• The amount of sexual weirdness in that show is hard to quantify. Cannot wait for next season, and yes, there will be doggy style.
  • Yeah, apparently Westeros is the land of doggy style and violent thrusting.
  • More like Doctor Poo. Yeah, get rekt!
    Noobied by 1Manio
  • Legends of Tomorrow

    I like it, but probably would not recommend it. It is an extremely strange hodge podge. I do not just mean the mish mash of secondary ArrowVerse characters. The combination of genres attracts me, but it does not work seemlessly. It is Dirty Dozen meets Doctor Who meets Let's Kill Hitler. I love the goofy, but when this shit gets canceled, zero surprise.

    The Flash continues to make me happy. It nails that goofy 60s comic sensibility. It also has a lot of heart. Going from Gorilla Grodd to tear jerking family scene is not easy to pull off. The acting is good enough, and the writing is surprisingly ambitious. As always, fuck Arrow, that show shat the bed last season.

    Finally, Venture Bros season six just started. I am the only one here watching that, but I love it enough for all of us.
  • I watched the new X-files premier when it hit TV a week ago. I made it 45 minutes through. It was horrendous. I didn't watch the other episodes, which I hear are much, much better. But man, that first episode was a giant turd.
  • There are rumors that we might get season three of Young Justice on Netflix. I did not discover that show until after it's demise. It is quite good. It is on Netflix, so everyone should go give it a chance. Nolan North as Superboy, but Aqualad steals the show.
  • The only show I keep up on now is Its always Sunny in Philidelphia. The recent St. Paddy's day episode was pretty funny. Charlie and the paint. Well just Charlie in general really.
  • Venture Bros season six continues to be awesome. Warhol and the Factory reimagined as super villains. This show has more great one shot characters than most series have good characters. I can't believe I am the only one here watching this show. Hulu even has the old seasons. Dark Johny Quest vs every pop reference ever.
  • So far Daredevil season 2 is very good, but season 1 was better. Kingpin was a great villain with an arc, the Punisher is a one note Kratos gritty McAngrypants. Comic book stuff lives and dies with the villian and Punisher is dull. Maybe when Electra and The Hand show up, the season will get better for me. Only four episodes in.

    There are a few comic book movies that did not require a great villain. Deadpool was standup comedy with corpses, the villian did not matter, Iron Man had Robert Downey and a great origin story, Obidiah was pretty disposable. Mostly though, you are only as compelling as your foil.
  • I thought Jon Bernthal was the best version of Punisher we've had. I finished the Season yesterday. Differentstrokes for different folks I guess!
  • It is getting a lot better with more characters. More complex, by far, I love to see Wilson. Those first four episodes were too straight forward. Up through ten, hope it finishes strong.
  • Stars Wars: Fury of Maul trailer for Netflix is up and looks promising. If I just get a whole season of light sabre duels, that would be cool. After what Netflix did with humble properties like Jessica Jone, I have surprisingly high hopes. Everybody loved Maul before the shittiest Star Wars thing eveh, including the Christmas special. Be nice if they could get some milage out of him.

    Somebody is listening to me. Pluto TV is now on PS4. You should totally get it. It is mostly garbage but it is totally free. GOOMF on the Onion channel is hilarious the first time through, and how can you not love a Mystery Science Theater channel? Sometimes some MMA, perfect 2AM time killer.

    The final episode of season 2 of Daredevil was a bit dissapointing, but overall it was a very good season. Flash continues to be a fun goofball show. DC has one live action thing that allows fun, one.
  • Fury of Maul April Fools? Looks like they got me.
  • Fearless

    Just six episodes on Netflix. It follows a season of professional bull riding. Not a sport I ever cared about, but the series does a great job of encapsulating not just the clear insanity of the sport, but also the Brazillian culture that has come to dominate it. Way more interesting than I would have thought. Just one episode and you will know if you love it or hate it.

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