Noob's Choice Awards 2015: I Need Better/New Category Ideas
  • So, I'm organizing the Noob's Choice Awards again this year (starts during the last few weeks of November and ends the last week of December). Anyone got ideas for new categories/better categories?

    The current categories stand as:

    • Game Of The Year
    • Worst Game Of The Year (Still love this one)
    • Most Surprising Game
    • Most Disappointing Game
    • Most Anticipated Game Of 2016
    • Best Sequel
    • Best Add-On/Expansion
    • Best Use Of Music
    • Best Graphics
    • Best Indie Game
    • Best Handheld Game
    • Best Remake/Reboot
    • Best New IP
    • Best Story
    • Best Co-Operative Experience
    • Best Competitive Experience
    • Best New Mechanic * New Suggestion
    • Best Free To Play
    • Best New Character
    • Worst Company / Developer * New Suggestion
    • Best YouTube Personality / Twitch Personality
    Those are the current categories. Got any suggestions?
  • The topics seem solid. Instead of best soundtrack wouldn't best use of music be a better category. That will include stuff like the new metal gear solid game where I'm not sure the soundtrack is amazing but the way they use the music is kinda great. Your Walkman/ tape players around the camps (of which you can take the Tapes to use later.
  • Best New Mechanic?

    Best game that is not Fallout 4 cuz Fallout 4 is gonna win all the good stuff and there has to be something for everybody else

    Fallout 4 may win a Pulitzer, despite not being eligible.
  • Yeah get rid of non-traditional controls and just go with new mechanic like west suggested.

    While I'm a bit of a minimalist and would rather streamline the categories more, if you want to expand you could possibly expand it out by including more worst categories or include the industry as a whole. Best fraudulent advertising, Best DLC milking, Best food/beverage tie-in, Most egregious insult to customer intelligence, you know? Stuff like that. Of course this year Fallout 4 will win most of these, but Destiny may take the sloppy seconds.
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  • Bloodborne better win something! And I'll take all these suggestions into account. Thanks lads :)
  • Worst Konami of the Year? Because fuck Konami.
  • Worst Company/Developer could be fun.
  • Konami would win by a landslide if you did it this year. Even the Destiny fuckery is but a poo pellet swirling in the vortex of the shitstorm unleashed by Konami.
  • Alright lads, ladettes, phantoms, and summons. The Noob's Choice Awards this year are going to run from November 1st-December 21st so the time-frame will be a bit more opened up and allow people to take their time voting this time around.

    As a rule (which I'll post in the official Noob's Choice 2015 threads) you can vote for any game that released in 2015, and I'll be also allowing Early Access games as well that came out this year. This means, for example (these votes aren't mine, but examples of what's okay):

    - Game Of The Year: Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin

    Since it dropped in 2015, and is more than just a simple remaster of the first game since it added new mechanics, enemies, gameplay, etc. Games such as Shovel Knight which had an Xbox One release of 2015 can be voted for in multiple categories, but must be judged only on the Xbox One version and whatever other version dropped in 2015. Some more changes are in a bullet list below :)

    • Instead of using graphics to announce winners, I'll create a video for every category along with the graphics so people don't have to watch the video, but can if they wish to. Feels like it'll be more streamlined and accessible this way.
    • Best Use Of Non-Traditional Controls has been removed and replaced with Best New Mechanic.
    • Worst Company/Developer has been added. I think we all know who takes this award home already.
    • Voting for Best New IP needs to be a fresh, new IP. Raising this point since Alien Isolation won the category last year. It was a solid game yes, but not exactly a new property.
    • The Indie Game category works for every platform. PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Handhelds, Mobile, etc. There's a lot to go for in this category.
    • Co-op/Competitve will continue to remain separate. 
    • Since we have Worst Company/Developer there will also be a category for Best Developer/Company. Gotta even the scales out there.
    • Voting will start November 1st and run until December 21st.
    • Please vote. You shouldn't complain about the results if you didn't vote in the awards :)
    And that's about it. If anyone has more suggestions or things that should be changed about the awards let me know.

  • Most of the games I've bought this year are of a niche genre/category.
    Highly doubt the games I've played are ones that the current noobtoobers are ones they've even heard of.

    I've been a bit out of touch with all the Triple A games titles.
    This year has been all indie titles and rhythm games for me.
  • @SpaceOfSoul wins the award for most hipster post in this forum EVER!!!!
  • Would a game like Rare Replay count in the Best Remake/Reboot category?

    Also what is considered a new mechanic? Could some of the base/home defense stuff added into Fallout 4 be considered (not saying it will be great just wondering if a added on feature can be counted)?
  • How about best FIFA game?
  • @amardilo

    I think Rare Replay could count, yeah.

    Sorry buddy <3
  • @AshGooner PES is solid this year, deffo at least check it out.
  • Just letting you guys know that 
    • Voting will start November 1st and run until December 21st.

    So, that way people can play all of them new releases before the voting ends. Same as before, multiple categories, etc. Then on December 22nd the results get posted and we'll find out what games ya'll picked.
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  • This is just a random thought, but how about best game channel / streamer or something like that? Since NoobToob is dead and out of the running, people would have to nominate something or someone else.

    edit: Good on you for doing this again dude. 
  • Alright, so voting begins in a little over a day. Just in time for all of those releases coming out in November, as well as some releases for December, but I can only think of one. 

    @Dr Flibble

    Cool. I'll add that in. Should be neat to see what people watch now that we no longer have a consistent NT presence.

    EDIT: Instead of making separate threads per category, they are all going to be grouped into one thread unless there's a way to sub-topics, but we'll see.

  • Ash will have to post 20 times in the one megathread to make up for missed opportunities to name Fifa.
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  • @sloth

    Any chance you could make a 2015 Noob's choice Awards category? I can't figure out how to do it for the life of me.
  • Needs an extra category for best Noob's Choice Awards 2015 troll Ashgooner for posting Fifa 16 in every thread :P 
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