Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 22/08/16
  • Thanks for covering my absence last week, GEFM, I had probably collapsed face-down on a sofa through fresh-air and small-children induced exhaustion at the time that I had planned to post WiG. Between that and pointing my eyes at the Olympics for much of the evenings while we were away, you could be forgiven for thinking that I wouldn't have any time for games...

    (PS3) FIFA16 ...Not so!  As discussed, I took the unprecedented step of packing my PS3 to take with me on holiday, just to keep this career ticking over.  After last weeks' switch to a higher difficulty and subsequent drubbing, things have settled down a bit and I've got back to winning (or at least mostly winning with the odd loss/draw) form.  I've played through to another one of my favourite bits of the game, the January transfer window, and I think I've done some good business in there.

    An advantage to playing the game so far out from release is that all the players who give you the best return-on-investment have been identified, and between that, some canny negotiation and some un-sentimental clearing out of fringe squad players who were frankly not good enough, I think the squad is now significantly stronger and has far better long-term prospects than at the start of the season.  Admittedly, I'm still more reliant on loan players from other teams than I'd ideally like, but there have been a few permanent additions.  Most satisfying of these was my new goalkeeper - Joël Drommel.  At the start of this career, I'd identified GK as one of the areas where Notts County were particularly weak so I searched out some free agents, eventually picking up a young-ish guy called Pierre Abogo with reasonable potential who I then alternated with the other older 'senior' goalie who is getting towards the end of his career.  Come January, a team from a higher league has come in with a £1Million-plus offer for Abogo, which I was then able to put towards buying an even better goalie (Drommel) who is very young and has massive potential.  Result!

    OK, that's enough detail for now.  Over to you, NT chums.
  • Whoa, I feel like its been well over a month since I've posted here. Been extraordinarily busy this past bit, and while I've had time to play games, I've not had time to sit and organize my thoughts about anything lately.

    I will try to be brief, as I've played/beaten/ or quit a number of games over the past month, and I'm sure I will remember a game or two I will inevitability forget to post here, shortly after I finish typing this. ;p

    Strawberry Vinegar a short/cute visual novel on Steam that I managed to play thru all the endings and get 100% of the achievements in. It was very nice.

    Maldita Castille EX on the XbOne, I beat this fucking game TWICE! and it was amazingly fun! Got both the horrible (shorter) ending and the good (but not Best) ending. That Fucking last boss is NUTS! So many fucking deaths. But I did enjoy my time here.

    Slain! Back From Hell Steam again. Slain! was fucking terrible when it first released in March or whenever it was and I was so disappointed! But with this relaunch it became actually playable and dare I say,... FUN... ;) I beat it. Some bits were really tough, but I loved the patterned boss fights, and learning how to take them down without getting hit. This game will be coming to consoles in October, and barring any unforeseen game breaking bugs, I plan to play thru this one again.

    Metroid Fusion on the WiiU. I knew the new Deus Ex game was releasing this week, so I wanted something small to play over the weekend to tide me over. I haven't played this since it first released on the GBA in 2002 and I totally forgot how much fun it was. I did manage to finish this over the weekend, and got 54% of the items without a guide or going too much out of my way, This still holds up really well. So much better on a big TV too!

    Thats about it I think. I'm sure I've forgotten something. Hopefully playing Deus Ex Mankind Divided this week. ;)
  • Have been moving to a new apartment, so not much playing games, have been playing Rebel Galaxy on the PS4 seems to be a better space game than No men's sky, i am enjoying it immensely got one of the biggest ships now.

    Also been playing the
    Warframe PS4 now and then 
  • Pretty much nothing but Fallout 4 for me. I'm also in the process of moving house so haven't had much time for anything really.
  • Copycat :P still osaka?
  • Nope. Heading back to Australia for a while actually. Not sure for how long.
  • Dude. That's quite the move.  Good luck and all that...
  • Diablo 3 (PC): Blew by 300 paragon level, somewhere around Torment X difficulty and greater rift 46 or so. Got a fantastic new 1-handed weapon. Still need better offhand, rings, and amulet, and I would like to get ancient version of all my non-ancient legendary gear. Might try going for more seasonal rewards soon, dunno. Starting to get to the point where you're working on the margins to improve your character instead of taking massive leaps.

    Overwatch (PC): Had a 4-5 hour session with some peeps on the weekend, then played briefly again Monday night. I still suck at this game so bad. Except on Torb. He's the easiest character to play well in pugs but apparently he's all I can play well.

    Civilization V (PC): Played some multiplayer and also some single player. Good game to pass the time. Multiplayer is a bit of a slog though in how long it takes. In singleplayer, I always end up playing massive earth maps and try to take over as much as I can.

    Ark: Survival Evolved (PC): Dicked around a bit, built myself a meat preserver/smoker thing which makes jerky and keeps it from getting spoiled for a long-ass time. I now have three basic houses I shuttle between.
  • (PC) Hitman - Really enjoying trying to figure out what to do to get to a target.

    (PC) Overwatch - Playing the odd game here. The pace is managable with my very poor keyboard and mouse skills.
  • Thanks LittleG. I fly out of Japan this Friday night so there's not much time left for things to go too tits up, barring plane crashes I suppose.
  • Finally Osaka is all mine, Well Australlia is in the same time zone, so if they sell mic's in Australlia maybe we can play some online stuff again ;)
  • Yeah only an hour difference, and my work schedule will be nowhere near as nuts as it was in Japan. We can try some online again once I get everything set up again. I got 2 suitcases just of games :)

    I will also have the power of Australian lag on my side.

    Good luck wrestling Osaka away from all the deadbeat gaijin eikaiwa teachers and Chinese tourists! :p
  • Looking forward to Australian game prices?
  • @GoodEnoughForMe I need to get back into a bit of Civ 5 multiplayer, the guys I play with we have all sort of fallen out playing (Mainly cause of the time it takes and it being buggy as anything). Played a couple of single player games this week. Getting very excited about CIV 6 from the gameplay I have seen.

    I restarted the Witcher 3 (for the 3rd time) I always get around a couple of hours in and hit a bit of a wall. I don't know how I can't get into it as it has everything I love about fantasy RPGs. I feel like I am missing something. Maybe I should try playing on easy and read everything and get more invested in the lore as much as I can. (The hair looks amazing on creatures though) . I really want to love this game.

     Anybody got any tips for a Witcher newbie?

    I played a few hours of Fallout 4 finishing off the quests at far harbor in prep for Nuka World. I started playing the Vault DLC and construction pieces that just wouldn't fit nicely just eventually led to me going fuck this. Especially after one of the missions in Far Harbor which was such a pain in the arse with tedious puzzles using the building mechanics. I am level 81 on hard. Fresh engine please next time Bethesda and Todd from the ground up, not an evolution of this ancient engine (as much as I love you and my blindness to most of the flaws in your games).

    Trying to give up smoking and CIV is not the game to play. I just fall into the chain smoking habit automatically as CIV seems to have that association in my brain. (I am not trying very hard as I have been really ill so just thought fuck it feeling sorry for myself) .
  • No Australian game prices for me. Amazon and Play-Asia international shipping all the way. I went into a games shop in Sydney today just to check it out. Fuck me sideways. No way in hell I'm buying anything new or day 1 here. It's cheaper to get it from the Japan or US PSN store as a digital download. 

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