(Multi) Fallout 4
  • I have purchased the game, thusly, as always, my authoritative and exultant opinion will be unleashed upon the masses over the coming days.
  • Fallout 4,I tried it.  awesome.
    Another game,Pirate King, it is worth recommended.

  • Still doing little chunks. I love it but it is very samey so far. Skyrim was such a big jump from Oblivion. This feels more like they just wanted to build on a grand success. I made some beds, not exciting. Maybe I will get into the buildy stuff when we get to the tower defense sub game. I dunno, still have not played enough to much of anything. I have heard the urban landscape is way less like a series of alleys and loading screens. Here's hoping. I do just love killing raiders and scaving. I just love it.
  • I played an hour last night. The UI definitely takes its cues from the console-friendly Skyrim, it is not really friendly to keyboard and mouse at times. It is weird that the story so far is the same as 3, except inverted. The shooting feels better than 3 and NV. The end of the overwhelming muted colour scheme is nice, too, it's a much prettier and still desolate landscape.
  • I'm 10.5 hours in. Played a fair bit of the story with a little roaming. I have had no jank.

    The only annoying moment was when my companion. Nick. Shot two guys who I was supposed to foe fight with another fella to help him build his confidence. But all turned out well because that led into another quest where the dudes who we had killed gang came after us.

    The base building seems aimless and unnecessary. I just don't see the point and yeah the shootings better but by no means should you try and play this like a shooter it just won't go well.

    But all in all I like the game and I really wish I wasn't at work so I could play it now.
  • Why do I need to save Shaun again? I did that in Heavy Rain already.
  • Wait till telltale do a FIFA story game and you play as Ian Wright and have to save Shaun Wright-Phillips from a career of obscurity in the MLS.
    Noobied by 2amardilo Dr Flibble
  • @nutta27 I now want to see a Telltale FIFA game!
  • Westsw, I get the feeling that's what they were going for, and I get the feeling reviewers who expected just more Fallout are happy, while the ones hoping for the second coming of Christ are disappointed.

    I've been watching Cohh stream it nightly after I get home from work and while I grind through Borderlands again. It looks OK to me.

    A Telltale FIFA game has great comic potential, but it would be a tough game to make appealing to people in all regions. They'd have to do Telltale FIFA World Cup Soccer or something like that, use all the big names everyone knows, use all the countries they want to get sales in, and throw in some fun side stories (play as a bureaucrat trying to bribe a FIFA official and then have Ronaldo kick the shit out of him in the parking lot afterwards or something like that. Or have Pele and Maradona have a cocktail fight over Beckham who they've both drunkenly mistaken for a woman). Licensing for it would likely be a nightmare, but that's not my problem.
  • First actually challenging raider base. Gonna get that gun nut perk because crafting is muay importante. Just putting a scope on your gun makes a big difference. I recommend scoping the laser musket and saving it for special occasions. It really looks like adhesive is the bottleneck, so pick your crafting carefully. I still do not have a good feel for the rules on power armor, but I did have to do the minigun walking tank thang to clear the factory. I do not see myself going in for the local leader perk for quite some time. Probably after hour 100, this will turn into a craft fest dollhouse construction game for me. God knows I went down the craft hole with Skyrim.
  • OK I am rolling with the dog. The dog does not judge. Other companions cannot stop commenting on scaving. I want the response option where I say, " Bitch, this is Fallout and you and I will be hoovering up most things my reticle touches! Now carry this hundred pounds of garbage."
  • Everyone can build these amazing settlements in Fallout 4, and all I can build is some tin can with a bath in it.
  • The base building isn't very well done. Walking around salvaging everything in site - and there's a lot - is a real time sink and hardly compelling to do. The mode also badly needs an overhead camera view.
  • Brotherhood of Steel ahoy. I also ODed somebody and I feel bad about it. Not bad enough to load a save, but yah know.
  • I haven't done much in the way of building. I demolished a house and put my dog house and all my benches in its Lott. I fast travel back there ring a bell wen I want to change companion. Sorted it's all about ease for me. I'm not here to play house I want to get my kid back.

    And maybe if I can turn some water pumps on for a group of android gardeners then why not. I mean I'm in no rush right. Who knows how long Shaun has been gone.
  • I am now over 10 hours in, and have played enough to have a few companions, done part of the story, and do some sidequests. This is a such a weird game because it is flawed in ways that it didn't have to be flawed in.

    For instance, Besthesda RPGs have always had a plethora of stuff to pick up, down to silverware on tables and all kinds of junk, but there was really never a gameplay motivation to picking all that crap up. It was cheap and hardly worth the time and effort. And while it still is, sort of, the new gameplay solution for all this junk is that it also contributes now to the rabid collection of materials you'll need if you want to deck out the multitude of settlements that you can acquire. And there's so, so much. Inventory space for me has been a constant losing battle, what with me liking to keep different weapons to play with and different armor for different damage types. Even with a companion, I am finding myself getting hundreds and hundreds of 'pounds' of items from some of the quests, many of which consist of large structures chock full of goodies that if nothing else, I can sell for 15, 25, 50 caps.

    As alluded to earlier, the settlement building gameplay is a mess. Walking around salvaging all kinds of stuff is boring, and building a small village from the perspective of your character, and not an overhead view, is more frustrating than rewarding. The one silver lining is that mods on PC will fix this. The game would have been tighter and more RPG-y if they scratched this and just really went to town on the armor and weapon and item crafting system, which is much more intuitive and Skyrim-y and perfectly acceptable.

    As for the more Fallout aspects of Fallout, the abandoning of the greens and browns of previous games is wonderful, as the more natural landscape of Boston makes it feel even more desolate now, what with the ways nature has taken hold, how the night sky is unimpeded by the light noise of civilization prior; it's all a bit more real and in turn apocalyptic.

    The shooting is better, definitely, particularly at close range (I'm finding shotguns actually a really fun way to play), but long range shot fests seem a bit more janky, particularly when trying to be exacting. The game also is not friendly to melee, what with enemies frequently being on second or third floors and shooting down at you on the street below. Given how prominent shooting has become, it might make sense for - and I hate to say this - some sort of rudimentary cover system in future games. Either that or peel back the combat a bit.

    Speaking of combat, the whole power armor thing is dumb. You get it super early. I used it once when required and have not since. Walking around in a bigass suit of armor wielding a minigun raining death on people isn't Fallout. Scrounging for ammo and being selective is.

    The game world isn't particularly big, certainly no bigger than 3 or NV, which is a bit of a letdown. It is more dense and vertical. I do not particularly care for vertical in games, as games rarely handle it well from a mapping and quest perspective, and it's easier to get turned around. The quest marker telling you if something is higher or lower is nice. The density of the game however is excellent. There are still buildings you can't go in, but there are fewer, and areas with people, good or bad, seem more alive.

    The entirety of sound is great, although the main city's radio station is very, very quickly repetitive. The in-game music is top notch, the repeating theme is always used well, and the voice acting is great, with natural sounding dialogue, other than a few bad attempts at Boston accents. The echo of gun shots in the distance, the yells of combatants, it's improved immensely from previous games in how tangible and real it sounds. 

    Speaking of the main city, it's cool. It's sloppy and neon and very noir-ish. Dig it.

    Enemies seems faster to me, all of them. Molerats burrow up from the ground to surprise you, ghouls are on steroids, bears charge, I don't know, it just feels like there is less time to react, and it's welcome. This game can get hard in a hurry. I was walking through one area and trying to sneak by some bandits on rafters up above, only to get blasted and one hit killed by a dude with a rocket launcher. Will have to come back to it. I remember, at least in 3, as long as you found a badass weapon you could usually cheese your way through stuff.

    Companions make for great dialogue and tie you into the world more, but they can be a clusterfuck in combat. It is strange that they seem worse than in Skyrim in pathing. Last night, I went into VATS (which I am finding relatively useless, as it no longer pauses) and selected an enemy's head 4 times. Two shots (and two misses into it) my companion, bless her heart, walked directly in front of me, and suddenly it was her head in the firing range, and yes, friendly fire is real (both from you and companion - although there is a perk to stop it). More Bethesda weirdness I have had involved having an AI approach me, start up a conversation, but continue walking, which canceled the conversation once he got far enough away, and also my dog aggroing some two-headed deer and running away from the base he was supposed to be sniffing around in.

    The story itself is simple but conducive to wanting to further it, with a creepy, shadowy organization lurking around. What is sadly lacking is your choices making much of any difference. Really, the only thing they do is change approval or disapproval from companions, and a maxed approval grants them a special perk. But it's no Bioware or Obsidian.

    I feel like I've said way more bad than good, but this still remains a fun game to explore, and the production values are far and away Bethesda's best. The annoyances don't get in the way too much of the fundamental --> get quest --> travel --> explore --> kill stuff routine, which is well done, but the ancillary stuff all feels half-baked at best, quarter-baked at worst, and I would have loved a bigger world and less junk collecting. 

    But it does feel really good to shotgun a few ghouls as they leap at you.
  • I just did the mission where you have to take back the castle for the minute men.

    I was getting smashed by the boss at the end so I ran the fuck away. Fast traveled back to sanctuary. Picked up my power armour and crushed that oversized crab. Well shot it a lot of times with a mini gun.

    I like how the power armour has become a. Well this is gonna be hard. Time to pull out the big guns (literally).

    Unfortunately the armour is a little worse for wear at the minute so if I need it again anytime soon I'm a little screwed.
  • @Sunflower 

    Maybe I'm wrong, but didn't you love Fallout 3?
  • I did love Fallout 3, a lot. I expected a hell of a lot more. Two of my most recent saves are corrupt, putting me back about 4 hours. It's been disappointment after disappointment for me. I keep plugging away to try to find some compelling stuff, but I dunno if there is any. It's ok, it's not for everyone.
  • Lost saves suck. I have never had to deal with that level of Bethesda bullshit. This game has many bugs and questionable design decisions. It is not anywhere near as ambitious as the Oblivion Skyrim jump was. It is far from perfect, and also the only thing I want to play. Bethesda and Rockstar just give you a whole world to get lost in. My jobby job has plenty of gritty grit in it, so the GTA world is not my fave.

    Currently focusing on the brotherhood and my tricked out laser rifle. I always thought laser rifles sucked in Fallout 3, even dee wazer wifle; but this gift of the brotherhood is the best thing I got going. Even tricked out to set people on fire. I should not like setting people and wildlife on fire this much.
  • I suspect a lot will be added in future DLC's. A lot of AAA games are only one A and you pay for the other A's as the DLC trickle down.
  • The next Mario game will only have worlds 1-4 on the retail disc. Worlds 5 and 6 will be in DLC pack 1 released 3 months after launch, and worlds 7 and 8 will be in DLC pack 2 released 3 months after DLC pack 1. Microtransactions will allow the player to pay real money for power up cards in game, which are 1 use only, and allow Mario to transform into big Mario, penguin Mario, fireball Mario, and so on. For $2.99 each the player can also unlock alternate costumes for each character in costume packs, including schoolgirl Peach and BDSM Bowser, and for $4.99 the player can purchase a special emote pack which will give Mario the ability to say stupid shit like "It's a me-a, Mario" or do a backflip. For a limited time only selected Mountain Dew cans will come with a code that unlocks Luigi in game, and will be the only way to ever unlock Luigi.
  • There is plenty of content in Fallout 4. That is not the issue. I think it is a fantastic game AND also wish it were better. Maybe like Uncharted 3, where the game was clearly great, but the jump in quality from 1 to 2 had been so much more impressive.

    I think this is another instance where expectations were so high maybe nothing could have satisfied. I still think Bioshock 2 is massively underrated (especially the Minerva DLC) and all that was, was more Bioshock, and I fucking love Bioshock. I had low expectations for Bioshock 2, and they were exceeded. I had Skyrim high ambitions for Fallout 4, and it did not make that kind of leap.

    In conclusion, I love playing Fallout 4, AND much of the criticism is totally valid. If you hated Fallout 3, stay away, AND seek help.
  • There are small things that are annoying I'm stumbling upon. You can take companions on a story quest but they'll still talk in the cutscenes as if they weren't there. It's fairly obvious there were no changes in dialogue recorded and it seems like the scenes would make more sense if one were traveling alone. I took a companion on a quest and killed my target, and after we returned to town, my companion was surprised that my target was dead and surprised who they were working for, even though my target told the two of us before the fight. 

  • Oh shit, frame rate is dropping. I was worried things might change when the save file size passed a certain point. Vegas and 3 could both get wackier when you got deep into the game. I do not recall that being as much of an issue on Skyrim. I hope this does head into janky unplayable land.

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