(Multi) Dark Souls 3
  • Tuesday come quuuuuicker.
  • Well there's those archers that turn into knights. Fuck those towers and that spot, goddamn.
  • Haha, that is the area I was talking about. Now imagine that area plus 2 invaders chomping at your ass. It's Gank City.
  • Godawful. I'll persevere.

    Siegward bit it in the Giant fight, which was a bummer as he's supposed to be able to solo it. Pain in the ass doing it without him.
  • You didn't help him? The sword is right in front of the boss throne once the fight starts. Pick it up, equip it, 2H it and charge it with L2, then use the L2+R2 weapon art to smash him. Easiest Lord of Cinder of the lot.
  • I did help him, I just fucked up and we ALL died. It was terrible. So I had to go it alone.
  • If he dies you can't re-summon him? You aren't missing out on much if it makes you feel better. If you finish off his questline he only gives you a slab for weapon upgrades. Wait until you get to the dragon area, you can get 2 slabs right there and after you clear it I think your Nexus hag will have a slab for sale too.

    I got bored waiting around for auto-summons last night so I went to my 2nd character and played with him for a while. I'm really hoping things get more lively once the Americans come online.
  • At the end now. Had a heck of a morning, slaughtered like 5 different bosses, some optional. Had 0 trouble with any of them. Toughest one was the Dancer and that wasn't tough, only took two tries. Just tore through everything I encountered.

    Been considering dropping my +7 Heavy Broadsword for the Dark Blade, or Dark Sword, whatever it is. It hits about the same as I do now.
  • Yeah, one of my PSN buddies also swears by the Broadsword. The dancer is a really cool fight.

    Did you finish it yet Sunflower?

    Less than 24 hours now for the US release right? I think some people have managed to get copies early. Last night I was running into a lot of people with very English and French sounding names.
  • The U.K. Release is in 9 hours. I've got a copy ordered so my will come with the post tomorrow. While I'm at work.
  • Ended up going to the more optional of areas instead of wrapping up the game. Gonna take care of the Ancient Wyvern probably tonight, because the Dragon Barracks look like a spot that'd be a LOT easier to get around if you were to get rid of one of them. My line of thinking might not be accurate, though, and there may be 3, but if one of them is at Archdragon Peak, well, it'll help. Then I'm at THE end.

    It's been good. Probably not the best Souls game but it's good.
  • My CE on PS4 just shipped this morning! I should have the game by tomorrow evening sometime. ;) I'm kinda excited.
  • Well, my goal is to stay awake for the midnight digital launch. God I am so middle aged and these short people really take it out of you. A one year old only seems to be interested in finding ways to die, (Did you know most homes come with four baby killing boxes? My son wants to climb into the washer, the dryer, the dish washer, and the oven. Also, if he could have a dirty knife to keep him company in there, that would be his preference.) and a four year old only wants to break your stuff and free base sugar for the energy to break more of your stuff. God how I love them, but vacation is a relative term these days.

    Totally starting with my man, the sorcerer. Sunny has sold me on working my way up to the broadsword ASAP. What are the rules on armor for soul arrow addicts, like myself? I have totally forgotten the armor rules for spell casting. Anyone? Anyone?
  • No idea from me, as casting a spell is something I never want to bother with ever.

    I've heard that the main duties of taking care of a babby is keeping it from dying, that's the first year of parenting basically. Good luck...you can't pause in DS3, so...
  • Yeah, I don't think DS3 has that magic DS1 had. It's very good, but there's so much fan service, and it feels like a goodbye.

    Armor won't affect your spell casting westsw. Most of the magic buffs come from rings or the talismans themselves. A few pieces of armor may do something like increase casting speed but you can rock Havel's armor and be a spell slinger if you want. I see plenty of people doing it. The biggest concern for casters is the Estus flask split imo. If you are playing melee you can just junk your Ashen flash as soon as you get it, but casters need that shit.
  • Well I ate the Ancient Dragon but uh, didn't change the Dragon Barracks for me.
  • Dragon Barracks is that area with the 2 fire breathers?

    You can avoid their fire and jump down off the bridge to the left onto a small ledge. If you screw up the fall you will end up in a pit of monsters though. Or you can sit back and arrow them to death. If you then find their feet you can kill the black abyss monsters in them and they vanish completely.
  • I did that, the only problem is I can't seem to find a way IN very far. I did a few things in both directions but I'm sure I'm just missing something.
  • You need to go in the right side under where one of the dragons was. It's that dark room with the stairs. Go up top and you will find a balcony with a lever. The lever will open the main gate. You'll know the room because there will be 2 red eye knights and 2 healers in there.
  • Shit, I missed the lever. Went up there a ton of times and cleaned house.
  • Well, a few hours in, in my slow farmy way. It is way Souls. Clearly it will be a good game, but I do not think they had to hire an art director. It does feel like all borrowed assets. I will grind it out, but I already agree that From is so talented that it has to do something else after this and stretch it self.
  • Yeah, it's ALMOST worn out its welcome. Another Souls game would be too much at this point, and it's a good bookend for the series. For now.
  • Still waiting for my Physical copy to show up. But it looks like the season pass is available on PSN now! $24.99. ;)
  • Even though its Dark Souls, don't buy the season pass till you find out what's in it.
  • "Another game. You bought another game???" Was the message I just received from my girlfriend.

    At least I have Dark Souls to keep me company for a while.

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