Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 02/03/15
  • This Week's WiG comes with a health warning and a big fat biohazard logo.  These words are typed by a disease-ridden, virus-laden husk of a man - breathing a rattling wheeze, eyes like boiled eggs, nose and sinuses a congested morass of unspeakable horror.

    So not much gaming going on then, but perhaps you have managed to avoid any form of lurgi and are healthy enough to partake in some of them there video games?  Write about it here, why don't ya?
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  • Evolve

    I haven't played as much lately as I expected. I still like the game but my time is very limited. I don't really have time to focus on a deep mutiplayer game right now .

    The Order

    Finished it. Good little story. The game play got a little dull towards the end.All the criticism is fair.I still had hell of fun playing through this games little campaign.


    Never played the original Boyonetta on release. So I picked them both up on the WiiU last week. Its fun. I am bad at these games but its pretty cool. I'm about half way through. I have a stone rating on every level but 1. Now that's a record.

    Them's the games. I now have a week off work. I'll try and fit some game time in in between visiting friends and getting pissed.

  • FFX (PS Vita)

    I love this game. So much nostalgia. So much RPG. So much greatnesssssss. I need a week off of life so I can just log 200 hours into this game. 

    Lost the blitzball game. Was tied 1-1 at the finals until they forced me to lose via cutscene ._. Sin is Jecht, he just enjoyed his massacre of the Al Bhed and I'm itching to kick his ass.

    I love the sphere grid leveling system. Lets you play certain characters differently. Kimahri has decent strength and decent mana/magic. To avoid relying on one Black Mage (Lulu) the whole game, I gave him the first 4 key magic spells. Having Lulu double as both a White and Black mage is fun too, as I can make Yuna play a little differently and not have her as just a healer.

    Who doesn't love Auron

  • @Juic3 Auron's cool and all, but Lulu's where it's at. Yuna doubles as an excellent, excellent Black Mage. Her Fira attack would do the same damage as Lulu's Firaga attack, so whenever Black Magic spheres become available, I give them to her. Being a healer naturally gives her a very high magic stat. I've never used the expert sphere grid, but I do love the sphere grid system. I love giving Wakka a few strength spheres as well, basically makes him a fast Auron.

    Come to think of it, I've never actually finished FFX. Always got really far then dropped it for whatever reason. Maybe I should get it for Vita...or get that PS4 version. Am I gonna quad dip? It's strange loving FFX even though I never finished it.
  • Auron is like, the most boring character in X! Everyone else has more interesting dialogue. 

    I played a lot of Morrowind this past week. I'm planning on doing a lot of Morrowind and Oblivion in the lead up to TESO going F2P. Two of my favourite games ever, still a blast to play and explore, even if they've become really familiar to me.

    I also played some Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer for a couple hours with @AshGooner and @Xero560. Always a fun time.
  • Warframe PS4 Well ran out of resources to create the item you need to join the event, and it takes to long to grind for more. back to the normal game then.

    Wolfenstein PS4 So the beginning of chapter 14 killed the joy for this game, like the world and the setting, but the beginning of level 14, you crash land with your spaceship and get thrown trough a window with almost no weapons, i tried it a zillion times on ueber difficulty had to switch difficulty to get through it, guess i have to do the glitch to get the trophy :(

    Played WarThunder and the airplane battles are like the game Birds of steel, it is the tank battles that i enjoy most. Armor and weak points are taking in account, although the tanks i have suck ass i still enjoy it.

    Still Regular daily stuff for Gran Turismo, Destiny of Spirits and No more heroes

    Girls Und Panzer Vita finished the main story, now to get all the missions done on S rank.

    Yakuza 4, Somewhat further in the game.
  • PvZ Garden Warfare - Played quite a bit of this. It's birthday week so all the card packs are cheaper, and I finally started getting into the PvP.

    The Order 1886 - Took 2 sittings over 2 days to plat it. Everyone should play this game, but nobody should go full price.

    Tomb Raider - Managed to play 1 match of PvP. The online is pretty dead for this, so it looks like I'll never get that double plat.

    LEGO Pirates - Thinking of going for the plat for this. It doesn't seem too troublesome.

    LEGO LOTR - Thinking of smashing my head through the coffee table every time I play this.

    Thief - Played a little bit, mainly just explored the city, robbing people. No missions.

    I also discovered Zombie Army Trilogy is being released only in the EU on the 6th. I couldn't find info on a US release and nothing for Japan either, so I ordered it from a shop in the UK that does free international shipping.
  • Hey Tuna when are you online we could do some garden warfare together
  • Castle in the Darkness (PC) Ok, I went back and beat this game with 100% completion. Great game. I got all but 1 achievement, getting some keys that were optional and going to the Devs' room. I may or may not do that 1, since I'm playing other stuff now. This game will be making my top 10 list for 2015.

    The Order 1886 (PS4) made some progress. I'm mostly liking the story and the gameplay is ok.

    Thats it from me for last week. Idk what I'll play this week, I'm just kinda killing time til Bloodborne drops.
  • @.Ethereal. @GoodEnoughForMe  I respect yall's opinions but I have to disagree. Loyalty to Jecht's wishes even after becoming a killing machine, acting selfish character in the squad but ultimately making some decisions for the greater good, saying only what is absolutely necessary in dialogue... Watching him as a 7 year old, the mysterious tone he had compared to all other characters (which were so transparent) was appealing as well.
    His look with that big sword was also more memorable to me than anything else in the game when I played it some 13 years ago.

    Maybe nostalgia has me blind.

    @Firlocke I'm playing on the expert grid. At least right now, my Lulu and Yuna are nearly equal in the magic stat. I honestly didn't even consider that previously. I picked Lulu to learn white magic because of the evasiveness and magic defense. I saw her as someone who could take (or dodge) a better hit when healing.
    You should definitely go back! I'd say avoid quad dipping. Is it really worth it for the same exact game?
  • @nutta27 how are you find Evolve?

    (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4
    - The big Winter Patch just came out and added a load of advanced customisation to things like hit markers and fixed several issues like getting stuck in doorways, will be playing this a lot this week.

    (PS4) Dying Light - I just got this and starting to work my way through the campaign.

    (PS4) GTA V - Just doing some online missions and getting some money in time for the Heist mode.
  • Epke, I play PvZ almost daily, and I have it on PS3 and PS4 so if you want to play it, let me know.
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  • OK, don't see you online that often, throw me an invite when we are both online.

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