Bloodborne (PS4)
  • Played it for 2 and a bit hours, now heading off to work.

    I made 2 characters and spent most of the time playing as an elderly soul/sole survivor. The character creation system seems pretty good but personally I don't really care too much about stuff like that.

    The game certainly does encourage a more aggressive play style. I'm already a fan of the health regen by attacking mechanic. The enemies in the early areas often come in pairs or mobs, but so far they haven't been any different to an early stage Souls enemy. The AI is identical from what I can tell, from the shield guys to the dogs. The spear or pitchfork types are more aggressive which is good. There's also been quite a few random bigger and tougher enemies already.

    There are side quests scattered around and NPCs that will talk to you through closed doors, though basically anything you encounter outside wants to murder you.

    The world is fucking beautiful, and looks huge. There are so many paths to choose from. I managed to stumble upon the first loop back to the first "bonfire" (now they are lanterns) but there were plenty of other paths I didn't try or tried and met something scary, and turned back. The city feels alive, or undead, and it's awesome.

    You can still leave messages on the ground, and if people rate them you get your health back.

    Oh yeah, the load times are a bit long. I noticed that too, but since I wasn't dying as much as some *cough*westsw*cough* they didn't disrupt me too much.
  • Seems like the best defence is a good offence, @westsw !

    My feed is full of BB right now. So hard to avoid. Can someone make me hibernate 'till Friday? That'd be great.
  • A brilliant and beautiful Starter guide:

    I like how we have fewer stats now. I wonder how useful Arcane and Bloodtinge will be...
  • Oh yeah, for people who were hoping The Order 1886 would be good, just get this and pretend it's The Order. You can still hunt wolves, sport wicked mustaches, and speak in a British accent, plus the world has more exploration and it won't end after 5 hours.

    I can't wait to try some co-op.
  • Don't forget, noobtoob is the password! :)

    Some great (non spoilerific) reading: <~ Gifs may have spoilers in this one.

    Bloodborne is reviewing magnificently well as expected, currently hovering around 93 on metacritic and has gotten a 10/10 from one of my favourite reviewers; Jim Sterling. <~ Screenshots may be a bit spoilery.

    "Barbaric horror RPG." That sounds quite fitting!
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  • That's Jim Fucking Sterling, son. :)

    4 more hours at work, then a possible all-nighter. 2 liters of Coke and a box of Mars Bars should do the trick.

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  • Thank God for Jim. I need to make a Jim thread.

    I can't wait for Friday. I'm not gonna sleep Friday night. For those who have the official PlayStation Headset for PS4, there will be a specific Bloodborne audio mode that you can download to the Headset Companion App on the PS4. I never even thought about it, but Bloodborne is going to sound amazing with headphones on.
  • Yeah with headphones you get more creepy noises, and hear a lot more of the noises coming from the houses.
  • DAMN!!! all this sounds awesome. Its currently after NOON here and my copy hasnt shown up yet. I will hopefully be able to play for an hour or two tonight. :) I can't wait. :)
  • Ya'll need to show me what your hunters look like. You got that PS4 screenshot saver now so it's a lot easier! I need something to get me through 'till Friday. The urge to spoil myself has been far too real!
  • The new online co-op system is a bit bonkers. It seems needlessly complicated to get started.
  • Serious Question; The soundtrack that comes with the CE, I'm downloading it now on the PS4, is there any way to get it on my iPod?
  • Also, I wish I was playing tonight, but I've got to go to the dentist early tomorrow, so I'll start playing tomorrow night.
  • I killed the Cleric boss, only to discover a dead end, so I went and backtracked and found myself in a sewer system that is rather large and teeming with horrors. I also found a few new shortcuts which is pretty spiffy. The world interconnects all over the place, and I have no idea where I'm supposed to be going.

    What weapons did people choose to start with? I went with the whip cane and pistol combo. Going for a distinguished gentlemen vibe, rather than butcher. Currently using the Hunter armor set found in the sewers.
  • @vampirelich I think just plugging in a USB stick will do the job, but you may have to turn off the HDCP in the settings. Not sure. Transfer the music to the USB, then to the PC, then to your iPod. I think. :)

    I'll be going with the Hunter's Axe and Blunderbuss combo! Butcher all the way over here. :P
  • My 2nd character is that very combo. :)

    I like how the enemies will sometimes steal your souls if you die. I got hammered by 2 giants and when I came back one of them had glowing eyes, meaning the bastard ate my souls!
  • Oh shit that's awesome! That's really a neat idea. When you finally beat the enemy who defeated you, you get your souls back. That would feel waaaaaay better than just picking them up from where you died. Genius.

    Also, 'My Echoes!' is no where as catchy as 'My Souls!' haha :P
  • If any of you guys get to the point where you can do co-op let's do it! I'm hoping to finally get 10 insight tonight or tomorrow. I'm not bothering wasting my time ringing the little bell anymore. Just a waste of insight since I never get summons.
  • So how does Insight work exactly? It seems like it's Humanity in terms of how it's built up, but I'm not sure. How is it lost? How much does it affect the gameplay?
  • It's similar to Humanity, but also very different. It isn't lost when you die for one thing. It accumulates through boss encounters (you get 1 point for seeing a boss, 3 more for killing it) and finding madman skulls (I can't remember their exact name) in the world (found 2 so far). I have yet to find an enemy that drops it, or a shop selling it. If you get 1 insight you get a bell that allows you to become a host of a game, and it costs 1 insight point to ring the bell. If you get 10 insight you get 2 new bells, one which allows you to invade, and one which allows you to play as guest in co-op. I'm assuming the reason I couldn't get any co-op happening is very few players have these 2nd bells yet.

    I think I have found another boss so if I can kill this guy and luck out on another madman skull I will hit 10.

    One other thing, the game no longer gives any notices that another player has joined your game, either friend or foe. But you can only be invaded now if you have opened your game for co-op. If you choose to go solo, you can't be invaded (or so I have been led to believe at least).

    (sorry for all the brackets)

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  • Haha, I reaaaally like the idea of an invader popping up in someone's world and not notifying the person that has been invaded. So devilish. At least, it's only possible when one is open for co-op as well.

    They should have events where invasions are just allowed to happen anytime. Invasion-a-go-go baby!
  • OK, I started and played for about an hour. OMG! I am not used to the combat or buttons yet. Also unlike Dark Souls 2 I'm not feeling comfortable at all. (which is good) That uneasy, I'm going to die any second now aren't I... feeling. Love it!. :)

    I really liked the character creator, 2 separate eye colors (FINALLY!) Also I fucking loved the description of the last (class) talentless and shouldn't have been born. Come On, how am I not supposed to pick that one. Also this game is tough.

    I haven't figured out how to level up yet, I'd like some more endurance and strength please. I just opened the path back to the 1st lamp and went back to the Hunter's dream and talked to that guy in the wheel chair.
  • Find the shortcut back to central after the bonfire. You can find it without having to fight any big bads. Once you have that you can go in and see the first boss. After that you can level up and grind a bit. It is important to feel like at least some progress is being made.
  • I'm so bummed right now. It seems like it may just be the best game of the Souls stuff. Does Bloodborne count as a Souls game?

    As soon as I get paid I'm heading to the nearest GameStop and buying a PS4 and Bloodborne. I watched Patrick Klepek's stream and the game just looks gorgeous, and it seems way more unforgiving than Dark Souls 1 or 2 (I never played Demons Souls sadly).

    Anyone try Chalice Dungeons yet?
  • Bloodborne is a Souls game in all but name. It's like the brooding step brother whose going through a Goth phase. Heck, Blood Echoes are the Souls (currency) of Bloodborne, and people are still calling them Souls.

    There have been so many streams of the game, it was number 1 on Twitch for a good while yesterday! I've mostly avoided them, but I watched a bit of the Man Vs GAME stream and thankfully he was in the areas shown in the trailers. Dude is very likable. EpicNameBro, Jim Sterling and Patrick Klepek as you said have posted videos on YouTube and I'm dying to watch them!

    The wait for Friday has never been so long.

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