Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 09/03/15
  • Typing this from my second hotel room of the week.  Currently in the same location from December 2013 where I was away from home as life spiralled gradually out of control.

    Yeah yeah, boo hoo, poor Littleg.  You don't want to hear about that, you want to hear about GAMES!

    (PS3) XCOM: Enemy Unknown OK, now I'm just wasting time instead of going for that Alien Base mission.  That game has to punish you for that at some point, right?

    (PS3) Helldivers A handful of levels, including a couple of sessions with some randoms.  The bunch of dumb-arses were extracting from levels with objectives still live - what's that all about?

    Make a sad man very happy with your WiGs.
  • Helldivers - Played quite a lot of this since it released. I'm at level 19, and have found myself in some good teams. There are a lot of morons though. The game is freezing a lot on me, and I get disconnected at least a few times every time I play.

    LEGO Marvel - Bought it with the LEGO sale last week on PSN. Only played the first mission so far.

    LEGO The Movie - Same as above, and finished it.

    PVZ Garden Warfare - Played a few rounds.
  • Not much gaming but recently picked up 

    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
    Not a bad game. Not even done with the first world. The art style of the game is adorable, and the story is never really that heavy (Then again, story is never really heavy in the Kirby series) 
    Story bits are told through Diaries which are collected at the end of every stage. 

    Rogue Legacy
    Just beat the game and now I am on my New Game +. Games difficulty has increased. And I love the replay value in this game. I can stop whenever I want and play as long as I want as well without having to worry about save points. 

    Thats all I've really played. Work really drains me and dont feel like putting the remainder of my energy towards gaming. Been watching a lot of Downtown Abbey though lol
  • Had the time to go back to my local fighting game club for some Tekken and found Sly 2 in a local used games store so I've been silently tight rope walking down memory lane.
  • Played the following

    War thunder PS4, free game with tanks and planes, funny i won one match just flying around with a bomber and letting my gunners do the work and me just bombing stuff

    War Frame PS4 got some really powerful prime weapons now, that i can tackle the middle missions easily.

    Wolfenstein the new Order PS4 finished the story line now going after the last trophies

    Yakuza 4 PS3 played this a little more.

    Papo & yo PS3 played this a little and like dreamy platform puzzles

    New batch of free PSN+ games

    Rogue Legacy Vita Fun but retro difficulty

    OlliOlli2 Vita tried it a little, not for me

    Kick and Fennick Vita stopped at level 4-7 the levels become so difficult, that it is not fun any more and the game is huge , need the space for other games

    Oddworld: New 'n tasty Vita what can i say it is a classic.

    Counterspy PS4 liking the style and semi 3D of this game

    Valiant Hearts PS4 funny little game puzzles, lovely art style and teaches tidbits on the great war
  • Bayonetta. I suck at that game. It's okay I suppose. It just makes me remember how much more accessible DmC was and kinda makes me want to play that instead.

    That's is it. I'll carry on with bayonetta but I'm not sure I like it. I just think plantinums games don't gel with me.
  • "I just think planting a games don't gel with me"

    Perhaps if you played them rather than bury them in the garden?
  • I got 20 bucks on auto correct
    Noobied by 1Hazelnut
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - I'm still trying to go after some of the Phantom assignments and it's still taking me forever.

    (Xbox One) Battlefield: Hardline - Just downloading this via EA Access and going to try it out.

    (PS4) GTA V - Doing some online heists.
  • The Order 1886 (PS4) Ok, I beat this game last week and I'm done with it. I really enjoyed the story, even if they really dropped the ball with some stuff, but its not something that I would ever go back to, b/c of the cinematic experience, I'd just find it annoying. I traded this off and was able to pick up the newest Dragon Ball X game, for about $20 on the XboxOne.

    Adventure Time I Explore the Dungeon b/c I Don't Know (WiiU) I started this back up and I made it from about the 20th floor, to the 50th/100. Decent fun, since I like AT. :)

    Thats it from me for last week. I'm still just killing time until Bloodborne. There are a few games I'd love to start, but I know I won't finish in time and I end up putting them down when Bloodborne drops so I'd rather just not start em. :/ I did watch all of .hack//sign, and I started up the final season of The Legend of Korra though. Hell, I got the Korra game on PS4, but wanted to finish the series first, so I may start that up. I bet its shorter and I could beat it by March 24.
  • (3DS) Smash Bros. 3DS (Demo):

    My buddy from Scotland sent me a 3DS in the mail. No games as of yet so I downloaded the Smash Bros demo. It doesn't feel as good as the previous non-handheld releases, but it's fun and looks pretty. Sadly, the demo doesn't have much in the way of experience.

    The Villager is such a stupid character to play as.
  • Exactly autocorrect damn iphone.
  • Manio, villager. Is. Amazing.
    He's one of my favorite characters along side Ness and Wario
  • If you haven't played Life Is Strange yet, do so. I'm playing through the episodes and I really enjoy it.

    Here's a little article I wrote on my blog about the main character:

    Nothing in the way of spoilers save a little character development, nothing not shown in the trailer. If you've never played or never heard of it, it's about a photography student (Max, a young girl) who develops super powers and is trying to solve mysteries. It's a game after my adolescent, Nancy Drew reading, point-and-shoot camera loving heart.

    I think I'm ready to cancel my EVE subscription. Life is just taking over. It's a shame, too, because I really love the game.

    Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition through again, this time comparing notes with Mr. TC, we are both playing Elf Mages in the campaign. It's important to note that Mr. TC is the kind of guy who will read everything on a game before playing it, totally ruin the story for himself, discover nothing on his own, but play the ever-loving shit out of something, and mine the data on the interweb for all the best gear and spells and recipes. There's never a hole in his characters and his party is always solid and excellent.... but there's no intuitiveness or discovery to the way he plays. He is so wrapped up in the technical he neglects the art of the game; this is the guy who didn't shed a tear when Mordin... in ME3? Remember that? NOT. ONE. TEAR. Anyway. You get my point. Whereas most of us were like 'Oh the song <3 <3 <3' Mr. TC skipped that and went straight into the game again. Harrumph. Different play styles. So yeah. Discovering the tiny blacked nub of rock that is my husband's gaming heart, or lack thereof. (That said, we watched a kids' movie last night and were both howling so he does have one, just not when it comes to games). 

    One important tactic to note if you're playing a mage, is to travel with your tank in the lead. it means doing all the collecting, everything, with your tank, until you get to a battle point then switch to your mage. Only because mages are squishy. Really, really helps when fighting dragons.

  • Also @Littleg we still love ya man, hope all is going well in your travels.

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