Extra HD Remakes
  • Metro still have to get that,Sleeping Dogs great game but why a def. edition?
  • I'm guessing because companies want maximum cash for minimum effort. This is the real reason the Bone and PS4 are not backwards compatible. You'd have to be a total muggle to believe the official excuse.

    Metro at least has some reason to exist. The original was 360 exclusive so it will be new to Sony only people.

  • I actually really, really liked Sleeping Dogs. I would actually see myself having a decent chance of buying this because I never bought the DLC. Makes more sense than the Tomb Raider remastering at least.
  • EDF 4.1, coming to PS4, and now featuring giant monsters and giant robots to fight as!

  • Saint's Row 4 Uber Edition coming to PS4 and the Bone.

    The devs of SR love Johnny Gat far more than I do. I wouldn't mind if he actually was dead, and stayed that way.

  • Devil May Cry for PS4/Bone.

    Borderlands 2 + Pre-Sequel and all DLC set for PS4/Bone

  • I bought SRIV Ultimate on PS4 today. and I'm all over DmC again. I was never much into the Borderlands games.
  • In light of the RE HD Remake's success, (I like it anyway) Do you think we might get an RE Zero HD remake??? I would buy it.
  • That DmC Remaster is looking the Bee's Knees! Possible 101 entry? I think so. :)
  • @vampirelich

    I love the HD remake. It's solid.

    I'd love to get a remake of Zero and RE:2 myself.
  • I want the Fallout 3/Fallout Vegas ultimate collection, with more bugs, scruffier textures and fewer voice actors.

    More realistically, I feel like X-com will come along sooner or later.
  • As long as we are talking Remakes/collections we'd like to see, I've always wanted a Legacy of Kain HD collection. Blood Omen 2, The Soul Reaver 2, and LoK Defiance, all the PS2 Legacy of Kain games basically.

    The other collection I'd love to see is all of the Mega Man X games, like 1 though 8.

    Both of those are highly unlikely, but I can dream right.

    A game that isn't so impossible to come out though: Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes HD. Idk though.
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    You know, but without Dino Crisis 3.
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  • I want a Shadow Hearts trilogy HD. If they can throw in Koudelka all the better. This will of course, never happen.

    A Kingdom Under Fire collection would also be nice.
  • Final Fantasy XII already looked good on PS2, so I imagine you could get a really fancy HDified version cooking on modern systems.  Perhaps more importantly they could also update the voice work on the game - the acting was fine but it all sounded like it was recorded over a bad phone line.  Give me HD voices!
  • @Dr Flibble I bought Shadow Hearts Covenant recently and I have no idea when I'm going to get to it, but I have my PS2 primed and ready for whenever I do!

    @Littleg I think Final Fantasy XII has a decent chance of happening. After FFX and Kingdom Hearts, I think FFXII is the next logical game to HD-ify. I'd love for it to happen, I always wanted to get into XII but I was always too impatient back when it came out. 

    @vampirelich I would looooooooooove a collection of all of the Mega Man X games! I played and loved X6 so much as a kid, and I always wanted to play the other ones but never did. A lot of them are on PSN and the Wii U eShop now though, so if I'm feeling nostalgic I guess I know where to go. :)

    At the moment, I can't think of any games I want to be remade into HD that haven't already been mentioned. It'd be cool to have an ultimate compendium type collection that has all of the Kingdom Hearts games on one disk for PS4/XB1. Well, maybe keep the DS ones as movies. Add in the 3DS entry too, since that's the only one that hasn't been HD-ified. It's nice having the current collections on PS3, but KH3 is coming to PS4/XB1, after all.
  • HD HoM+M3 for PC and tablet. Hopefully Mac is on the way. Never coming to console but I am in Heaven.
  • Batman Arkham Collection just got into the rumor machine.  Those are two damn fine games.
  • What I want is a damn Fatal Frame Trilogy HD Remake... Or at least bring Fatal Frame 4 to the states.....
  • I might pick up the Batman series. I finished the first one, but barely touched City or Origins.

    I'd also pay for a Fatal Frame trilogy in a second, but it will never happen.
  • I would like to see front mission HD collection or just Ring of RED HD not enough TBS on current gen consoles
  • We all heard about God Of War 3 HD, now it's Devil May Cry 4 HD's turn.

  • Sooooo I dunno who asked for this remaster but it's happening:


    Also coming to PC and Wii U. I'd never even heard of this game before the remaster announcement. 3D platformer action game it looks like.

    It seems Darksiders 2 is on the cards for a remaster next. Question is: Why not Darksiders 1 as well? Seems strange to omit the first game.
  • Another game nobody was clamoring for, Arcania!

    I bought this on a PSN sale for PS3 and it remains to date the only game I've ever bought that won't run on my PS3. It freezes at the title screen every time. Now I can enjoy a frozen title screen on PS4 too?! Hold me back!

  • Looks like a cash grab, maybe this one won't crash Flibble!

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