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    So I think the game is out now in America. I think? It seems like it's tomorrow for us brits (weird Wednesday release). I do have No Mans Sky preloaded on my PS4 even though I know exactly nothing about the game. What do you guys think of the game? Do you actually know anything, are you interested? 

  • I heard there will be a day one patch
  • I'm interested in it. It looks like a callback to the 60s and 70s sci-fi aesthetic, with a cool post-rock soundtrack. I hope it evokes a sense of wonder that the best open-world games do well. The sense of discovery and a real glimpse at imagination run amok when you find a new planet and a new species or what have you. If I get it it'll probably be on PC.
  • I watched some people on my friends list playing it. It looks like Inventory Management: The Game to me. Early days though, and I assume it will start getting more interesting later on. It reminds me a bit of Minecraft, only with more tedious inventory management and you don't have to build any houses. You don't starve, but you have to keep your life support going, and you seem to spend most of the game running around destroying shit for resources to craft gear.

    It looks OK, but it's not blowing any socks off me. Definitely not GOTY material. I might get it when it has a price drop.

    Also, I love how you "discover" occupied planets, complete with high tech indigenous inhabitants, space ports and landing pads, and just waiting for you to show up to start their interstellar trade ventures.
  • Honestly, this looks like there is very little worthwhile gameplay. Just novelty, with a retroactive attempt at developing some fun/gameplay. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think I will pick it up ever.
  • I'm hearing and reading that there is no development in this. You just keep blasting shit, crafting shift, and that's it. I was kinda hoping it was going to be like Minecraft, with a lot of hidden depth, but nope. Seems like this one is just a turd wrapped around a gimmicky algorithm.

    See you in the $5 bin!
  • @Dr Flibble As I feared :(
  • Keep feeling more iffy about this one. Apparently the developer lied about a lot of stuff.
  • I'm quite keen to play No Man's Sky. Conceptually it seems like a sci-fi exploration/survival game that I'd enjoy. I don't think it'll be as ingenious as MineCraft or as interesting in world as Mass Effect, but I'm in such a lull with gaming that anything new and shiny would seem neat.

    Its too bad this game was so hyped up and that the developer was so obtuse about everything; I think this would've been a fine indie game that would be more lauded than panned if it had a different marketing stride.

    I've been watching NichBoy play this over a few hours and I would still really like to play this but at a later date when things are more ironed out and the price is a bit cheaper. I think $20 would be the sweet spot for me.
  • I knew next to nothing before getting no mans sky, listened to none of the hype, read no pre release articles didn't watch any footage. 

    This game just seemed like one that needed to be explored and discovered alone.I am about 6 hours in and I still know next to nothing. I'm exploring planets. Jumping through systems. In the aid of what? 

    Getting to the centre? Why? 

    You know what though.....I don't really care. I'm...well I can't exactly say I'm enjoying just wandering around but it is keeping my attention, finding new animals, exploring unknown worlds. Just having a wander its amazing.

    How long this will keep my attention, I have no idea but for now. All I want to do is wander round, mining minerals and exploring those green ?.   
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  • I bought No Man's Sky and played it for about 10 hours. It is a 2gb procedurally generated game where you can basically break down the mechanics to thirds of thirds.

    I feel that the game is more 'survival' in the sense of inventory management, mining and foraging than actual 'exploration' - and keep in mind I have 42 slot ship now. Every action in the game (mining, taking flight, leaving the planet, breathing) requires some sort of resource that you have to mine for. For example, your exosuit's life support systems are constantly depleting some sort of energy that you have to mine for. And then your mining tool depletes a different set of energy every time you mine. I feel that the consumption/just existing burn rate is much too high and I'm constantly uneasy about either:
     - Filling up my extremely limited inventory slots (even with the larger ship) and not having the space for interesting rare items I find.
     - Not being able to find that mined resource I need and then being stranded on yet another barren, rocky planet.

    The balance of resource consumption feels like the grind/balance of first gen MMOs where everything is heavily taxed and progress is eeked out in tiny bits. I feel that we've really moved on beyond this mindless, dumb grinding in gaming to a point where games are like generous hosts trying to get you to have a good time - and I mean this in both the good way (think any story game that just moves the plot swiftly) and in the pandering sense (like WoW with how everybody is a winner).

    Anyway, at the core of it, I feel that its not fun mining and scrounging like a loser for resources that get burnt up at such a fast rate. Its like a really shitty sisyphus complex that's just in my face all the time.

    Beyond that, once you've taken off and gotten your hyper drive with a ship that has more inventory slots than you thought was possible, its still not a fun game.

    There's like 5 different planet biomes (each in many nice palettes), but the actual objectives generated on each planet are:
     - Abandoned base that you just find things in.
     - Inhabitated base where you don't understand the alien language and have to guess one of three answers to a cryptic question posed to you.
     - A crashed ship site with schematics/technology to learn and perhaps a ship to consider making yours.
     - Sentinels (they're like robotic green peace) that shoot you if you mine ANYTHING within their site with a GTA 'wanted' 5 stars policing system.

    And there's some other stuff like space stations, space fights etc etc but to be totally honest, I feel like there's really 12 permutations of set pieces to come across in the game, spread over the limited biomes and then 'randomly generated/repeated' again and again for 18 quintillion times.

    There is literally more variety/points of interest in a linear COD game than there is in No Man's Sky. And I genuinely think COD is terrible. The wanderlust that you get quickly subsides because of the procedural generation. Everything feels soulless and you kind of know what they did for it to be like this. The magic fades so quickly and you're wondering how this 2gb game gained so much hype.

    It feels like Minecraft Alpha back before survival mode - conceptually its all very likeable but another year or two or three was needed to give it a bit of soul and entertainment. But the thing with Minecraft is that you could build and create your own meaning. There was always that greed of getting materials that you could then erect and stand forever whereas in No Man's Sky, your collected resources are just burnt over time to keep you alive and able to do things.

    A few more years in the oven for this game, or maybe instead, a $15 price point by a modest indie team of 15 with very little hype would've seen this game's reception be much more warm. But instead, you have cryptic, tongue-in-cheek bullshit spin from the developers and you know what, I work with asshole software engineers like that and I just want to punch them in their stupid hipster faces. If you were good, the work would present itself instead of all the bullshit and spin that was outright lied about. Like the multiplayer for instance - naming things is hardly multiplayer. Shitty spore creatures everywhere is hardly a "god algorithm" and I'm paraphrasing, "founded by maths". No shit its maths - its what programming is. Its like a fucking hipster douchebag saying ruby on rails is the next holy grail in computers.

     God dammit, I hate this game so much.

    Its a shit game and the way its all been marketed/recited/lied about is everything I hate in the software engineering industry that I work in.

    On its own legs, another few years and this would've been a fine game. Much more shallow than anything like Rimworld, Galaxy on Fire (an iOS game like freelancer), and most B-list sci fi shoehorn games, but still passable with its own cult following. But add in all the bullshit and mess that comes along with this game (my fucking GTX Titan was screen tearing like crazy at 60 frames, my partner's 4ghz octocore/gtx 1070 crashed a lot, and the shit textures make it look like a first gen Xbox 360 game) and its too hard not to dislike it. Its like P Fish and Fez. I might have liked the game but its too hard to separate the art from the artist and ultimately I'm annoyed I spent $60 and x hours on it with the conceit that it would become more which it isn't.

    Mega fuck this game; two thumbs down.
  • I question some of the upcoming things they're going to implement, too. They say they're going to add base building, but what is the point of plopping down a base if you're supposed to be going planet to planet and exploring the cosmos? Seems like a good way to motivate the type of stationary gameplay they don't want.
  • You quickly see all the seam's in this game. You see every limiting factor in about 4 or 5 hours. But you know what. I'm still having fun chilling out watching TV with no mans sky in the background. Just relaxing out wandering a planet. Setting myself small objectives. "get a bigger ship", "get more inventory space" or you know "move closer to the centre" 

    Is it the game I was hoping for? 

    Nah I wanted a dumbed down Eve but in first person. I didn't get that. This will most definitely never be that.
  • @nutta27 It definitely doesn't sound as though you are getting 60 dollars worth of game and a worthwhile time investment if it has already been relegated to background entertainment.

    How did the hype/price of this game get so inflated? To me it seems a tech demo of planet/creature random generation algorithms that has had a game attempted to be built, clumsily, on top of it.

    @sloth Thanks for the really detailed analysis as ever, you probably had much more fun writing about the torment of the game than playing it haha.
  • @8drawt I actually genuinely enjoyed the first two hours. The mystique of the setting, the expansive promise of the galaxy, and that learning curve where anything is possible because you don't really know much. I was positively beaming that I ignored the critical reception and found some gaming solitude I felt I would enjoy. But like a Thai lady boy, that joyful glee of the night was quickly replaced by a truth that I wasn't too thrilled about and that sinking realisation that "I was fooled."
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  • I'm done, the games vastness I think has passed. I still want to get to the centre but I don't actually think I can be arsed any more. What a shame.
  • @nutta27 Take a Google squiz at what happens when you get to the centre.

    Worse than Mass Effect 3 ending.
  • I watched the ending on YouTube. It does indeed suck. It's one of the worst endings I've ever seen.
  • @sloth I have heard many people have had the exact same experience as you. They have been excited and enjoyed the first few hours before slowly realising there is no real depth to the gameplay feeling deceived. Did you play the PS4 version out of interest? As the PC port looks an absolute terrible experience. 
  • I was never very attracted to this game. I did not dig Don't Starve, and this always looked like a giant version to me. Sad that it is huge and shallow.
  • AngryJoe rips them a new one over their blatant lies.

  • @Dr Flibble Wow I didn't realise how many outright lies that dev made, I haven't really been following it as I suspected it would probably be flawed. But not to this level. Gees, I feel sorry for people who preordered this game based on what was promised. Glad I stayed away, but Joe makes some good suggestions as to improving the game which would probably make it appealing to me. First they need to get their shit together with all the crashes and glitches, maybe put out a finished game for $60. I can see why they didn't send out any review code...
  • Sales dropped more than eighty percent in one week. The word is out and the word is poop.
  • Bargain bin trophy game! :P

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