Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 27/07/15
  • Writing this while on a business trip, staying in a hotel in the Midlands of England (where complete strangers will think nothing of calling you 'My Lovely', I feel quite special).  The hotel I'm in is just next door to the airport for the area and just down the road from Donnington race course, so imagine you can hear planes taking off as you're reading this and you're pretty much there...

    (360) Red Dead Redemption This game has charisma out the wazzoo, but it isn't quite grabbing me just yet.  I'm not sure I've become fully invested in John Marston as a character either, which might be contributing to my overall sense of 'so what'?  The fact I can only ever grab half an hour at the end of the night to sink time into it probably isn't helping - really want to give this a decent run and a fair shot at getting under my skin.

    (360) FIFA14 Won just about every competition that was available in the previous season and, as the new season has rolled over into the Summer Transfer Window, I've been able to strengthen in just about every position in the team while offloading some dead wood.  This year's graduates from the youth team look to be some potential superstars and having finally done some reading on the concept of Regens (procedurally-generated recreations of important players who have retired the previous year and who have the potential to match their stats) I've recruited the regenerated Didier Drogba and Andrea Pirlo.  The former has come in to be support striker to Anthony Martial and Romelo Lukaku who were both 20+ goals per season men last year, the latter appears to be a complete monster with insane sprinting and passing stats and a deadly right foot - he's a keeper!  I've also put feelers out to try and recruit the regen'd Francesco Totti and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, both of whom look even crazier than my two new guys.  Unsurprisingly, their teams don't seem too keen to sell...

    OK, that's it from me.  These room service beers have finally got to me and I need to hit the hay.  Cheerio!
  • Helldivers - Played a few missions.

    Bloodborne - Killed a few fools, ran a few dungeons.

    And I think that's all she wrote this week.
  • Still not finding much gaming time. I am trying to keep to my 2 matches of Rocket League a night and so far it seems to be going well. I decided to check out ranked matches and if I do say so myself I am doing pretty well. I have a positive rank anyway.

    I have also been trying to get myself into WWE 2K15. I heard this year they had gone back to the old school smack down story mode. So far I'm intrigued. I'm not sure I'm having fun but is interesting creating a wrestler building him up in developmental and having a shot at the NXT Championship (I lost) against Neville. I haven't seen any old school make a choice cut scenes yet like in the old smackdown games. Most of the story has come from William Regal text bubbles before matches but. Yeah I dunno. I guess I'm still playing it right.

    Apart from that I hooked my Apple TV up through my Xbox one (it's the first time it's been turned on in a while) to save HDMI ports. That's about it.
  • (Xbox One) Witcher 3 - Just hit level 12 and planning on doing more side missions. I'm really getting into this game. I like the fact that a lot of the quests don't have a good or bad outcome and I'm less worried about trying to get certain outcomes so I can get the "good" ending. Instead I'm just going with what option seems like the right choice at the time.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - I'm getting more used to the changes made in the Spring Patch a few months ago... just in time for the Summer Patch.
  • Destiny (PS4) - Doing all ze bounties! (Trying to proc my last Exotic bounty) Also got Gjallerhorn recently woo!

    World of Warcraft (PC) - A new patch has gone live fairly recently, so I've been daily-spamming on as many characters as I can bear, mixed in with some pet battles for good measure! 

    Lego Batman 3 (PS4) - Is a game I've been playing as something to play with my partner, just got the platinum for it, next on the list is Lego Jurassic World :D 
  • Trine 2 (PC) -- Came back to this with @Winsord and @Xero560. We're very close to finishing it after a long absence. It's a fun co-op game. We're playing on hardcore mode. Lots of laughs and challenging jumps and good stuff. No idea what the fuck the story is about anymore but who cares.

    Rocket League (PC) -- Played some with @AshGooner. Pretty fun. Would love to see them tweak it up with maybe different arenas and powerups and other small edits. The server lag is pretty bad right now. But the 2 v 2 gameplay is solid and and satisfying. I'm not very good right now.
  • Trying to finish Batman. Noodling around with Bastion.
  • With me going back to work after my leave of absence, haven't had much time to game.

    Final fantasy XIV, decided to take it easy and level up some other side classes.
    Took on the role of a Botanist, and it turned out to be a really fun class.
    Got myself to level 20 for botanist. Might take up culinarian next.
  • OK, I haven't had much time for games and after beating Godzilla (PS4) I had no idea what to play next so I played a number of different games and made 0 progress in any of them.

    DK64 (WiiUVC)
    and some others I didn't even play long enough to recall what they were now. ;P

    I did start The Evil Within (PS4) and I beat the 2nd chapter, but I really don't have time for this presently, so its probably going back on the shelf for a bit. Silly since I just bought the Season Pass this past weekend when it was cheap.

    I probably will not have much time for any games this week, b/c in my free time I've been watching Summer Games Done Quick. ;)

  • Terraria (PC)

    Dipping back into this because of 1.3, been playing a bit with some friends, and dipped onto @NewAgeRed's server for a bit, and got my ass effectively kicked. I've finally gotten to Hardmode on my own single-player world, and have sunk about 35 hours into this game as a whole. It's more fun than Minecraft, and for some reason nobody plays Starbound anymore which bums me out. Are the devs even working on it anymore?

    I'm also in the process of getting ready to play Deadly Premonition on Steam but it keeps crashing. I really need to check it out.
  • Wow, it has been a while since I've been on the forums, but I guess this is a good place to start again.

    Icewind Dale:EE (PC)

    I missed out when it first came out but really enjoying it now. Running a party of 5 and trying to roleplay it as much as possible. My party is a Dwarven Defender and a cleric/ranger up front, Wizard and sneaky Thief/warrior for ranged and a bard as support. Just (possibly) at the end of the snake temple. The main tactic is giving the Dwarf a ring of free movement, then making him berserk and casting web spells all over the place.
    Great old fashioned D&D fun.

    Dark Souls 2 (360)

    I've not had much time to play over the past year but still managed to sink 50 hours into DS2. The slow methodical pace of the game really suits me. It also helps that whenever I finish a section I watch the SBFP DS2 playthough to compare and contrast. I've just finished the undead crypt and (no spoilers) the section at the end is some real nice subtle story telling.
    My friend and I created a Gaming Podcast in inspiration from noobtoob. Would be greatly appreciated if anyone watched and gave feedback.Thanks! YOW!!!

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