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    Noob's Choice 2014 Winner - Destiny

    Sometimes we get so excited about a video-game, only to be majorly disappointed. Which title in 2015 broke your heart the most?

    And, go vote!
    Noobied by 1zebure
  • Pro Evo 2016.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront

    I get to play about 10 hours of the full game through EA Access. The game just feels super empty for something like this, and there's just not much to come back to. Only having fun with one or two gamemodes, and the gunplay just isn't that great.

    If you loved previous Battlefront games you won't dig this one.
  • Slimmed down games for full game prices seems to be the trend these days
  • @Epke

    EA just announced 16 more maps if you buy their overpriced season pass. It feels like the game only has 4 maps, but split into chunks for smaller modes. Bleg
  • My Vote go to halo 5 guardians( And this is comming from someone that have alll Halo games)
    EA i know that their games can be slightly disappointing. But studio 343 is a completely diffrent story.

    The game's multiplayer was good, however, the game could have been done without mictrotransationer. what made that game felt disappoiting, was that the game lacked co-op mode, Short Story (4h) Which was also thin, repetitive bosses, and what happened to find the truth, and as well as the Master Chief would be turned against Locke?

    Good game, but is absolutely one of the weaker parts in the Halo series.

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