(Multi) Dark Souls 3
  • I dunno. I like it. It's very close to wearing out its welcome but it hasn't. I'm glad this is the last.

    Have to see how the metagame develops.
  • There will be a culture of dueling and a culture of dicks and a culture of dick hunters.
  • I'm not worried about the difficulty spike in NG+, I don't want to restart without clearing out everything in this playthru. I know I still have a few bosses hidden somewhere, and there's still some side areas I never went to. After I do all that, I'll start NG+.

    Manio, I haven't seen it all yet, but I love what I've seen. The gameplay is the best in the series so far. They've taken everything they've learned since Demon's Souls and put it all into one game. The weapon arts are fun and address the criticism that all the weapons are the same R1 spam-athon, but they've given the game a more anime feel. They finally have a covenant system that works well, being able to change on the fly was the best thing they could have done. It was a pain in the ass going back to each location every time you wanted to change a covenant. I'm also a fan of the Bloodborne inspired speed of the game, and the item restrictions. PvP has been the most balanced I've ever seen it so far (well, besides that one area). Granted, the Dark Souls lag is still there, but I haven't run into anyone stupidly overpowered.

    But having said all that, the game is a massive fan service. There's a checklist of From Software and Souls games cool things and they went down that list and checked every box. Some areas feel like Dark Souls, some Demon's Souls, same with the enemies. The bosses are mash ups, or we've seen similar things in previous Souls-Borne games. There's not really anything that feels original or unique to DS3, so in a way I feel like one of the things I'm digging most about it is also one of it's potential weaknesses. That's why I said earlier it's the ultimate refined DS experience. But again, I can understand why they did it. This is supposedly the final game and it's a great send off for the fans.

    It's a great game, but if I had to put them in some kind of ranking, I don't think it'd be my first choice. If they were to make a DS4 in 2 years time and it was similar to this, I think that would be the point the series slipped. It already slipped with DS2 I suppose, but this game more than makes up for any shortcomings DS2 might have had. DS2 gets a lot of crap flung at it, and the criticisms aren't wrong, but a lot of the things in DS2 were things fans themselves had actually asked for. From tried these ideas and some others, and some didn't pan out. Live and learn. The game is an important step in the development of the series.
  • I think all bosses are done now. I've unlocked all the hidden trophies that were unaccounted for. Might do some more scavenging before lighting that final bonfire.

    The area with the Dragon Castle is really cool. So much better than the Dragon Aerie in DS2. Also got about 3 slabs out of the place, so I have about 4 or 5 weapons at maximum now.

    Found even more DS1 references and items, and they even did the Old Workshop idea from Bloodborne, twice.

    The tree with the seed of giants has been pretty generous recently. I used 2 of them already. So fun to get an invasion notification and then less than 5 minutes later the "asshole destroyed" message.

    Edit: and one of the hidden bosses allowed me to make a new ring with his soul, so I can now fast roll with my big ass weapon and armor. 
  • Thanks to the respec options I'm not sure if I'll need to roll new characters at all for the most part, except for losing any NPCs. I haven't yet.

    Did you lose you know who under the tower with the spear giant you could talk to, Flibble? Because we got in a fight together that he didn't want to be in, and I made sure I didn't lose him there.
  • Sunflower, yes he is the one who died, but not in that battle. An enemy followed me and managed to hit the poor fucker so hard he fell down the elevator shaft before I even had a chance to talk to him. I was pretty pissed.

    I also had my sorcerer shop guy suddenly vanish, and I screwed up the spawn conditions of yet another NPC. The game needs at least 3 playthrus anyway to plat it by the looks of it, so no big deal. I will get all the NPCs in the next cycle, same as that covenant I missed.

    I went ahead and touched the bonfire. Turns out you can choose when to start NG+ in the same way as it was in DS2.
  • Down the elevator? Fucking terrible! Ugh that must have felt so bad. "You had things to tell me! Things to give me! Anything!" Fuck! That's a rotten streak of bad luck there.
  • I know. Many expletives were uttered. I tried to quit the game before it saved but it was so quick.

    Apparently if you don't talk to your NPCs in the Nexus they will bugger off and not come back.

    Did you find a giant spider in the Deep Cathedral? I read there's a ring in there guarded by a spider but damned if I can find it.
  • I did, I think. I mean, a nightmare version of a spider in a big square room. I did get a ring from him but it isn't really for me. I think it's either pyromancy enhancement or sorcery. Not sure which because I look at that, laugh, and shove it in my pockets.

    I'm sure its good as gold for pyromancers though...

    Got no progress yesterday thanks to a tornado coming through. Fuckin' sucked. Well, I take that back, I did manage to find the poison area. Shouldn't be too bad, but I can't figure out how to extinguish the fires. Didn't get enough time to explore it. 
  • I did get to the secret boss in Farron Keep, didn't even have to look too often. Hi there, Asylum Demon. Sorta. Got the covenant sorted, probably need to look up what it's actually for.

    Man those Abyss Watchers are a pain in my dick. They're glass cannons, but reliably stuff me before I can get going on them too much.
  • Hmmm, I can't remember ever fighting a spider. I remember lots of giants though. I'll have to go back for another look. Was it far off the trail or easy to find?

    The swamp fires are extinguished by 3 little bowls of fire you'll find around the map. You can easily miss them. You'll find little camps usually guarded by 2-3 dudes, you can't miss them as you always go up stairs to reach them, and then in the camp there will be a fire bowl. Just walk up to it and a prompt will appear. There's also a covenant and a secret boss in that area, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Hadn't seen that vamp.

    Just made an interesting discovery. There's a pyromancy spell called Persuasion or something like that. It can charm enemies and they will fight for you for a while, similar to the burial blade from Bloodborne only you don't have to be right next to the enemy you want to charm this time. It works on everything but bosses as far as I can tell from using it myself. Anyway, this charm also works on summoned NPC players. Hehehe. I was in a game with some poor chump and the invader used this spell on his summoned white NPC helper, and the host got stabbed and murdered by his own friend. Total "Et tu, Brute?" moment.

    This makes me wonder whether burial blades can do that in Bloodborne too.
  • I need the Souls! Less than two weeks for me still, boys.
  • Playthru 2 start! I smashed through the first 3 bosses like they were nothing. Now gathering my NPC army and this time nobody fell down any elevators so I got some new gestures and stuff. Hooray! It looks like some of the rings and spells can only be had through certain covenants so I'm going to have to do some invading once I get everything else done. Currently SL 125, 78 hours game time on record.

    I found the last covenant I was missing. And I also started a new character that I'm going to keep low level and invade the shit out of the Americans when they get the game in a week or so from now.
  • The different release dates sure make playing offline even more attractive. The hardcore are a slobbering pack of wolves right now. They've had enough time to do are their single player stuff and get a tiny bit bored.

    Probably going to start with the sorcerer, just to be able to arrow a few suckas, but probably build it into a mo re classic sword and shield design. Arrow for openers then circle and strike.
  • The sorcerer starts with 2 spells this time, the soul arrow and the fat soul arrow. Takes down the tutorial boss pretty quickly, but casting speeds seemed almost as slow as pyro, but at least the spells track a bit better.

    I maxed out Estus today. Flasks stop at 15, which you then have to split between healing and mana.

    2nd playthru is invasion hell right now. Lots of co-op going on, but the invaders have got their gear and covenants sorted, and now they are on the hunt. Gankers are everywhere too.
  • Start with heavy soul arrow? Part me wants to Party on Wayne! Part of me knows this means the difficulty is as bad as I think.
  • Went through the Deep Cathedral and did the whole place in one run, 3 invaders, lost 2 white phantom helpers, and stumbled upon the spider room I couldn't find before. It was right in front of me the whole time, I just kept going left instead of straight. Got my shiny ring now so that's done.

    As far as difficulty goes, yes, it's as hard as you think it is.
  • DS3 speedrun done for one intrepid soul, he finished it in 1:40:00. Not bad, apparently no sequence breaking either or glitches beyond item dupes. Interesting.
  • I guess if you dupe items it's doable. Most people spend their playtime exploring the maps. If you just duped everything and hit the story bosses I guess you could do it pretty quickly. Of course, killing the bosses would need some skill. Wait until people like Lobos start breaking the game and doing any% speedruns.I think the record for DS2 was something like 10 minutes.
  • Also, this is kinda dumb.


    Why bother with these embargoes now? People who used the Bone to get the English version ahead of time can stream to their heart's content, but the people who try to follow the embargo rules get fucked. Namco should just say "oops, we fucked up" and let it be. Punishing others for your mistakes is very dickish, especially when the only people who'll suffer from this are the honest ones at this point.

    I will also be buying the English version of the game and starting afresh with everyone else, so I'll be expecting some co-op this time around. No repeats of the Bloodborne fiasco gents.
  • Check this out

    Noobied by 1vampirelich
  • Spent most of the evening killing bosses and invading to level up in one of the covenants. I got the reward I was after, an invisibility ring, so now I have to change covenants and do it all again. It's looking like I will need to do at least 60 successful invasions to get the other covenant exclusive items. I also managed to screw up an NPC spawn yet again so it looks like I will get everything else in playthru 3.
  • From Software are going to have to give us a way to earn covenant rewards offline like in past Souls games. This is bullshit. I did the calculations and it looks like I'll need over 100 successful invasions to get the rewards for the trophies. Not only that, but the majority of those invasions are those automatic summons type like the Cat covenant in DS1, only it takes forever to get summoned, and of course if you lose, tough shit. This is going to be a massive PvP time sink that quite frankly, I'm not interested in. I like co-op and PvP, but I like to fight the good fight. Invading has never been my cup of tea. To add insult to injury, the covenant items required aren't even things I'd ever use myself.

    Might be best to wait for the Americans to go live. Maybe the summoning will be more frequent then.

    2nd playthru complete. Started on my 3rd to get the final ending. I know why the NPC I needed didn't spawn so no mistakes this time. I also need this NPC for gestures and spells. It's bizarre, this NPC is more likely to spawn for people who suck at the game.

    Currently hauling around 200 embers in my backpack, maxed out arsenal, and comfortable with my level, so death has little consequence anymore.

    I also made a little progress with my sorcerer character.

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