Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 30/03/15
  • This WiG arrives a little late, not due to any over-work or shortness of time (well, any more than any other week), but just due to my own reluctance to write up my week.  After all, no-one likes admitting defeat, do they?

    (PS3) XCOM: Enemy Unknown I give, I yield, I submit.  Planet Earth will just have to defend itself against the alien threat and may I be amongst the first to welcome our sectoid overlords.

    I'm afraid my throwaway comment from a couple of weeks ago that XCOM was in danger of becoming my White Whale has come back to bite me on the bum.  There's a great deal to like about this game and I wish I could love it like it deserves to be loved.  But as it stands the progress I'm making through it is punishingly slow and, even with the relatively pumped-up team I can now boast, it still holds the possibility to place your squad in a heavily-flanked situation late in an already-challenging mission where they cannot avoid being wiped out altogether.  Case-in-point being the first Alien Base, which I have been putting off and putting off after trying and failing at it three or four times.  

    Having scraped together an experienced, well-equipped team that were not all injured to one degree or another, I had another crack at it a couple of nights ago.  I was making better progress than I had previously done (despite losing a couple of squad members to what appeared to be unavoidable flanking moves from enemies that I could not have known were there or who were apparently able to shoot through solid rock walls...) when, not for the first time in my experience of the game, the bloody thing froze up - responding to camera and analog stick commands but ignoring any button presses.  I had no option but to hard quit to the PS3 home screen and, given that I could have finished 2 or 3 other games in the time that I have dedicated to XCOM, I would not be entirely surprised if that was the last time that disk graces my Playstation.  Sad, but I don't know if my spirit can take that level of heartbreak again.

    (360) The Xbox Save Management Game I have to assume that the idea with Playstation Plus/Games with Gold monthly free game giveaways is that you have the chance to play a new game every month without spending any extra money.  The main challenge there being actually finding time to play the darn things.  Couple that with some really excellent recent sales and my poor ol' 120GB 360 Elite hard drive is creaking at the seams from all the downloaded games that I have yet to play.  But the 360 has those two useless USB ports on the front that I never use, how about I stick a couple of memory sticks in there and increase my storage space by around 37.5%?  Transferring downloaded games to USB sticks takes longer than I thought it would, and I'd probably transfer them back to the hard drive once I actually get round to playing them as I'm paranoid that the read time on the USB drives isn't as good, but it's handy to finally have some free space on the main drive...

    So what have you failed at this week, NT chums?  There's no shame here, embrace your inadequacies and feel disempowered.  If games were all about making you feel successful, they'd all have a God Mode as a default option on the main menu...
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  • The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (PC) I needed something to play on Monday and Tuesday while I waiting for BloodBorne. I got some decent runs, and its still a fantastic game.

    Bloodborne (PS4) I love this game. My 1st character didn't really pan out, but I'm doing decently with the 2nd.

    Very little progress in any games last week. This week isn't turning out much better. Chipping away at Bloodborne 45mins to an hour at a time, makes for really slow progress. But I'll keep it up since I'm having so much fun! I love the level design, and Lovecraftian tone and the combat. :)
  • @Littleg That sucks about Xcom. I could feel a tinge of your heartbreak as I read your words. :( I actually prepared myself for the memory management issue this gen. I bought a 2 TB hard drive for the PS4. The hard drive came with its own caddy to hold said hard drive, so what I did is take the 500 GB hard drive that came with the PS4 and put that into the caddy. Then I bought a Y cable for the Wii U and plugged the 500 GB hard drive into the Wii U. Sorted.

    As for me, nothing but Bloodborne this week.

    It's glorious. There's just so much goodness. I don't even know where to start. I'm around 13 hours in and while there has been so much in those 13 hours, I feel like there's tons left. Tons and tons. I think I might actually write a review of Bloodborne. Dunno when, but it certainly feels like a game worth analysing. And as I play I find myself wanting to write about it because there's so much cool tuff happening so often. Honestly the only bad point I can think of is those loading screens, which will hopefully be patched sooner rather than later.
  • Dead Space 2 (PC)
    Just replaying one of my favorite games of all time.
  • War thunder PS4, Unlocked some nice planes. German slow planes but have cannons

    War Frame PS4 Still enjoying the game

    Infamous Second nun PS4 Started this again on the second island slapping the DUP

    Rogue Legacy Addicting game the ability to improve your characters (if you have enough money) 

    Valiant Hearts PS4 finished the main storyline.
  • Bloodborne - Every day the blood calls, and every day I answer. I have permanent bags under my eyes this month from lack of sleep, but you know what? Fuck sleep! Sleep is overrated anyway. I've made 3 characters and am moving through the game at a pretty good clip. My first character turned into a DEX build so I'm planning on going STR with my next character.

    Helldivers - I still log in once a day and do a mission or 2. The Illuminate homeworld is open now so the final victory for humanity is not far off now. After we win then it's just a grind of 100K kills to get the plat, but since the devs are apparently working on a big batch of free content in the near future, perhaps it won't be such a grind after all.

    And that is all. Dark Souls 2 PS4 comes out next week so I expect most near future WiGs to be little more than a steady rotation through these 3 games.
  • I'm playing the same games I did last week.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield Hardline - Just playing multiplayer. I'm mainly playing Blood Money, Heist and Conquest.

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - I'm still going for a few assignments. I unlocked the bow and now I need to go for a bunch of kills.

    (PS4) Bloodborne - Still in the first world but beat the first boss and now levelling up to beat the second.
  • I've been bobbing around between a few games this week. Of course, there's always a bit of FIFA, wouldn't be the same without raging at that once a week.

    The other games I've been playing are kind of interesting. I made a start on the Borderlands Handsome Collection, jumping into the pre-sequel. It's interesting, I'm not entirely sure I like the whole O2 system, the physics are interesting but it's annoying running around for air every couple of minutes. And I've also started playing the original Sims. I've never really played it properly, in the past I always used cheats and just built the biggest most expensive house possible. Now I'm trying to do it without cheats it's a lot more fun and rewarding, I started with this tiny default house and now it has an upstairs and its been extended and it's got a huge garden. The mechanics are a bit archaic but it works well enough.
  • Abyss Odyssey - Not sure if I like this game or not. I love the whole Platforming/Action thing thats going on in the game, but the controls definitely need some work. Aside from the controls, the game is great. 

    Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne - So... im stuck with fighting Matador. Lost 3 hours of gameplay, so not really looking forward to going back to it for a while. Might try again next week, but I need a breather from that game.

    Kingdom Hearts BBS Final Mix HD - Im not sure if im burned out from the KH series or what exactly is going on, but I just wasn't feeling it. I booted up the game since it was two of the games in the series I have yet to play, and I honestly didn't find the game that appealing. 
    Wonder if its just the fact that im growing up now and would rather prefer to play shorter games due to me just not having the time I used to as a kid to sit in front of the tv for hours on end. 

    Darksiders - Got this as a PS + game long ago and decided to finally play it. Got about 30 minutes in, lost interest. Felt too much like a bad God of War game. 

    Beatmania IIDX Lincle -  Went to my local arcade and spent a good 3 hours hogging the Beatmania IIDX Lincle cabinet. Im pretty much the only rhythm gamer that attends there....

    Reading over this, im realizing im a picky gamer...
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  • @SpaceOfSoul BBS has a fun combat system and an awesome character in Aqua, but outside of that it's a pretty average game. Worlds are mostly flat and uninteresting (Never Land and Enchanted Dominion being the exceptions!), and it's not nice having to go through 3 different storylines that repeat the same worlds. You see different parts of the worlds across the 3 storylines, but still.

    The combat system really is quite fun though! :)
  • I got these this week:

    It was stupid because It cost an arm and a leg for them both ( I think I have used up my gaming budget for a while! ) . But, the more I use them ( particularly the keyboard ) the more I like them. Plus I got an expensive mouse pad and wrist supports, cba with links, I am trying to put it out of my head how much I have sunk into all this stuff. Ah well, daft.

    TES : Oblivion
    I have been playing through  with a plethora of mods. It is a lot more difficult than the vanilla game, but also much more rewarding.

    PES 2015
    I had to restart a Master League game ( which is a career mode ) as my old save was incompatible with a different mod that I changed to. So I have lost around half a season with my Championship team.

  • @Littleg I enjoyed your WIG, and wow, no FIFA! :)
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  • Red dead redemption:Ever since Mexico part, I have not had time to play any more. But now I take the opportunity to do small tasks but also im trying to finish of the main story.
    Have bought a wonderswan with a few games a while ago, has just started to see over the device and the games that did come with the packade.
    Pokemon y:H
    ave got my second badge
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