The Great NooBTooB Gamer Alias Exchange
  • It seems the arrival of a new episode has brought a few old faces and hopefully a couple new ones back to our beloved forums. It seems the days of group meetups and game nights are a thing of the past unfortunately. But I am sure a few of us would like to reconnect online and game again ( I know I need some bloody friends on PSN).

    So with this thread I hope to service that. I just want to bring folks together.

    Anyway below just post a list of your gamer names and what service/ console's they belong to and lets all be friends.

    I’ll kick this off:

    Playstation Network ID: nutta27 (Playstation 3/ PlayStation 4/ PS Vita)
    Xbox Gamertag: hazelnut27 (xbox one/ Xbox 360)
    Steam ID: nutta708
    WiiU Id: nutta27 (i think)

    Feel free to add me on any of the above. Don’t Forget to post your own. X
  • Good idea!

    3DS: 5343 - 8429 - 4346]
    Wii U: FirLocke
    PSN: FirLocke
    Steam ID: FirLocke

    I mostly play single player games, though.

    And hey my Twitter is @FirLocke too, might as well throw it out.
  • PSN: Epke
    Steam: psn_epke (i think)
  • I must say this is a really great idea!

    PSN: Terror_Incarnate
    XBL: PrepareToIndict
    STEAM: Phoenix Wrong 

    Feel free to add me! :)
  • PSN: akabuckets21

    Steam: DrFlibble777

    99% of my game time is on PSN, and I mainly play RPG/Adventure/Shooters. I don't do fighters, sports, or cars.
  • Xbox Live: Eddie Swiss
    PSN: EddieSwiss
    Steam: TehManio
  • Xbox Live: The Palkanator
    PSN: TheThing2010
    Steam: The_Thang -

  • @FirLocke I went to add you on Steam so we could try some fighting games, but I cant find your profile.

  • @devined Unfortunately I don't use Steam very often at all (don't own a strong PC), it's basically there just in case there's a sale on a game I really, really want. I don't think I've any fighting games on there. I play all my fighters on PS3 and in the future; PS4! And Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U as well.
  • Steam: GoodEnoughForMe
    Origin: GoodEnoughForMe
    UPlay: GoodEnoughForMe
    PSN: JinxLeong

    I mostly game on PC but my PS3 gets some use.
  • PSN: thatrademarc

    I mainly play on PlayStation. I live in Australia.

    I barely play multiplayer but I'm looking to join/form a club in Driveclub.
  • Steam ID:  Senator Satan.

    It's good to be back.  I play a lot of CSGO, Red Orchestra 2, and Battlefield 4.  Looking for some Borderlands buddies for when the new games comes out.
  • Mainly a PS4 and Xbox One gamer these days. But these are my IDs

    PlayStation Network ID: amardilo
    (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita)
    Xbox Live Gamertag: amardilo (Xbox One and Xbox 360)
    Steam ID: amardilo2099 or amardilo (not sure which one is correct when entering friends but they should both be me and the same announce)
    Wii U ID: amardilo2099
  • Still Sunflower4000 pretty much everywhere.
  • I'm CallMeLittleg on Xbox Live & PSN and my application to be a member of the PC Master Race was denied when it transpired that I don't have a PC that can run games.
  • I basically only play online with PC so my Steam Name is Catsniffer.

  • PSN: media-boy

    Not a huge multiplayer person but would love to play with the noobtoob army anytime. Right now playing destiny and plan to get shadow of mordor and drive club.
  • I just came back after the new episode release.

    My ID's:

    PS4: Dagnod
    Steam: Dagnod
    360: Dagnod

    I'd be down for playing sometime :)
  • PSN: DonMatteo13
    XBL: DonMatteo13
    and you guessed it
    Steam: Donmatteo14
    haha :)
  • PSN is the only place you'll find me gaming these days. I do have a XBL account but I no longer have an Xbox. Anyway, my ID is Orion4946. I know, I hate having lots of numbers in my name too.

    PSN: Slixshot
    XBL: Slixshot
    NNID: Slixshot
    3DS: 0447 - 5838 - 9807
    Twitter: Slixshot

    Let's PLAY!
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  • X360: d4ftgmr
    Steam: d4ftgmr
    Twitter: @d4ftgmr

    I will be on the PC more often than the Xbox, unless I'm watching Netflix.
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  • XBL: CalibratedCha0s (xboxone) Advanced Warfare, Titanfall, more co-op games to come.
    Steam: CalibratedCha0s  - I havent played many co-op games so far but I havent had too many people to play with either. 

    "0" is a zero.

  • Ooph, it's been a while since I've been to the forums.
    Glad to see the community is still active :)
    I game heavily on my PS3 and Vita

    Psn: SpaceOfSoul
    3DS: 0877-1540-2131
  • Steam ID: Big Buck Baggins

    I play all the games. 

    : )
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