Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 18/05/15
  • OK then, let's see if we can start this week without either me or @vampirelich summoning C'thulhu ;-)

    (360) Bastion I was confused (largely due to my significant other speaking over what little dialogue there is in the early game), then I was unconvinced ("You're going to need to give me a little more if I'm going to start caring about this world you've created, game") and now I'm finally fully on board.

    I love the combat in this game and I've barely begun to explore all the weapon options or upgrades, and the hints of back story and world history that come across in some of the more detailed sections of dialogue (when you take a huff on the pipe for the first time, for example) are enough to make me want to know more.  Of course, it looks beautiful too.

    Now, can I finish it before I go away on holiday for a week?  I'll answer that one for you - no.

    (360) FIFA14 Maybe I would've finished Bastion if I hadn't dipped back into this for a handful of games, but as the English football season winds down, all the talk has been of what clubs are going to do to rebuild/strengthen over the summer.  That got me thinking about how I had built up this squad of exciting young players in my second career managing Blackpool, so I wanted to go back in and get that team a little further.  This time, I'm a few months into my second season, we're riding high in the Premier League (currently 3rd) with good progress being made in the League Cup and the Europa League group stages.  One of the two elder statesmen defenders I brought in to add some experience to the squad (Semih Kaya and Ron Vlaar) has picked up a bad injury and is going to be out for a month or two, but that is just giving me a chance to let some young squad players get some experience.  Paul Pogba is complaining that he's not getting enough games, but I'll give him a run in the first team and that should keep him happy...

    OK, I've posted this WiG early as I'm off on hols for a week tomorrow so two things to note:  I probably will not have played a single game by the time next week rolls around; the next WiG might be a little late (like Wednesday) but if anyone wants to jump in and post it on my behalf, feel free!
  • Mortal Kombat X

    Played through about half of the Story its fun I'm still not good at fighting games.

    Dark Souls 2

    A few more hours spent on my pure strength character. I have taken to playing this while watching old Attitude Era Raw's. Making my way through the cove area with that Pirate ship at the minute.I have pretty much cleared the area out trying to level up so I guess its boss time.

    Final Fantasy X

    I also picked my Vita up again and played this while I was at my girlfriends mothers. Got kinda into it I have now put about 13 hours into it on my PlayStation TV (its finally getting some use guys). I think i'm about half way through I hope I can get it polished up but Witcher might take up my time.

    I was looking through my steam, Xbox One and PS4 games the other day and realised shit son I have too many games I should focus. So I listed them all out in an Excel document ordered them (want to play most at the top, least at the bottom) and decided to focus on 2 or three games at a time only moving on when one of those are finished. 

    So if I stick to this here is a sneak peak of next weeks WiG from me. Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat X and Final Fantasy X
  • Lots and lots of Smash Bros on Wii U and 3DS. My Link and Ike were on point and I wrecking fools like no tomorrow online. Feels great to just hop back in every now and again! Sneaking in a couple of matches here and there adds up to a good couple of hours eventually!

    Also played a bit of Jak 2 after getting pretty far in Jak 3 last week. Jak 2 is funnier, is more difficult, has more interesting level design in standard missions, but Jak 3 is just hella fun and I love the wasteland aspect, so I don't know which game I prefer to be honest. Both are great.
  • (PS4) Dragon Age Inquisition - I've just left the Hinterlands (after spending most of my time over last weekend in that region) and I'm exploring new areas/regions of the game. This game is now starting to grip me so I think I'm going to spend most of my week playing it.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing multiplayer regularly and looking forward to the upcoming Spring patch.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Just jumping on for the odd multiplayer match but it's starting to get a lot less play now.
  • Smash Bros WiiU I played a few rounds with my sister on Saturday and tried out Mewtwo. Still a fun game. :)

    Bloodborne (PS4) I am super close to getting the Platinum trophy in this game. I was stuck in the Defiled Chalice dungeon on the Watchdog of the Old Lords but I managed to get past it this weekend. So 1 more boss in the Defiled Chalice, then 3 bosses in the final chalice, and then all thats left is for me to finish NG+ and then get the last ending.

    Really looking forward to getting into some other games once I finish Bloodborne, its a pretty big list though and I have no idea what I want to play yet. Probably a smaller indie game, something I can finish quicker than the months I've been playing Bloodborne. Then maybe onto something meaty.
  • Smash Bros Wii U- been playing this a lot lately. Practicing and try to learn some moves with wario and game and watch. Usually just play for glory, though the lag sometimes ruins the fun...
  • Bloodborne - Dicked about with characters

    Dark Souls 2 - Same as above

    Helldivers - Bought the new DLC and killed some bugs.The update has made things fresh again, and tougher.

    LEGO LOTR - Almost platted. 10 billion studs is proving to take some time, even with the max multiplier. Edit: Platted. 

    Yakuza Zero - Played a bit more, beat the first boss, sat through some more cutscenes.

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