammer universe and you're taking one waves after waves of the Skaven (rats) enemy. It's really good. The co-op is neat, there's a neat uniqueness to the story maps you play on unlike some of the stuff in L4D. The loot, and equipment system is giving this some replay value. I really fucking dig this game.
  • Big week of gaming, drinking and going away last week. I finally had a week off of work. I picked up the Xbox One S. I don't know why. Well. I do. My girlfriend has wanted an Xbox one for a while. I wanted the pretty new white one. So I got it and gave the missus my old one (if you can say a 2 year old product is old).

    With that I got a copy of FIFA 17 I have started a managers career as Man Utd. Used all the money at my disposal to pick up a few high profile players (most notably, Ronald) and a few youngsters to fill out my team and look to the future. I have also played a shit tonne of the campaign style mode where you take the place of Alex Hunter a young up and coming star in the world of football. This mode is really fun. I play as just Alex not the full team. Play my position, make Mass Effect style polarising decisions via dialogue tree's and get a decent amount of cut scenes. It's a great addition to the game.

    With the console I also got Forza Horizon 2 Not had much time with this. Probably about 20 minutes. It's fun I'm liking it so much more than Horizon 2 so far.

    Finally this morning I played through Telltale's Batman Is a telltale Adventure game. I like the subject matter therefore I like this game.

    I also picked up XCom and Gears of War 4 but didn't have time to touch those yet.
  • I haven't been playing much, just Paladins on Steam. Sign ups for the console beta were available before, may still be. I should have said so in the first post.

    Conker is good stuff. I still have my N64 copy.
    Fun story, when I went to buy it I wasn't old enough, I asked my Brother to come to the counter with me. I handed the game to the cashier, She handed it back to me and said she can't sell it to me. Then I handed it to my Brother and he handed it to her. than I gave him the money when the total came up, which he handed to her. After she put it in a bag and gave it to my brother, he handed it to me. It was all quite comical. haha
  • Amnesia memories PSVita Platted and this month there seems that there is another free visual novel on PSN+

    Exist Archive PSVita Getting further but got swamped by the next area monsters even do i was level grinding.

    神様と運命覚醒のクロステーゼ or The Awakened Fate: Ultimatum PS3 as it is called in the west, old style dungeon crawler where you and the enemy take turns moving real time, if you die you lose your items but keep your level progress.

    Actual Sunlight PSVita played this and finished and tried to understand why this was on the PSN+ for free a game about a depressive guy going down mentally and in the end,he ends it. Was not enjoying this because there was no way to change the story, it was just like a visual novel with some slight interactive moments. 

    Mad Riders PS3 Also free on PSN+ this month, a quad racer, it is quite ok.

    Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ PSVita another visual novel free PSN+ game, did a little of the prologue. 

    TRANSFORMERS: Devastation PS4 free PSN+ game, played partly through the first few missions, more enjoyable than i expected but they look like the original transformers i had as a kid.

    Resident Evil PS4 free PSN+ game, Just played a little trough the beginning, have to relearn the mechanics again.

  • @Epke

    I wish I didn't use up most of the ink ribbons I've found. I have low health, no ammo, and have to do the Yawn boss fight without being able to save after. It was nice, I killed him my first attempt walked outside and got killed by a Hunter because of my ink ribbon and not being able to save situation.

    Just tempted to do a restart. This is my first playthrough of the original RE in any form, so there's that.
  • You've been too fast for me the last two weeks, @westsw I've barely been able to post anything.  That said, I've barely been able to play anything since completing Dust AET, having either been working in the evenings or falling asleep. Thrilling stuff.  Did manage a couple of things...

    (PS3) FIFA16 Just a couple of games to keep things ticking over. Losing games I should win, then going on 3-0 winning streaks. It's like supporting a real football team...

    (360) Bioshock Infinite Got through the first hour or so of this. For a last-gen game this is still bloody good looking during the intro, and there's just enough intrigue to the setting and the story that I'm really looking forward to getting into the rest of the game.

    I've seem some criticism that this lacks some of the depth and subtlety of the original Bioshock, and certainly it jumps from 'Ooo, isn't this an odd place that you've found yourself in' to 'Right, action time, it's ON' far more abruptly with a less gradual introduction to the fact that your stranger-in-a-strange land suddenly has what amount to magic powers.  Also, you're definitely left in no doubt about the race politics once they decide to let you know that it's something they're planning to tackle.

    So, a patchy couple of weeks. Just like every other week this year, then.

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