Civilization : Beyond Earth (PC)
  • The next Civilization title due out on October 24th.

    I know very few people (if any) play Civ or a lot of PC games here.

    This game is the Spiritual Successor to Alpha Centauri . The key difference of this title to say Civilization 5 is that it takes place in space. Rather than playing a Civ from an ancient era through to modern times, this game starts from a point at which humans colonise a different planet to earth.

    The core elements are very similar to regular Civ, the way technology research works is the main difference. The technology is researched through a web rather than a tree meaning there is a potential for very non-linear progressions. This is probably going to be the main stand out difference. Everything else seems marginal bar the location and alien encounters.

    I am a bit of a Civ fanatic, but is anyone else interested in this?

  • I own Civ 4 but never really had the time to sink into it to learn how to play. I always wanted to though.

    I actually feel I am missing out on a big part of gaming.
  • It's one of my most anticipated games of the year! I loved Alpha Centauri back in the day, and I have been a Civilization fan since 2 because it was one of the few games our PC could play back then. Plus I owned it on Playstation 1 so the amount of hours I put into that game is actually ridiculous. Ever since then I've played every Civ game that came out and Beyond Earth will be no exception.

    All in all I'm very excited to get my hands on it, and from what I've seen streamed etc over recent days only makes me want it more. So, in other words, I'm really looking forward to it and to some Multiplayer games with others that I have lined up when it releases in a months time.

  • I'm pretty excited for this. I've played Civ 5 quite a bit but I'm not all that great at it. I'll probably wait and pick this up during the Steam Summer Sale next year
  • @nutta27 Civ 5 is pretty easy to pick up i think comparatively to previous Civs. Definitely worth a look.

    @Eidelon I share your enthusiasm!

    @ness Yeah, probs best to pick up in a steam sale. I would if i had the self control xD . But i think  i will sink enough time into it  to justify to myself picking it up instantaneously.
  • Just.... Just one more turn......
  • Actually there was a few of us in the community who were playing EMAIL games of Alpha Centauri like.... two years ago now? Fun-fun :) I don't think we even ever met up with eachother lol I think we got 20 ish turns in and it dropped but man what a cool idea.

    I cannot wait for this game.... I... I just need a rig that can run it. lol Outdated hardware, amirite?

  • Not to derail the thread too much, but how does Civilisation: Revolutions stack up in the series?  It keeps coming up on sales on Xbox Live and I always dither over buying it - not because I'm worried it won't be any good, I'm just nervous about getting myself sucked into another open-ended long-term campaign (see my issues with two games that start with F).
  • I havn't played civ revolutions either sorry. But i am sure they could make at least comparable versions for IOS and Android that would be totally too much for me to endure (in a goodway). Civ Rev for android or similar would be welcomed with open arms by me, I cant see it happening anytime soon ( we can only group for growing demand from the tablet community). A slightly feature cut version of civ could work beauiutifuly on  a handheld with tough controls etc. I hope the demand is there/
  • Excited to see this. I am a long time fan of Alpha Centauri, and it's a game I still go back to on occasion (runs smoothly with the version you get on I hope they manage to write a similiar sort of backstory as Alpha Centaury, which was weirdly dense and awesome for a turn-based game.
    @tallchick @eidelon yay for play-by-email :D
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  • Add me on Steam, I'll happily play with some NT people.

    Steam ID: Senator Satan
  • I really enjoyed Civ III which is the only one I've played. I could be curious.
  • Sorry this comes 4 years late... I never did see the readout of this thread, but back in the day I played a ton of Civ: Rev. It was a pretty good little time-waster. Ended up reading this thread because I forgot about Beyond Earth and was contemplating reinstalling.

    YES! I do, on occasion, read reviews from here of games still in my backlog.

    Civilization Revolutions stacks up like a kid's game to the rest of the series, but is still fun for the Xbox. I'm not sure you can get it anymore. It had very cartoony graphics and it was clumsy by today's standards. Could recommend for pre-teens or people who like smaller games. Except pre-teens play stuff like COD now... 

    Actually, tbh I think Civ:Rev would be great for a tablet or Phablet, maybe we'll see it revived? It'd be pretty phenomenal as a multiplayer phone title, IMO. Someone get on that s***!

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