Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 13/04/15
  • Posting WiG on a Tuesday in an effort to gradually drag it back to the Monday posting that was traditional.  Of course, between the official Monday date of this WiG and today, I've changed the microtransactions for this thread.  It will now cost you 50p to post in here.  You mean the reviews you read didn't make you aware of that?  Not my fault, guv!

    (360) F1 2014 Like my old Granny used to say, don't look for sense where there is none.  Of course with an enormous backlog of games, what I really needed to do was buy a new racing game.  Eh, it was on sale and I'd been thinking it was time I tried another F1 game - the gap between this one and my previous one (I think my PS2 might have come with an F1 game bundled with it) is even longer than the gap between FIFA14 and the previous footie game I'd played (whichever PES game it was that had Pierluigi Colina on the cover).  For some reason, all the crazy rule changes last year made me want to try the 2014 game, despite the fact that it was quite light on content compared to F1 2013.

    Impressions so far is that the racing is very hard compared to Forza/Gran Turismo and I think I'm starting to remember why I haven't owned one of these games in 10+ years.  The super-twitchy nature of F1 cars makes for a very knife-edge driving experience which is less fun, more frustrating than other console driving sims.  I kind of want to stick with it though, if only to see if my created driver (Irish rookie Fernand O'Alonso - I'm a funny motherfucker, in case you weren't aware) can make a success of his Ferrari race drive.

    That's all from me, I could tell you about the fun games of Resistance: Avalon that we played at my parents' house when we were visiting over the weekend, but who wants to hear about that, right?  Sounds a bit nerdy, if you ask me.
  • Bloodborne dungeons, barely interested. Great game, once it is over it is over.

    Little bit of Tower of Guns, it has some promise, 1st person 3D bullet hell with Borderlands graphics.
  • Nothing but Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, and a dash of LEGO for me. Almost finished playthrough 1 of DS2.
  • A little bit of bloodborne here and there but not much else.
  • Bloodborne (PS4) Just a little bit of progress last week. Only played for an hour on 3 different days, 2 of which were the weekend.

    Nothing else.

    I've had some okay to decent time for games this week so far, so I should have more to talk about next week. :)
  • War thunder PS4, Now busy with the English plane tree.

    War Frame PS4 Had problems with mastery rank 8 on the PS4 as the controls and parcour in this game is glitchy

    Infamous Second run PS4 Finished the game on the evil playthrough and got the plat

    Rogue Legacy Vita Killed my first boss, on to the next one!

    tried some of the new PSN+ games

    Tower of Guns PS4 made me think of doom.

    Monster bag funny little puzzly game vita

    Finished never alone on PS4 nice little story AI control of the 2nd character is sometimes strange though. You learn some interesting things about the Inuit people playing through the game.

    Got the order very cheap, haven't tried it yet
  • @Littleg I did the same thing with the first Codemasters F1 game. I hadn't played an F1 game since 1997 on the PS1 and thought that I should give it a go as I like F1 and racing games. The cars are super difficult to control (for some reason I keep thinking I can break later than I actually am able to do) and requires way too much thought and planning on when to do things that most racing games don't do like what time of day to go out to record a qualifying lap. As much as I like F1 I think those games are way too complicated for me.

    Anyway a this is a big gaming week for me. Plenty of games to play.

    (PS4) Mortal Kombat X - Just got this and really want to go through the story and see if I can learn some characters.

    (PS4) Bloodborne - Just had my first WTF moment (thing I expected to happen after I died didn't happen). I've got to level 50 and have 3 boss fights I've been avoiding. Going to level up and stock up on items before attempting to go at any of them again.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield: Hardline - Playing Blood Money, Hotwire and Conquest game modes and trying to get enough in game cash to unlock more stuff.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still playing Conquest on this and still loving it even well into a year of this game.
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