Extra HD Remakes
  • You played the game Keanu Reeves style, devoid of emotion and response to the bevy of characters big and small, male and female and everything in between, humping your leg the second you meet them. Fallout 4 might have won more awards if they had some super mutant tranny sex going on.
  • Unfortunately, flirt does pop up as an option with companions in Fallout 4, rarely. Unfortunately, ewwwwwwww does not pop up as a possibility.
  • Inquisition was better about romance than most of Mass Effect, with the exception maybe of the pro-human gal from 1 who they actually took their time developing but then Bioware decided she needed to look less homely or something and stuck her in a hospital.
  • I just want to see more PS2 HD releases even on PS4
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  • Yeah I feel like they should be focused more on older games. 
    Bumping last gen to PS4/XBone is cool, but I don't feel like it's as great, heck, if they'd wait a while longer, the tech would be even better.

    I was looking for Yakuza 1 and 2 and see that the second game cost a ton. I read that they're making an HD remake, which would be cool if true.

    I was under the impression that FallOut 4 let you sleep around a lot. (Jim Sterling went on about it.)

    Edit: some words.
  • I only completed Nick's story, because he is the best. He never came on to me, thank goodness. Preston wanted to flirt, not my thing. It may be in there, but it is a whole lot less in your face than Bioware. Bioware characters are two speech choices from naughtiness at all times. In Bioware games, I feel like you could turn a corner and catch sight of the bass player, waiting to fire up the bowwww chika bowww bowww at a moments notice.
  • When you max out your companion, if they're romanceable, you basically get a bonus every time you sleep in a bed. It's a temporary xp boost IIRC.
  • @Epke @NewAgeRed Completely agree with you about seeing PS2 re-releases than last gen. Like you said it is nice and all bringing a slightly improved last gen title to current gen, but does not seem as appealing or as fresh as to completely rework an older title that people may have missed out on for this new gen's tech.

    @Dr Flibble Slightly disagree with you about the Mass Effect games. The sleeping with companions etc. is completely over-emphasised in the games agreed, but not a component of the game that I found compelling or cared about. In the end I dont think they delivered on the potential ( and promises ) , I personally enjoyed the games for the story and setting. But yes much of the games are flawed in aspects.

    Currently playing through Dragon Age Inquisition and Bioware have really gone for it and done an awesome job with the semi - open world. I loved origins ( a game i only played thanks to noobtoob back in the day, one of many, thankyou for the umpteenth time Tobin and Yuzo ) which I feel Bioware have done more than justice finally.

    @NewAgeRed Yeah I saw Jim Sterling talk about sleeping around a lot in Fallout 4. But it is not really the sexual free for all as he made out lol, just an interesting angle for a youtube video i suppose, it is not a prominent aspect at all. I always enjoy his videos - one of my favourite youtubers. As @GoodEnoughForMe said its a temporary XP boost for going to sleep near them, not a Bioware style cinematic affair. Wonder if the multiplier increases if you have multiple partners? At least it contributes to the game mechanics slightly I suppose. Does that make it a worthy inclusion? I don't know, probably not. Fallout 4 is trying to do a lot of things at once ( too many in my opinion ) such as the minecraft style settlement building mechanics. It does a lot, but not always too well implemented or explained at all.
  • Bioshock collection, with all three, is rumored to be on the way for current gen.
  • @Dr Flibble

    I love Resident Evil 4, and 5 was pretty alright. I'd definitely pick up both, but probably shy away from 6.

    Really hoping it's true.
  • Resident Evil 4 is probably my favorite in the series, so seeing a remake would be nice. Only issue I have is that the Wii release of RE4 was better than any other platform since you could manually aim with the controller. The Gamecube and PS2 releases were fine, but anyone that has played it on the Wii knows what I'm talking about.

    Haven't played 6, but willing to give it a try. I have no interest in RE5.

    Would you pin them as download only? I won't pay full price for any if they're coming out separately, and I doubt they'd release a hard copy with a reduced price.
  • They will be $20 each, and from what I read so far, they will have a physical release in the US, but I haven't heard for other regions. Of course they will be available worldwide on PSN. The releases are staggered too, RE6 in March, RE5 after that, then RE4 late year.

    Why the lack of interest in RE5 Juic3? If you didn't like RE5, I can't see RE6 doing it for you.
  • $20 for a remake is solid.

    I played through and beat RE5 several times just to unlock the "Infinite" weapons as I did in RE4, so I don't pin it as a bad game. It had great bosses, but to me, I don't remember the environment being as ominous as I have gotten used to seeing from survival horror games.

    I had lasting impressions the first time I encountered Del Lago, El Gigante, and the Chainsaw Man/Women from RE4. Can't say RE5 was as memorable. 
  • Do any of you know if this is a remake or if it's a polished up port? Any new stuff?
    I've only played RE1 on the first Playstation .. >_>
  • Just a port, Red.
  • RE5 is the stupidest fun game ever.
  • I will buy both the Bioshock collection and Arkham collection.... when they drop to twenty dollars.
  • I'll probably do the same. I hope they take the multiplayer and related trophies out of Bioshock 2 though. They were a pain to get.
  • I may pick up the Bioshock collection immediately. I have no urge to play Arkham again.
  • I'll definitely get the Bioshock collection, purely to replay Bioshock and see if they make any updates to some of the mechanics in Infinite. 

    Bioshock alone is worth it. "A man chooses, a slave obeys."
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  • Forgot about Skyrim

  • I have probably spent more hours in Skyrim than any other modern game. I feel done. My guess is I reflexively buy it at twenty and never open it.

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