It's Official, GOP Loses Its Damn Mind
  • Action speak louder than words. And over the past 20 years, the feminist movement has been extremely good at highlighting where they stand on the question of what they want and what they're trying to do. Call me how bad you want to, but I have shown you enough data to advocate a different picture than what you say ... Where is your? Or is stupid the only thing you can say when someone gives you a different picture?
  • Word: Nazism, an ideology that basically have the notion that the people - the nation - has a higher value in relation to the individual ...

    Action: Kill Other People

    Word: feminism promotes women's political, economic and social rights.

    Action: Blame all evil on the men, ignoring the needs of men, advocating censour, even attack men who think otherwise.

  • lmao did you just compare feminism to Nazism

  • If you do not understand the comparison between saying one thing and doing something completely different. it's not my problem ...
    By the way, I would say that the similarities between feminists and Nazis are not too different. given that they both originated from Marx Weber teories.
  • @zebure might have a point. I was talking to me penis last night about the regression of men's right. I mean look at all the elected offices women hold in US politics for example: 20% in Congress and a first presidential nominee. It's just too much. At what point do we as men all hold our penises together and say "enough is enough!" I mean we still earn more than women, but how long will that last?! You think Clinton is going to widen that gap?! She's a threat to genitalia everywhere!
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  • Well if you're going to compare Nazism and feminism I'm out, I don't think you realize how incredibly insulting, repulsive, and stupid that is, considering that Nazism is basically evil and caused the deaths of millions of people, but I suspect to an alt-right dumbshit like yourself, it makes perfect sense.

  • If you want, I can take up Marx Weber's theory of how society should work. And then I can take up the study which highlights how feminism is similar to Nazism. But would it make any difference. If you do not understand it as I have already mentioned?

    By the way, I have also provided information which advocates why feminism in today's form is anything but what they say .. Where is your data that disproves? .. I'm still waiting for it.

  • Action speak louder then words.. ...I hope you understand it....Nuff said.
  • Nuremberg Rally via Flickr – Michael Dawes

    1. Feminists have killed millions of people

    Ha ha. Okay, not really, but there is this chick. She calls herself Femitheist.

    She wants to reduce the male population by
    90%, keeping a few prime specimens around for sperm farming. She claims
    to understand the precise mathematics required to maintain human
    genetic diversity, even after 90% of men have been …. eliminated. The
    elimination phase will presumably be slightly more environmentally
    friendly than dousing men with Zyklon B and burning the corpses, but who
    knows? It might have been crass, but gassing and burning did work for
    the Nazis.

    2. Feminists have killed millions of people redux

    Okay, millions are dead, but feminists say they weren’t people. People are not real people until they have exited the uterus. According to the Guttmacher Institute,
    there were 43.8 million abortions performed globally in 2008 and even
    if that rate has slowed somewhat, that’s still way more deaths than the
    Nazis achieved, although they did get stopped before the full program
    could be rolled out. Oddly, even to feminists, some of the not-people
    who were killed before exiting the uterus were in fact people.

    According to feminist website Jezebel, the world is missing 60 million girls (who are indisputably people), because those girls were aborted before they could be born.
    This leaves feminism in the peculiar position of either declaring that
    brown and black fetuses are people while white fetuses are not, or
    declaring that abortions are only wrong when brown and black people have
    them. Either way, some fetuses are girls and they are dead, and some
    fetuses are just fetuses and can’t be dead because they were never

    Some humans are more human than others.

    3. Feminists irrationally hate a group of people for no good reason

    Nazis hated Jews and blamed them for
    everything bad that happened to Germans. That whole World War One thing
    aside, the Jews were destroying the German economy! The whole society
    was degenerate and debauched and it was all the Jew’s fault! Whipping up
    a frenzy of hate, Nazis were able to convince ordinary, sane Germans
    that hey-ho, the Jews must go! Feminists hate men, and blame them for
    everything bad that happens to women. For feminists, “man” is a synonym for “rapist”, “abuser” and “misogynist”.

    Whipping up a frenzy of hate, feminists
    have been able to convince ordinary, sane people that men need to be
    taught not to rape and that domestic violence is something that only men
    do to women
    . This has the strange effect of declaring that women
    are not human, because all humans are capable of the full range of human
    emotion including anger, rage, jealousy, bitterness, vindictiveness,
    resentfulness and wrath, all of which tend to lead towards acts of
    violence like rape and intimate partner violence. The only way women
    cannot engage in either of those things is if they are not human. And
    once again, some humans are more human than others.

    4. Feminists are White Supremacists

    The Nazis believed in the superiority of
    the white race and even though Jewish people are pretty white, they are
    not the right kind of white and didn’t count. Feminists believe in the
    superiority of white, college educated women and fight tooth and nail to
    ensure they have free birth control, free tampons, room to sit on the subway, leeway to bang into men on the sidewalk, the right to tell rocket scientists what to wear, and other important issues that affect the well-being of white, college educated women. Other women have issues like being sold into sex slavery by ISIS and dying in childbirth due to substandard healthcare but those things don’t affect college educated white women so they don’t count.

    5. Feminists control language and media

    The Nazis may have been the greatest
    propagandists to ever have lived. By carefully controlling the media and
    directing public sentiment towards blaming Jews for everything, they
    were able to successfully rally the nation into committing genocide.
    Sure, there have been other genocides, but the Nazis pulled theirs off
    with some real style and aplomb, particularly when it came to media, and
    that required some serious control. When Time Magazine ran its annual
    poll of words to ban in 2014, they included the word “feminist” and unsurprisingly, it won by a landslide.
    This was upsetting to feminists. Imagine if der Spiegel ran a “words to
    ban in 1938” poll and “Aryan” was the landslide victor? Herr Goebbels
    would have been pissed. As pissed as feminists. They forced Time to
    apologize and withdraw the word from consideration.

    Feminists really hate being compared to
    Nazis and it’s easy to understand why. The Nazis were horrible people
    who murdered millions of people and would have happily murdered millions
    more. Reduce the population by 90% levels of murder. If feminists would
    like to avoid being compared to Nazis, it might help if stopped acting like them...""

    is a social outlook based on Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx's theories
    and is the basis upon which one arm of socialism, which includes social
    democracy and communism included, rests [1] [2], the other branch is
    based in anarchism.

    ">Marxism represents both a political ideology, and a collection of more or less non-normative social theories.

    Marxism consists of a variety of thought based on the works of Karl Marx, theories and interpretations of these. As
    a normative ideological direction, Marxism is a strongly egalitarian
    ideology, whose main goal is a society with clearly more equal
    distribution of financial allocations and political influence.
    Marxism describes a contemporary society with great power differences between groups as a result of differences in ownership. These groups are called classes. Marxism's
    central problem is how large groups of people being exploited by small
    groups who own the means of production, can free themselves from this by
    jointly developing class consciousness and establish a more equal
    society: the classless society.
    Marxism is an ideology that in most variants advocates far-reaching changes in society more egalitarian direction.
    ">The changes apply not only the economy but also on various social
    levels, for example by strengthening the rights of women or minorities.


  • Stop posting stupid shit and polluting these forums.
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  • @zebure

    That is a large amount of crazy. Good luck.

  • I have as much right as you to write on this blog post like yourself, especially considering that this forum post's are about politics ". And was started by Wetsw..

    Many seem to think that when someone protesting against an opinion, violates the freedom of expression. It does not. You get to have whatever opinions you want, but you can never claim not to be criticized for it. In front of you an opinion must be prepared to defend it. It is also part of freedom of expression.
    By the way" stupid shit "is not an argument which disproves my data, neither is" amount of crazy. "

  • Nobody has banned you, edited your posts, or anything, of course you have a right to claim that feminists are mass-murderers of a higher-degree than Nazis, it just means everyone here will think you're a dingbat.
  • Why would I spend one minute on your cut and paste crazy?
  • Only respond to your comment. "Stop posting stupid shit and polluting These forums."
    I did not say they're a Nazist, but only the similarities that exist between the two groups .. And yes "were 43.8 million abortions Performed globally in 2008 while at the same time many feminist want to kill all men,

    Dingbat is not an valid argument to counter data"

    If you do not have facts but only run with personal attacks against the other party, well then one might start to believe that the other party lack the ability to have a rational discussion. .ehmm... Ad hominem-arguments...

    But lets her from on of the top feminisn what she have to say.
  • Ok, I'm out. You are beneath notice.
  • Zero counterargument on the data.
    Sad to hear..
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  • We all have well been there, when we sit and argue against a person and the other only:

    "No, then I do not want to hear what you have to say"

    It means only that the person has bad arguments and trying to win the argument with silence instead of coming up with good counterarguments. Such things disturb me so damn much, he believes that the win, by just hush up and not come up with any counter-arguments.
  • Care to explain why an account created today, whose only activity is giving noobies to zebure and posting pro-zebure content, also happens to have the exact same IP address as zebure?
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  • @GoodEnoughForMe

    I noticed that too! 

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  • Brother and old time noobtoobfan,
    Joined here to give a notice to my brother that it is not worth continuing this debate.
  • Zebure are you a 1 percenter? If not then you should not vote for Trump, but if you do rejoice in the tax break the rich will get and the poor will get poorer, but hey American Dream, Land of Opportunities, and all that nonsense, Sometimes i wish that Trump should be president, But the problem with the largest army in the world, i would not like megalomaniac Drumpf in charge.
  • Thanks guys, this thread has been a joy. lmao.

    Epke, do you really think it's going to be any different with Hitlery at the helm?

    Zebure, you will never get any data from these guys. Your efforts to create any sort of debate or alternative point of view are in vain. They'll just tell you to shut up, because they aren't actually interested in anything other than confirming their biases.

    Ah, freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is nothing BUT the right to cause offense. Any other speech is worthless. Do you think the old kings and queens weren't offended when people started speaking of freedom and equality? Do you think the church wasn't offended when people started offering alternatives, or suggesting scientific theories such as the Earth not being flat might be true? Do you think the slave owners weren't offended when those pesky niggers started talking about equal rights and all that shit? If you cannot cause offense, or make people uncomfortable, you cannot change anything. If you turn off the free speech that shaped this civilization, then a descent back into barbarism is inevitable.

    If you blather on about hate speech and banning or shutting up certain speakers and/or ideas, you are evil. Plain and simple. You are the barbarian at the gates. If you value free speech and the pursuit of truth you can continue to fight for it, and good luck with that. Or, if you believe we've crossed the Rubicon, then grab some popcorn and come sit with me as we enjoy the spectacle of this Hindenburg that western civilization has become.

    Or in the words of the Bloodhound Gang: Burn motherfucker, burn.
  • I used plenty of data in my early posts, but when someone starts comparing feminism and Nazism, it's not worth it. Then again you dropping "Hitlery" and the n-word and a seeming lack of understanding of how free-speech applies to private enterprise isn't really worth it, either. Nobody here is a government authority, and nobody has been banned or edited or anything. Jesus. 

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