Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/02/15
  • It's Noobtoob's Week in Gaming.  Maybe you've heard of it.

    (PS3) Gran Turismo 6 Bit of a weird week. Motivation to do any work in the evenings was at rock bottom and that's when I normally fall into gaming to kill the time, but I couldn't even face that either.  I should be trucking on with XCOM, but I found myself just staring at the TV most nights once Mrs Lg hit the hay and not really wanting to jump into something genuinely challenging.  GT6 is a safe choice in those circumstances as, whilst it can still be very difficult if you want it to, it is still a very well made driving game at its heart and that will mean that I'll generally always enjoy what I'm doing.  Plugged away at a few more career mode races and some of the Coffee Break challenges (drifting a Silvia around Autumn Ring Mini took way more goes than I am willing to admit).

    To follow on from last week's longer post, I did start the final WoT book, think I might start a reading thread or dig out one of the old ones to discuss that...

    OK.  Enough from me - what game did you turn to this week to fend off the gnawing fear of failure that haunts each and every one of us?
  • FIFA - More co-op fun with FIFA. We've been avoiding playing league games in Pro Clubs because of how bad we've been playing and we don't want to get relegated out of Div 3. Had the cup window open though so we played a few games in there. Got all the way to the final and the game completely bugged out, changed our formation, it merged our team with another team so 2 of our guys didn't even have control over their players we had some guy merged into our team who we couldn't communicate with who was awful, one of our 3 remaining players got disconnected halfway through so it was just me and one guy out of the 5 who started the game, and we lost 3-2. Seriously, if PES get a version of Pro Clubs into their next game, I'm switching over. FIFA seems to get more and more glitchy every year, EA don't do enough maintenance on the game over the year, at this point the only thing keeping me playing FIFA is that I'm a football fan I want to play a football game. My loyalty to FIFA is absolutely zero.

    Dragon Age Inquisition
    - I'm so happy that I came back to this because I'm so hooked on it now and it's so fucking good. I said a few weeks ago I'd played the start of it a few times and the "prologue" of the game is good but after that when you get thrown into the Hinterlands it doesn't feel like you've been let loose so much as abandoned in that world. It's not even particularly clear what you're doing, you just wander around and eventually you start to get the feel for what the game is like in open world exploration.

    I said to a friend of mine the other day, with all games I am willing to give them a chance for an hour to try and hook me. If there is something there I'll give it another couple of hours, and if there is then nothing that really grabs me I leave it behind. A game has to not just start well, but get better and then never drop below the bar it's set, that's what it takes for me to finish a game. And Inquisition has possibly the best rising point I've ever seen in a game, starting with your choice to ask for help from the Mages or the Templars, and ending with the mission "In Your Heart Shall Burn", which if you have played the game, you will know which part of the game I mean. You make this choice and the game seems to naturally unravel from that choice, starting with a really interesting quest and moving forward into a huge action set piece, a massive twist in the plot, and this period of about 5 minutes where it's nothing but cutscenes and dialogues but they're all amazing. It clicked the two things which I think turn an ok RPG into an amazing one. Making your choices feel like a natural part of the story, and giving the story emotional weight.

    Seriously, if you like RPGs, this is an absolute must buy.
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  • I picked Evolve up on Sunday and spent most of the day playing that. I started with their campaign mode which kinda runs a little like Titanfall's. 5 missions all multiplayer games. Win or lose you move on to the next. If you do lose though the next match will be significantly harder. So the guys I got grouped up with lost every match but the last one. We finally gelled and got our shit together. I can't say this mode is interesting. Its just not but the main mode. I fucking love the main game mode. Every match I have played people have been playing their role and we have worked pretty well. I can see that the game might get tedious if you are matched with 3 people who just run around like idiots and don't work together. I'm hoping that because I picked up the game a little later than release those players have been weeded out. 

    I also picked Minecraft up on the same day for the Xbox One. I don't like Mincraft never have. You dig, you build......booooring. I only picked the game up because it was on offer for £7. Even at £7 fuck that game. I thought it could be a game I could play while watching something else.

    A little like I do with FIFA15. Only managed 2 matches this week. Still top of the Premier League. The games just too easy. 

    I also played Resident Evil  for about an hour died. Lost all my progress. Thank god games moved towards a checkpoint based system and I played the second episode of Telltales A Game of Thrones. I love Telltales new adventure games but I dunno about this its just not working for me. I cant tell you why. This episode is better than the 1st but I dunno. I'm gonna stick with them for now. 
  • @nutta27
    I've found the game of thrones one a little bit difficult to be attached to because they have to divide time through all the characters. I love game of thrones and I think this is the best way to do a game of the books/show, but I think it'll only be great when the whole season is out. The Borderlands one has more than one character but it's all one story told from two sides which makes it flow much better.
  • Lords Of The Fallen - Finished my first playthrough and almost done with NG+, then it's on to NG++ to wrap it up and collect the plat. If this game weren't so buggy and prone to freezes and crashing it would be great. There's a huge patch coming late this month with the DLC release so hopefully that ends the remaining issues. For a laugh I uninstalled the first patch to see the game in its initial day 1 glory. Fuck me was it horrendous! The game installs at 5gb. then the patch was an additional 5gb! Without the patch enemies were vanishing mid-fight, clipping issues, glitches galore, music and voices doing all sorts of funky shit, just terrible. No wonder it was so poorly received.

    Akiba's Trip 2 - Played a bit more, enough to know it's not really my thing. It looks cheap and plays janky. The idea is sorta fun but the execution isn't.
  • Castle in the Darkness (PC) I started this and its really hard. So I took a break from it for a few days, but I went back to it this week and I'm really glad I did. I'm really enjoying my time with this game so far. Its still really hard, but its got just the right amount of progression.

    TwinBee 3D Classics (3DS) I love this shmup. I didn't play to long yet, but I managed to get to stage 1-4. I will keep going when I have time. :)

    Not to much time for games. Allergies have been kicking hard lately, so not feeling like playing games much. Until I got back into CitD. I'll certainly be playing more of that this week. I plan to pick up The Order this week, and I want to try and bang it out this weekend, b/c I really want to start Lords of the Fallen. :)
  • Colleague went to america and bought a psn card for me, bought a few games on the PSN, Payday 2, Arcana heart 3 vandal hearts 3 and life is strange.

    Warframe PS4 still at it, grindy game but it scratches it.

    Wolfenstein: PS4 The New Order, Finally got passed the lobby and further in the game, and getting killed just before the next checkpoint :(

    Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement; PS3 i like the old game it is a TBS but not digging the style though.

    Kamen Rider summon ride PS3 Skylander wannabe but fails

    Kick and Fennick PS vita the jump pads starting in the middle of the game really kills the fun of the game.

    Girls & Panzer based on the wacky high school girls doing tank battles as school activity, the controls are a  little strange, but the tank battle mechanics is sound.
  • (PS4 / Xbox One) Battlefield 4 - Still working towards assignments. I need about another 75 kills with the main battle tank to get the Phantom Prospect assignment on the PS4.

    (PS4) FIFA 15 - Trying to get back into FIFA but not sure where I would be best starting. Playing friendlies seems too boring and FUT seems way too complicated and full of menus and options.

    (PS4) DriveClub - Just doing a challenge. Got to drop 5.5 seconds off my lap time.
  • @Orion. Really interested in your experience with Dragon Age : Inquisition it reflects my initial impressions exactly. I stopped playing though. You have convinced me to give it a few hours when i get some free time, so thankyou for getting me interested in the game again dude :) .

    (PC) PES 2015 - This could possibly the greatest football game ever made. It is fluid and responsive and a huge improvement over previous iterations. Cannot recommend enough. I have played the latest FIFA as well which is also a great game no doubt. But it is just Fifa and PES is just a little more unpredictable. If ever there wass a time for a consistent FIFA player to give PES a chance - please make it PES 2015.
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  • @8drawt
    It's really worth going back to and getting to that mages/Templars choice, because after that the game rises so far. It opens out too, you suddenly realise the game isn't just that Hinterlands area, you also get amazing environments like the western approach and crestwood and about 8 others.

    Also on the topic of PES vs FIFA, like I said in my first post in this topic, I am really considering making the switch over to PES because FIFAs glitches and EAs poor support of the game have driven down all loyalty I have to it. The one thing that's stopping me is that there isn't an equivalent to pro clubs on PES, because that's the main thing me and my friends play. If PES can put in something like that, I'm sold.
  • @Orion. Next week I am gonna go for it as you said with Dragon Age : Inquisition on your recommendation/ my love for origins/ the fact I spent 50 quid on it and have played two hours. But i am gonna start a completely new game and head for that mages/templars choice you were talking about. Last time i just got dragged into wandering around the hinterlands I don't think I went to any other area. I was blindsided with objectives and it just became a bit monotonous as i was trying to be a bit too completest. Incidentally dude what character are you playing as?

    I can totally understand sticking with FIFA for the pro clubs. Half the fun is having a good experience with your friends and KONAMI need to work on an equivalent feature really. (although i am sure they are) .

    I am away from home for the weekend so it is going to be all Pokemon for me so next week for Dragon Age, I am excited again about it now. I had almost completely forgotten.
  • @Orion. Oh, and what are you playing it on?
  • @8drawt
    I went with a human rogue archer. I tried out the mage and the warrior with a couple of different races, but the rogue archer is my favourite. The voice acting doesn't sound right for the Qunari, you expect the voice to be deeper but it's the same tone as all the others. The mage is cool, but compared to the archer, where you can move around while firing arrows, the mage feels like it has an anchor attached to it.

    Totally understand the side content thing as well. What you'll come to realise as you get further in the story is that the side content is actually quite important. You unlock new areas by sacrificing "Power points", and the only way to get Power is by doing quests. It's one of the reasons I love this game, it has those standard RPG side content things like fetch quests and "go here, kill that", but it's all targeted towards doing important stuff. It's also useful to do side content to level up, I've visited a few areas too quickly and ended up facing enemies 4 or 5 levels higher than me. So rather than doing side content because it's there and it feeling somewhat pointless, you're doing it so you can gain power, so you can level up, so you can progress in the story.

    And I'm on PS4.
  • @Orion. cheers for that info its really useful and much appreciated. It gives me a bit more motivation towards the side missions if they actually are contributing to the overall story progression, makes my time feel a bit more worthwhile. I am gonna run straight for the story elements and try and fight my completest mentally until the game has got its grips into me. 

    I was playing as a mage on my first attempt at a playthrough. I was so disappointed as i just wanted to be a pure healer the way that you could play in origins, so that was a bit of a shame. The mage is geared completely towards high damage and high vulnerability. I must say that i didn't really notice how stationary the mage attacks are that you mentioned, most likely if i tried the archer it would feel like night and day.

    I found everything overwhelming such as the crafting etc. too much stimuli to take in all at once haha. Gonna go for a mage again though against my better judgement and yours probably :) .

    I only asked what platform you were on as the first thing that i noticed is that whenever there is a cutscene the framerate gets fixed to 30 which irritated me, so i spent 15 minutes finding a semi - fix for that. So i was already put off. But the game does look great and i get mostly a steady 60 with most game settings on ultra. Sorry for a very PC based rant over framerates, but it was really jarring. 

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