My shameless topic about me. :P
  • I wonder where I should post this, thread for random topics? PC gamers unite? Week in gaming? Nah, New topic! \o/

    So I was going to build a PC for about $750, i5-6500 with an RX 480. But the RX sold out fast and then the custom cards never came.
    Then GTX 1060 shows up and kicks ass. BUT I also couldn't get one of those. Graaah.

    With the XBone Slim coming out, the regular model dropped to $250. I bought one, it came with a $50 gift card I'm using for the PC I was already making.
    So $200 XBone. :) I also bought Halo MC Collaction, Halo Reach, and GoW Ultimate Edition used on ebays. and Brothers new from Walmart online. None of it has made it to me yet. :\
    Any of you playing WarFrame on Xbox One? I've seen some of you post about it, but forget what systems. I'm Lv2, and have no idea what I'm doing yet. learning though. 

    I decided to order the PC parts now without the GTX 1060. The i5-6500 has a built in GPU that should be ok for now I think. better than the pos I have now.

    Meh kool partz brag.
    Gigabyte GA-H170-GAMING 3 Motherboard
    G.Skill 8GB DDR4 Ram
    1TB HDD
    240GB SSD
    DIYPC J-180 case
    Cooler Master LED mouse and keyboard
    EVGA G2 80+ Gold PSU (WTF why are good PSUs so fucking much god damn!)
  • I've been asking @Winsord to buy me a 1070 for weeks now and yet he won't, I don't get what the hold up is. :(
  • 1070s are all like $450+. :o
  • Yes but if he bought me one I would thank him profusely, and you can't put a price on gratitude.
  • Got a 1080 founders edition soon as (they were not available anywhere at the time) :) . Got a GTX 780 sitting around now trying to figure out which PC to to shove it in. 1060 and particularly the 480 scream absolute bargain for the amount of power you are getting. I objectively would go with the 480, but I have been going Nvidia for my last few cards and would miss the physx acceleration etc.

    @NewAgeRed that seems like a solid build, though I would have gone 16gb, if it was a matter of budget I would have gone with 16gb fast DDR3 rather than 8gb DDR4. But if you have got slots left then that's cool as you can always upgrade later. Does your mobo and cpu support quad-channel RAM?
  • These Skylake CPUs only work with DDR4 RAM. This MoBo only says 2133, but lists higher speeds for overclocking. 
    It has 4 slots, BlackRedBlackRed.
    The site says "Dual channel memory architecture". so maybe just dual channel X2?
  • Meh kool partz brag.
    Gigabyte GA-H170-GAMING 3 Motherboard
    G.Skill 8GB DDR4 Ram
    1TB HDD
    240GB SSD
    DIYPC J-180 case 

    thats not a joke 
  • Ahh right I see, didnt realise we had got to the point where mobos were only compatible with DDR4, bummer . I imagine your RAM would be your first upgrade probs in the future. Shame about the dual channel only. Totally the right time to be buying a graphics card with all the node shrinks. Decided on one yet?
  • Yeah, I'm most likely going with GTX 1060. Was going to get a RX 480, but they missed there chance when I had the money. and now I'm bitter. lol
    Then I bought the Phat XBone for $200 because GTX 1060s were always out of stock, and $200 for XB1 seems good.
    I'll get a GPU in a few months now.
    Even without it, this PC is soooo so so much better.
  • @NewAgeRed That’s a great deal on an Xbox One. Congrats on the new PC and the console. 

  • The one thing I hate about my PC (which I love) is only having 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes. I would love to have some lanes free for a super-speed SSD, rather than settling for two SATA SSDs in RAID 0.

    @NewAgeRed Sounds like you got a great deal on your Xbox One, glad that your new PC feels like such an improvement. Always nice to build a new PC and really notice the improvement. Plus no rush to get a new GPU with a new console in your hands!

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