Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 27/04/15
  • Tuesdays are the new Mondays.  Remember all those fantastic pop songs?  I Don't Like Tuesdays?  Manic Tuesday?  Tuesday Tuesday?  Solid-gold hits, every one.

    (PS3) MK9 Really enjoying working my way through the story mode, although I'm not entirely clear how much longer I have left with it.  They've managed to string together a surprisingly engaging campaign and I've found myself really keen to finally find out the mystery behind Raiden and his stupid broach.  Sidenote: for a god, Raiden is a surprisingly whiny fucker.

    Occasionally some of the fights can get a little frustrating, particularly the two-man scraps where you have to take two full bars of health down twice to win both rounds.  I've just got past a fight involving two characters that were bosses in previous versions of the game, so no surprise to hear that was a tough-y.  Also, you seem to end up fighting Noob Saibot and Ermac in the campaign an awful lot - considering they were both in-jokes and errors originally, it's kind of hilarious to see them feature so prominently in this version of the game.  They are both also kind of ridiculous to fight, Noob in particular is the king of bullshit.  

    Fortunately, the game seems to take pity on you if you need to continue (kontinue?) more than a couple of time - characters who were previously-deadly screaming whirlwinds of combos (kombos? OK, I'll stop now) and air-juggles suddenly turning into leaden golems who doggedly walk forwards into your every attack.  I'm not complaining, though - it keeps things ticking along and has stopped me getting frustrated and probably wanting to walk away.

    (PS3) Luftrausers Not a game (or game-type - arcade-style score attacks) that I would normally be in a hurry to make time for, but it has always struck me as nice simple, clean fun and the upgrade system adds to the enjoyment.  It was super-cheap (<£3) the other day, so I figured I'd give it a go.  So far, I seriously suck at it and can barely kill more than a single destroyer, but it seems like a good game to have for 10 minute blasts from time to time.  Really enjoying the music too, what a pity I'm only ever on my Playstation late at night when everyone else in the house is already asleep...

    That's it from me.  I've been Leonard Nimoy, keep watching the skis, I mean skies!
  • Same as last week for me.

    (PS4) Bloodborne - Levelling up for a boss battle.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Just playing some multiplayer games of Conquest and Blood Money.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Got to get in my recommended weekly allowance of BF4 gaming.

    (PS4) Mortal Kombat X - Going to play the campaign.
  • @Littleg Luftrausers is sooooo hard. I've only played it a bit, but damn did I get my ass whooped! Love the presentation though. An awesome thing about the PS4 is that you can plug in any aul' headphones right into the controller, and listen to all of the audio. :)

    Bloodborne - Beat it. Loved it. Want more. NG+ and co-oping. Saving Yharnamites from the plague.

    Shovel Knight - Ever since I heard this was coming to PlayStation, I've been looking forward to it. Finally released last week, and I'm addicted! It feels like the Dark Souls of 2D platformer, because if you just wait, and figure out how you're going about the level, you'll get there. Also, when you die, you drop gold which you can go and collect when you respawn at the last checkpoint. You can also destroy those checkpoints for rewards, 'cos you can.

    They went for a NES/SNES graphical style and they have it spot on. Sound effects and all. We all know that SNES explosion sound. The overall audio levels are obnoxiously higher than your typical modern day game too. Music is just as catchy as an old Mega Man game too.

    Highlight so far is the Spectre Knight. It was incredibly tense, waiting for lightning to strike so that I can actually see the level, while the silhouettes of enemies creep closer.

    Dust: An Elysian Tale - Got this along with Shovel Knight. I didn't expect voice acting and such good animation from an indie game! Fun gameplay too, but I'll get to this after Shovel Knight. Would be nice if it was on Vita.
  • @FirLocke Tell me about it, the Luftrausers control scheme is pretty intuitive, but mastering it (particularly if you're messing around with the different body/engine/weapon configurations) is tricky.

    Dust: An Elysian Tale is pretty high on my list of games I want to try next from my backlog - be interested to hear what you think of it.
  • Bloodborne - Went back to try get deeper into the chalice dungeons and ended up working on my Bloodtinge character some more instead.

    Dark Souls 2 Scholar Edition - Platted, and thoroughly enjoyed going back through it all. Started a 2nd character now.

    LEGO Movie Game - Platted this one too. Feeling platty this week.

    LEGO Marvel - Finished the campaign, now doing all the extra stuff and holy buggery is there a lot to do!

    Rogue Legacy - Played a couple of hours. Not really my thing. 2D platformers just don't ding my dongle anymore.

    Helldivers - Playing this again. Just jumping into random games.

    Yakuza Zero - Still not making much progress.

    Zombie Army Trilogy - Played a few hours and I quite like it. It's basically Sniper mixed with Left 4 Dead. Pity nobody plays it though. I searched for games a few times but always nobody else online, and nobody hosting anything. Ended up turning to the PSN forums for some co-op partners.
  • I've only played up to the first save point, but impressions are good so far. I'll do a good write up on it for a WiG whenever I put some time into it. I'm thinking of introducing indie games to this year's 101 as well, rather than just retail games as usual. I was thinking Dust might be a good candidate. :)
  • I have bought a Super Nintendo witch 5 games. So most of my playtime this week, has gone towards my super nintendo.

    Super mario allstar--
    im done with super mario bros 1

    Earthworm Jim 2 - -Is currently stuck at level with food. Been a while since the last time that you saw a game with a level around food XD

    Super soccer-- tried a round of play with the Japanese team.. Really fun :)

    Choplifter 3-- tried the first track to see how the game works.

    Street fighter 2-- im stuck at blanka with Ryo XD
  • Pulling through and sticking to one game at a time now.

    SMT IV- Got about 35 hours in on the game, and my god is this game getting difficult.
    Just defeated the demon in the government building. Surprisingly easy, but had another quest that took at least half an hour. Had to go through 4 mini boss battles that kept wiping out my demons.
    Any one for a love of hardcore JRPGs, I'd definitely recommend SMT IV. You'll be in for a treat
  • LEGO Marvel just decided to freeze while saving. I lost everything. Thank you so bloody much LEGO. You people charge $50 for a plastic car that I have to build myself, I didn't realize I had to become a programmer and debug your half-finished games too.
  • @Dr Flibble That is seriously shit dude!
  • Yeah, that's horrible. I thought these guys have been at the game development thing for a while...
  • Bloodborne (PS4) I beat this game on Saturday. Its GREAT! I love the story, and atmosphere and the Monster designs. And the Combat is super fun. I'm still playing b/c I want to get the Platinum Trophy. Still haven't played any of the Chalice Dungeons yet though.

    Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) The new dlc tracks/karts came out, and I raced thru them all with my sister. Pretty fun. Also there is a new 200cc mode, but I haven't unlocked it yet b/c I haven't 3 stared all the main cups yet. I'm only missing 3 but I may never get them, I tend to do well for the whole race up until I get spammed by items right at the end and get 2nd. :(

    Mario Party 10 (WiiU) I played another board with my sister. Still fun, but I'm only playing this off and on, ... its Mario Party.

    More Bloodborne this week! Also I've been in the mood to finally go back and finally beat Mortal Kombat 9's story mode, so I might try and do that too.
  • @vampirelich You can actually race in 200cc in Versus mode (not Grand Prix). It's awesome, I looove 200cc. Genuinely have to use the brake button (while drifting even!), it's so fast. New tracks are great too. I forgot to write about it in my WiG post. :P
  • Firlocke, there are a bajillion Lego games but they all use the same shoddy system as far as I know. The series is plagued with problems.
  • Killing Floor (PC)
    I have Killing Floor 2 but I was a knob and installed 32-bit Windows 7 on my PC and then misplaced my install discs so I've had to resort to playing the first one until I can find said discs, or re-purchase a copy of Windows.

  • War thunder PS4, Start playing tanks again

    War Frame PS4 Got rhino fun warframe to use

    Yakuza 4 ps3 done with this game, cannot defeat kazuma on normal and i am not spending hours to do it.

    Last of us PS4 i am really starting to hate this game, you are supposed too be stealthy but the game constantly puts you into situations where you have to fight and even when being stealthy the mindless zombies act too smart to be mushrooms. Nice storyline don't mean shit if the ame mechanics constantly piss you off

    Gran Turismo 6 PS3 GT academy 2016 has started

    Finished the first episode of life is strange ps4 liked it.

    Started to play Zone of enders HD edition, ps3 pure for nostalgic reasons.
  • The 27th was actually my birthday and apart from not having much gaming time I did reciece a few games.

    Dark Souls 2 and Dyling Light on PS4 and DmC on Xbox One.

    I haven't put much time into any of them yet but Dying Light especially seems cool.

    Most of my gaming time has been spent on Bloodborne. It's finished now. My first From Software joint done. Felt amazing. The game was awesome. Do I see myself playing it again. Maybe in a year or so. Go back with a guide. Different character type. Pick up all the citizens and take them to the church or clinic. Do it all see the other endings.
  • LEGO Marvel platted. 100% done. After losing my save game pure rage and anger fueled this plat, but I got the fucking thing done.
  • Happy bday @nutta27. Sounds like you got a good haul of games.

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