Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 02/03/15
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  • @Juic3 Auron's cool and all, but Lulu's where it's at. Yuna doubles as an excellent, excellent Black Mage. Her Fira attack would do the same damage as Lulu's Firaga attack, so whenever Black Magic spheres become available, I give them to her. Being a healer naturally gives her a very high magic stat. I've never used the expert sphere grid, but I do love the sphere grid system. I love giving Wakka a few strength spheres as well, basically makes him a fast Auron.

    Come to think of it, I've never actually finished FFX. Always got really far then dropped it for whatever reason. Maybe I should get it for Vita...or get that PS4 version. Am I gonna quad dip? It's strange loving FFX even though I never finished it.
  • PvZ Garden Warfare - Played quite a bit of this. It's birthday week so all the card packs are cheaper, and I finally started getting into the PvP.

    The Order 1886 - Took 2 sittings over 2 days to plat it. Everyone should play this game, but nobody should go full price.

    Tomb Raider - Managed to play 1 match of PvP. The online is pretty dead for this, so it looks like I'll never get that double plat.

    LEGO Pirates - Thinking of going for the plat for this. It doesn't seem too troublesome.

    LEGO LOTR - Thinking of smashing my head through the coffee table every time I play this.

    Thief - Played a little bit, mainly just explored the city, robbing people. No missions.

    I also discovered Zombie Army Trilogy is being released only in the EU on the 6th. I couldn't find info on a US release and nothing for Japan either, so I ordered it from a shop in the UK that does free international shipping.
  • Hey Tuna when are you online we could do some garden warfare together
  • Epke, I play PvZ almost daily, and I have it on PS3 and PS4 so if you want to play it, let me know.
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  • OK, don't see you online that often, throw me an invite when we are both online.

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