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  • I love my PC it is a beast my specs are:

    I7 overclocked to 4.4Ghz with a beast of a heatsink and hyperthreading.
    Factory overclocked GTX 780 with a custom cooler.
    Samsung 840 SSD for the operating system and games.
    Dual channel RAM 16GB 2400mhz.
    1 Terabyte Hard Disk for none essential storage.
    Z87 OC motherboard.
    And i think I installed around 6 120mm fans in my huge case so everything runs nicely super cool and 11 fans in total.

    I am about to buy a second SSD to almost double my read and write speed using RAID (whichever form of RAID writes half the info to each drive i cant remember of the top of my head) . Also perhaps I am gonna go for a second GTX 780 to really beef up my graphics capabilities in SLI. My main issue when playing games that I have played on PC and then for example on PS3 is the loading times. I remember playing Fallout NV on PS3 and hating the loading times. Even on your average PC HDD the loading times were much quicker.

    I would describe myself as a massive PC enthusiast I seem to build a new PC every year stupidly. I am also aware that there is an attitude of PC elitism ( perhaps I am part of it :/ I hope not ) . I have found steam to be awesome for building my catalogue of games on the cheap through discounts etc. It worries me a little that if i want to buy a digital copy of a game on the 3DS for example it is often more expensive than the retail version. I dont want to winge too much. But the pricing system for some digital games is often ridiculous, I hope in time they will get the hang of how (in my opinion) the pricing structure for digital games should work as it removes the cost of distributing physical games completely. The only downside for the companies is the small amount of bandwidth required to distribute digital games. So you would think that at least a small discount should be warranted.

    I would think it would be cool If users posted their PC specs here. Although I am aware that most of you don't give a shit about PC gaming which is fair enough. It may only be me! (most likely) Maybe just use this thread to chat about how the culture of PC gaming is different to console gaming. Or just ignore me showing off the specs of my gaming PC haha :)

  • @8drawt It seems like RAID 0 is what you're looking for, although it's not the most reliable RAID there is. http://www.prepressure.com/library/technology/raid but then again, you have a SSD so it should be reliable enough. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2365767/feed-your-greed-for-speed-by-installing-ssds-in-raid-0.html

    That is a pretty beastly PC though, damn. I use a fairly bog standard laptop in comparison. i3 6GB RAM Intel HD 4000 laptop. Runs Hearthstone and indies well enough!
  • @FirLocke Steam is awesome for getting hold of games that run on lower end hardware isn't it?. At least you have got the HD 4000 which is sort of the point in the intel integrated gpu history where performance becomes acceptable with older titles. Shame it doesn't have a dedicated GPU as your processor etc would probably be fine for running a lot higher spec games.

    Yeah you are totally right about the RAID 0 cheers for the links :) . I may have to get a new PSU, spent the morning tidying up wiring in my PC case very exciting/frustrating :/ (sarcasm) . Pissing around with fiddly fan and usb 3 sockets grrr.
  • Gotta keep the beast well groomed! Steam is awesome. Quality Control can get more than a little bit haywire, but other than that it is great. I like GOG.com as well. No DRM, loads of classic titles, spec information is upfront and easy to find, good prices and lovely presentation.

    I do kinda regret buying a laptop instead of a desktop as I'm not taking the laptop into college that often, but it'll do for now! I'm actually very interested in getting some sort of Mac (probably Mini since it seems the cheapest) purely for production purposes, notably for music. Will need strong specs to produce music, so in turn it would run most games well enough too. That purchase is far away for now though. :P

    I'd make a pretty great PC gamer though. I'm so fickle with games already, I'd be like a pig in shit with so many good indies all over Steam.
  • My Macbook Air services all my needs. Being a console gamer, I've honestly just used it for Fallout NV in terms of gaming. 

    Macbook Air 11 inch Mid 2013
    1.7 GHz Intel Core i7
    8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB

  • Never understood the whole PC elitism thing, it is like hot roders looking down on people who drive normal cars.
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  • Glorious PC master race. 
  • If I had the time and the money to really get into it, I think I'd make the switch and do most of my gaming on PC. All the mods and the cheaper games and more indy games and better graphics etc. etc. etc. PC Gaming sounds like a really tempting thing to get into. My problem is that I don't have the money to get really into it, and I know people say you don't need to spend a fortune to get a gaming PC, I know that you can put together something which will run most games for the same cost (or cheaper) as a PS4 or an XBO. But if I was getting into PC gaming it wouldn't be for a PC that could run most things reasonably, it would be to have something that beat the shit out of the current gen consoles. And I don't have the money or the time to put that together.
  • I play most of my games on computer because of the co-operative LAN element however the handhelds get a good use for solo time. If anybody would like to join my partner and I go through campaigns, my steam is in my profile. The last few games we finished are Minecraft, LOTR War in the North, Hammerwatch (seriously great little gem here), Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, SimCity/Tropico 5 and World of Warcraft (this was a bit more of a casual romp).

    We're currently doing all the side missions in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, gave Space Engineers a pass and are waiting on Far Cry 4 to go on sale. Also sidestepped Divinity because it had more walls of text than combat. Anybody is welcome to join us.

    My favourite thing about PC gaming is being able to FRAPs all the giggling that happens.

    I used to build beastly gaming rigs but have found that going for the "sweet spot" in tech (where you get the most value rather than the most cutting edge) to be wonderful. Currently the household is on 680s that still handle everything on ultra although the macs outnumber the PCs (work).

    @Firlocke I go through a lot of macs. My Mac Pro is on the outs and I'm going to replace it with a hackintosh. Quo have developed a universal motherboard so I would suggest getting that, a reasonable CPU, enough ram and then either a large enough SSD or split a traditional HDD (two OS partitions) to dual boot both OS X and Windows. Then you can basically achieve the mini's specs but have the ability to also boot into windows which then allows you later down the line to add in a dedicated graphic card ($200) for gaming when you have a bit of money. You'll have the best of both worlds in a staggered, eventual manner at an affordable, accessible way. I really don't think the current Mini should be a thing that is bought.

    @Orion. The cycle seems to be that most people build a monster gaming rig as their first PC out of peer pressure or a weird online equivalent to life style inflation/'beating the Joneses' but then build a more reasonable PC as their second cycle. For the most part, you're pretty much on Facebook or browsing the internet and even when you're playing games, the soundtrack and ambience of the scenes should be more convincing than polygon count. The most compelling reason to be a PC-only gamer in my mind is the money you save from Steam sales in that over a year, your spend would go down compared to consoles even factoring in the used market. This to me is the biggest boon. I hope I don't come across as too preachy or like I'm trying to convert you. I'm just trying to share my observation and in no way want you to change or anything.

    @Epke I think its a phase every enthusiast goes through and good on them to take a real, thorough passion into what they're doing. But yes, I totally agree with the hot rod analogy because spending good money on lights instead of cooling/performance is silly in my books and exactly the same as those riced up cars.

    @8drawt Welcome to the club. I think I've got you on Steam. I will say hello but my username is a bit different.
  • @sloth Thank you for the tip! That looks excellent. :D I'll keep it mind for when the time comes.

    I'm curious, do any of you have your PC set up like a console? As in, have the tower next to the tv, have a wireless keyboard/mouse/controller on a table and you game on the couch? I know a lot of PC gamers that say that it's certainly possible to do, but I don't know anyone that actually does it.
  • @FirLocke My PC is hooked up to a tv and I use a a odd tray sort of thing you out on your lap for keyboard and mouse. My PC is a little stars now though.

    I tend to build a PC towards the end of a consoles lifespan. Something's telling me this time around I may be building one a little sooner.
  • @FirLocke I have a monitor and big wall mounted tv that sole purpose is a second monitor with two 360 controllers hooked up, so depending what I am playing I will usually pick between the two. When i am gaming i am normally watching something on the other monitor if it is a strategy game for example. I know that doesn't answer your question i don't move the keyboard and mouse to the sofa haha apart from a couple of times. It is not really viable unless i played it at the table i suppose, that would involve moving a load of furniture though lol. But I always use my big monitor on the sofa for pretty much any game that warrants a controller. I never play at my desk with a controller, why not be more comfortable :) .

    @sloth do you have 680s in SLI in any of your machines? They are pretty costly cards!
  • I have a:

    i7 3770k overclocked to 4.5 with Noctua D14 to cool it down
    2 * Asus GTX 670TOP DCII in SLI  connected to 3 * 24' 1080p Samsung screens.
    G.Skill 16 GB RAM
    120 GB 830 Samsung SSD  - OS
    Raid 0 - 2 * 2TB Seagate Baracuda
    2TB Seagate Baracuda
    SeaSonic 1050W 80+ Platinum - PSU

    It's two years old at this point but I feel like it's still pretty beastly and have no reason to upgrade anything outside of SSD. Maybe when the next gen of graphics cards comes out.

    It's quite ironic how with all the "glory" of adulthood and parenthood it's just sitting there being glorified youtube box.
  • @Jerom Cool setup, my 4770k is at 4.4 so it is probably pretty close in performance. I could never get it stable at 4.5 even though it is ridiculously cool (idling at 25 degrees) it has got a huge heatsink with two 120mm fans attached to it. I think my processor is at the shit end of the pile tbh, I was hoping to squeeze a bit more out of it really :/ . My PC seems to double as an industrial strength fan though, needlessly, it makes the whole room freezing these days. 

    Last week I RAID 0'd a couple of Samsung 840 EVOs there is almost identical performance to a single SSD and I did make sure that they both had the same bandwidth as the single SSD did and the RAID controller should be capable enough to make it effective. As well as being an absolute pain in the arse to setup as for some reason my mobo had omitted the RAID setup options from the main BIOS in one of its firmware iterations. Ah well, at least I have double the capacity for games on my SSDs. But note to self, unless I am building a server there is almost no point using striping with two SSDs at this point.
  • "My name is Gabenandius, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

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  • @8drawt Yeah, I wouldn't bother with SSD raid, and the more I've tested "game performance" oh high RPM HDD and SSD, I am not quite sure that the price bump is entirely worth it. It's kind of similar issue between DDR3 1600 VS 2400. 1.5 fps difference at most on benchmarks triple the price. My stinginess just says "don't do it,  man!"

    On the raid controller note, I've actually had a similar thing happen to me, had to flash the BIOS once but it has been stable ever since.

    @GoodEnoughForMe Heck, that pretty much accurate, I don't like Steam very and much rather see GoG take it's place but even I can not deny that Steam has done a great service to the platform, kept it viable and financially reasonable option.

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