It's Official, GOP Loses Its Damn Mind
  • lmao did you just compare feminism to Nazism
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  • Well if you're going to compare Nazism and feminism I'm out, I don't think you realize how incredibly insulting, repulsive, and stupid that is, considering that Nazism is basically evil and caused the deaths of millions of people, but I suspect to an alt-right dumbshit like yourself, it makes perfect sense.
  • Stop posting stupid shit and polluting these forums.
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  • @zebure

    That is a large amount of crazy. Good luck.
  • Nobody has banned you, edited your posts, or anything, of course you have a right to claim that feminists are mass-murderers of a higher-degree than Nazis, it just means everyone here will think you're a dingbat.
  • Why would I spend one minute on your cut and paste crazy?
  • Ok, I'm out. You are beneath notice.
  • Care to explain why an account created today, whose only activity is giving noobies to zebure and posting pro-zebure content, also happens to have the exact same IP address as zebure?
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  • Thanks guys, this thread has been a joy. lmao.

    Epke, do you really think it's going to be any different with Hitlery at the helm?

    Zebure, you will never get any data from these guys. Your efforts to create any sort of debate or alternative point of view are in vain. They'll just tell you to shut up, because they aren't actually interested in anything other than confirming their biases.

    Ah, freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is nothing BUT the right to cause offense. Any other speech is worthless. Do you think the old kings and queens weren't offended when people started speaking of freedom and equality? Do you think the church wasn't offended when people started offering alternatives, or suggesting scientific theories such as the Earth not being flat might be true? Do you think the slave owners weren't offended when those pesky niggers started talking about equal rights and all that shit? If you cannot cause offense, or make people uncomfortable, you cannot change anything. If you turn off the free speech that shaped this civilization, then a descent back into barbarism is inevitable.

    If you blather on about hate speech and banning or shutting up certain speakers and/or ideas, you are evil. Plain and simple. You are the barbarian at the gates. If you value free speech and the pursuit of truth you can continue to fight for it, and good luck with that. Or, if you believe we've crossed the Rubicon, then grab some popcorn and come sit with me as we enjoy the spectacle of this Hindenburg that western civilization has become.

    Or in the words of the Bloodhound Gang: Burn motherfucker, burn.

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