• If you attack the staff, you totally deserve to get fired. Children know it is not ok to hit people.
  • Arrow finale was terrible. Crushing weak sauce, I have to stop watching this terrible show. Legends od Tomorrow looks like the same rotten lazy writing. I have some hope for The Flash, that show has a sense of the absurd. I am having a hard time getting myself to watch the Shield finale. Shield has been getting weaker and weaker this year. At least Hulu got a bunch on Adult Swim. I can re watch Venture Brothers and remember my youth via Squidbillies.
  • Flash and Arrow finales were both pretty lame. Thought Flash in particularly was rather anticlimactic. At least Arrow had some big action segments, and a fairly interesting twist, Flash was just like "look at this little bit of cool stuff! You want more? Check in next season bitches!"
  • Legends of Tomorrow looks worrying. Very big, very expensive, lots of effects, huge cast, but none of the writing makes sense. Like Captain Cold, why is he part of the team? Didn't they JUST do that in an episode of Flash and he totally screwed everyone over?

    It feels more like a show where they are jamming in all the side characters who: 
    1. are played by big actors they can't give screen time to on Flash and Arrow, like Wentworth Miller and Brandon Routh
    2. would interfere with current storylines, like White Canary
    3. they want to introduce to the universe but can't figure out exactly how they fit in, like Hawkgirl and "Jay Jackson" who is probably Cyborg.
  • Shield finale was good, not great. They made me believe in the big twist which had ticked me off, initially. I will be interested to see how thing progress up to the Inhumans movie.
  • Think of the three shows, Shield is the one I'm most interested by for next season. Arrow, apparently will have no Arrow in it next season, they're teasing Green Lantern but I have doubts as to whether they would do that. Flash, where is that going to go? I thought they would do Flash versus the Rogues but they've taken the two main Rogues and put them on Legends of Tomorrow. 

    Shield, probably heading for Civil War story, with the Inhumans playing the part of the mutants. They pretty much said that the Inhumans would start spreading with the whole "gems in the food chain" thing, can see Shield next season being essentially what Flash was this season with the new "enhanced" every week formula leading up to Civil War. That seems like it could be really fun.
  • Shield always seems like there will be a payoff. Outside of some good moments after Winter Soldier, not so much. Daredevil totally raised the bar. I am stunned at how good Netflix has gotten at quality production. The next Defenders show is where it is at.
  • I happened to search 'Marvel' in Netflix and it listed the upcoming shows; Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones. I loved Iron Fist in Marvel vs Capcom, very interested in seeing what his character is really like. All I know about Luke Cage is that likes to use a chain as a weapon. Know absolutely nothing about Jessica Jones.

    Excited for all of them nonetheless 'cos Daredevil was absolutely brilliant though.
  • Going to be interesting to see what they do. Jessica Jones is the next one on the list, already got it's cast and I think they're already in the process of filming. The thing is, none of the Defenders are really that alike. Jessica Jones is a private investigator, so there's something half there to Daredevil's detective link, but they have wildly different characters. Iron Fist will be a particularly interesting one, because he is really deep into the mystical side of the Marvel Universe.

    I'll find it funny if the explanation for Jessica Jones getting super strength is that she eats a lot of fish oil tablets. 
  • Flash finale was very satisfying. It is just paradox city. This is the Back to the Future school of time travel, which is a dumb fun school. But within that flawed genre it was well written and went pretty buck wild. The acting was great, lots of tear jerking scenes they have been building to all year. This show is so much better than Arrow. Arrows writing was terrible this season and many actors on that show only have one repeated way of indicating that they are upset. Flash also just has a better sense of goofy comic book fun, where Arrow just wants to be Batman. I have no idea what they plan for season two, they left it wide open.
  • I agree. I actually thought that last weeks episode was the flash finale, this was much better. Cliffhanger endings always leave me feeling a bit raw, and I've seen that big twist coming for weeks now, but the episode on the whole was very good.

    Next season they've confirmed that they'll be using time and parallel universes to create new characters for the show (like how they used the particle accelerator in season 1) with Cisco being the key to finding them. Could be really interesting, I got goosebumps seeing all the awesome stuff in the time stream like Killer Frost and the Flash museum.
    Noobied by 1sloth
  • Grace & Frankie is great. Pleasant humour all round! Sense8 is a brave show, stuffing in so many characters and concepts in the first 30 mins of the first episode. It actually did it well though, as I remember all of them. Maybe not their names, but I remember them. And there are some really hot people in this show too. On episode 5 or 6 of Frace & Grankie and episode 2 of Sense8.

    Netflix has been kicking it with their shows!
  • Well I just watched 2 episodes of sense8 while trying to go to sleep and they didn't let me go to sleep. Great show. I care about all of the characters. It is always interesting. It is also hilariously entertaining watching these just try to understand what in the name of god is happening to them. I recommend it!

    First Daredevil and now this, Netflix just keeps on 1upping itself!
  • Rumor is that Jason Statham may be Bullseye. That would be more movie quality casting.
  • Watched another episode last night (ep6), but it slowed the pace down quite a bit, so I actually managed to sleep afterwards. It got horny with itself, quite literally.
  • Finally HBO is letting me pay them. I wonder when HBO Now is coming to PS4. Catching up on G of T has been just lovely. The zombies are not even the main thing and they are so much better than walking dead. Fuck that show fuck that comic.
  • So, Jon Bernthal was just cast as Punisher in the next season of Daredevil. Solid, solid casting.
  • Did anybody else watch Dark Matter? I felt very strong Firefly vibes from it, at least the first episode felt like they were trying to be the new Firefly. Which is not a bad thing to strife for. My only gripe so far is the actress playing number 2, she doesn't seem to fit for the role.
  • Looks like NBC just canceled Hannibal. Which is a shame cause it's a great show, but the network has no idea how to market it.
  • Amazon just picked up Clarkson and company. Big move for Amazon and I have Prime. First question will be the budget. It has always been about the toys. The second question is can Clarkson keep his hands to himself?

    It other moving on news, Super Mansion looks promising, but going from Breaking Bad to Robot Chicken on Crackle seems like Bryan Cranston is trying to fall off the side of the Earth.
  • ...Not that long since the Beeb re-committed itself to Top Gear and announced Chris Evans as the new host, too.  Will be interesting to see how that shakes out, how much Amazon will muck around with the format and whether Evans and his two chums (don't think anyone's been confirmed yet? Jodie Kidd was being floated at one point?) are able to keep the fans happy.

    *Insert text where Littleg re-asserts his 'proper car guy' image by saying that he doesn't actually like Top Gear*
  • I would guess a proper car guy limits himself to vehicles under 50K that can be used in real life?
  • Not so much that - I'd snap the hand off anyone who let me drive a speedy car on a daily basis. It's more that Top Gear has shifted away from being about cars to just showing those three jokers mucking about in increasingly exotic locations over the years.
  • Rick and Morty is awesome, and I'm shocked that I don't see it in this topic. boooo.
  • Good recommendation, the cyborg dog asking, "Where are my testicles?" was very funny. Dan Harmon should only do animation.

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