• My favorite show starts again next month. I love Doctor Who.
  • @Manio what are your thoughts of the current Dr the scope of the shows don't seem as grand as smiths and he doesn't bring the comedy factor tennant did.

    But saying that his sarcasm and attitude interests me quite a bit.
  • I like the current Doctor being kind of a mean old man. After two goofy Doctors, his attitude of all these less-than-1000-year-olds need to get off my lawn is a welcome change. Live it up, the next one will not be a white guy.

    Hey, that's makes me think of Rick and Morty as a very very dark Doctor Who. The Doctor as a complete and total asshole, who regards the companion as a stupid tool.
  • They're going back to what the Doctor needed to be. An older fellow that wasn't romanticized, or sexualized. Peter Capaldi is the best we've had in the reboot of the series. Smith still holds a special place in my heart, Tennant sort of bothered me, but Capaldi is glorious.

    Bring on Series 9.

  • Smith's fish fingers and custard opening was so damn charming. Best intro of a Doctor ever. I think 5 had the best death. 4 is going to do voice work in a Star Wars film, which feels like Sulu on Game of Thrones, just weird.
  • Narcos on Netflix is good, not Rick and Morty good, but totally worth checking out. Netflix is just on it, this streak cannot continue.
  • I just watched the series finale for Hannibal and I'm super bummed. 
  • Big Trouble in Little Sanchez is such a good episode of Rick and Morty.  I got a little worried with the Get Schwifty episode, it was the first one with a drop in quality, from my perspective.  The humor and darkness are top notch, but the scifi gets wonderfully more deep than it ever really needs to.  Its greatest strength is how it just runs with whatever theme it has, be it physics or emotion.  It gets a long long way in 22 minutes.  Thanks Newage.
  • Just watched it. 
    "Guess it's back to the drawing board." o_O
  • "They're codependent!!!"
  • Binging all of Doctor Who's revived series to prepare for Series 9 on Saturday. I'm pretty excited. Also, the Season 2 trailer for The Flash has me excited. We get some Jay Garrick action.

    Not to mention we're totally getting Edge (ex-pro wrestler) in the Season as well, playing Atom Smasher. Stoked!
  • Flash season 1 was fun.  First DC thing to escape batman/gothygothland in quite some time.  Totally looking forward to season 2.
  • The Doctor Who opener broke a lot of rules. Moffat is playing with all his favorite toys. Missy is a great character, that actress does the psycho thing better than many versions of the Joker. Unsatisfying, it all ended feeling like a giant cool trailer. All this darkness remains refreshing, however.
  • Has anyone been watching the Heroes Reborn mini series that started last week. Is it any good?

    A fresh take on in that universe could be pretty interesting. I'd hope that we see some recurring characters though. Heroes wouldn't be the same without Hiro Nakamura.
  • Rick and Morty season 2 is done.. "uwee, tune in next time, in about a year and a half, or more.." -_-
  • Doctor Who Series 9 continues to be amazing. Capaldi is pefect.

    The Flash Season 2 premiere felt kind of rushed? Like, it felt more like a conclusion to the finale from last season.

    Arrow Season 4 premiere was still...well, nothing too good. I'm hoping this season makes up for the atrocity that was Season 3. This season will be the one that determines if I keep watching, or stop watching.
  • Flash was not a  premiere, it was a denouement.  Still good.

    Fuck Arrow
  • Super Mansions is nothing special. Pass

    The new Muppet show is component, it just is not what I want. It is The Larry Sanders show, now with Muppets. This is garlic and chocolate, two things I love, that do not go together. I love hopeful Muppets, not cynical ones. If you ever want your head to explode, watch Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles. Those are some sick muppets.
  • I'm so bad at TV, find most of it unenjoyable and even when I find it enjoyable, my patience wears thin at about 50 episodes. Over the last 10 weeks I've been making my way through X-Files. Almost done with season 2. Not exactly a torrid pace. Love the show, think it's great. Also think it's wearing out its welcome. I can't imagine all 8 or 9 seasons or whatever it is. How many times do I have to see Muller and Scully in danger when I know they won't die? Introduce some risks for other characters that we get to know but can get killed off. I don't know. I'm horribly 80s in regards to TV, think it's all crap mostly. Netflix is mostly about movies for me. I have some guilty pleasures on TV, I own the first couple seasons of One Tree Hill, Prison Break, Smallville, and Heroes, I watched those back in the day, have no idea if I could sit through them now. Obviously watched a ton of anime. But ugh. I tried Bojack Horseman, didn't really like it. Twin Peaks, burnt out in the first episode, but then again I'm not a Lynch fan. 

    I do wish Brooklyn 99 was on Netflix. Saw the first two episodes and it was funny. The Office was great at its peak. Oh hey I only watched the first season of that, even though I loved it. I'm noticing a pattern. If someone tells me I have to watch Game of Thrones I'll probably tell them I'm more likely to skydive while dropping acid. Groovy.
  • Game Of Thrones is great. Great. Good. Great.

    Brooklyn 99 has to be one of the funniest shows out there right now. Luckily, it's out on Netflix here in Canada. Which reminds me I need to go binge the rest of Season 2.

    S02E02 of The Flash last night was great. The whole Earth-2 stuff is fun and seeing Jay Garrick on screen with Barry Allen was cool. The episode had some super corn-fest moments but I had fun watching it. I'm sorry Arrow, but this show is so much better right now.

  • The Man in the High Tower

    Amazon did a pilot for this a while ago, and it was about as promising as pilots get.  The just spooled out the second episode and I am so in.  Ten more episodes in November.  This is from the Philip K. Dick novel, of course, where the Allies lose the war.  I hope they take liberties with the source material.  PDK had more ideas than anybody, but also got more first drafts published than anybody.  Amphetamines plus genius will do that I guess.

    It is amazing how many "core" science fiction premises are very hard to actually make work.  Having the Nazis win the war and make it to American soil is hard to imagine, even if America had had very very poor leadership.  Once Hitler invaded Russia, it is hard to see him winning.  David Brin did a great short story on the subject, where Hitler literally needed magic to win.  I suppose the simplest solution would be for Germany to get the bomb, and not the US, but that takes a major rework of scientific history.  Heisenberg was nowhere close, and dozens of Jews were involved, so good luck Hans.  Interestingly, alternate history scifi does not start with Nazi victory books, but with the Confederacy winning the Civil War books.  Lot of delusional billhillies out there.  That is even harder to imagine, and somehow even darker.

    The basic alien invasion premise is hard to work for the humans to even have a chance.  They can just drop asteroids on us, peace out.  Independence Day is fun, but extremely stupid.  Larry Niven's Footfall is a great version of this premise.

    Flash is pretty good.  The only live action thing DC has done with any sense of fun.  Wonderfully goofy, classic sixties comics.  Get ready for Warner Bros dark broody mcangrypants movies.  Might be watchable, but they are shitting the bed.
  • I really want to see the Man in the High Castle but I don't think it's on Amazon Japan. I may have to find it by alternative means.

    I think the simplest way to have a Hitler winning the war scenario would be to have him "not" attack Russia. Or at least delay the move a bit. Even a weak Russia is dangerous as Hitler should have bloody well known since he had the examples set by the French under Napoleon and the Swedes under Charles to look at as a reference. And in the end Hitler walked into the same trap. He sent his men off to die at the hands of Mother Nature. Dickhead!

    History is full of rich potential what if scenarios, and most of them are untapped.
  • World War I was way more touch and go, and of course set up all the players for WWII.

    Here is that David Brin Story.

    http://will.tip.dhappy.org/blog/Compression Trees/.../book/by/David Brin/Thor Meets Captain America/David Brin - Thor Meets Captain America.html
  • Star Trek is coming back to TV.

    Fucking exciting. Granted it's not until 2017, and it will online with CBS. Kind of like season of Community on Yahoo or Powers on Sony. Maybe a good show, but it will not change the fortunes of the service.

    Trek has a simple timeless formula. Journey to distant worlds to describe current social issues. Have a feeling religion is going to be more of an issue this time around...
  • It's pretty huge to see Star Trek coming back to television. I'm all ears, or eyes, or whatever.

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