Noobtoob's Week in Gaming: 16/02/15
  • @nutta27
    I've found the game of thrones one a little bit difficult to be attached to because they have to divide time through all the characters. I love game of thrones and I think this is the best way to do a game of the books/show, but I think it'll only be great when the whole season is out. The Borderlands one has more than one character but it's all one story told from two sides which makes it flow much better.
  • Lords Of The Fallen - Finished my first playthrough and almost done with NG+, then it's on to NG++ to wrap it up and collect the plat. If this game weren't so buggy and prone to freezes and crashing it would be great. There's a huge patch coming late this month with the DLC release so hopefully that ends the remaining issues. For a laugh I uninstalled the first patch to see the game in its initial day 1 glory. Fuck me was it horrendous! The game installs at 5gb. then the patch was an additional 5gb! Without the patch enemies were vanishing mid-fight, clipping issues, glitches galore, music and voices doing all sorts of funky shit, just terrible. No wonder it was so poorly received.

    Akiba's Trip 2 - Played a bit more, enough to know it's not really my thing. It looks cheap and plays janky. The idea is sorta fun but the execution isn't.
  • @8drawt
    It's really worth going back to and getting to that mages/Templars choice, because after that the game rises so far. It opens out too, you suddenly realise the game isn't just that Hinterlands area, you also get amazing environments like the western approach and crestwood and about 8 others.

    Also on the topic of PES vs FIFA, like I said in my first post in this topic, I am really considering making the switch over to PES because FIFAs glitches and EAs poor support of the game have driven down all loyalty I have to it. The one thing that's stopping me is that there isn't an equivalent to pro clubs on PES, because that's the main thing me and my friends play. If PES can put in something like that, I'm sold.

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