Noobtoob's Week in Gaming 27/06/2016
  • I have been playing a lot of Rachet and Clank. Really liking it. Varied and just beautiful. Sometimes I throw the groovatron just to see the animations. I always forget you can die playing Rachet and Clank. It is not hard to play right, a maxed out bouncer kills every thing what don't fly. It is possible to play wrong. Not a GoY, but just a joy, nothing to not like.
  • Overwatch - Almost level 100 now. I'm enjoying the trophy hunt with this game. When the stars align and Satan farts, and everything goes just right, and you manage to kill 4 assholes with 1 use of the ultimate and that trophy pops, it's pure euphoria.

    Minecraft - I bought this again for the WiiU to check out the Super Mario stuff. Apparently more Nintendo only DLC is in the works to tie in other franchises, which I'm looking forward to checking out. Still a fun game to just chill out with.
  • Overwatch and night shifts are my life it seems now. I only manage to get one or two matches in a day. Lucio seems to be my main but Reaper is creating in there.

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