Would There Be Interest In A NT Minecraft Server Again?
  • Just checking in. I'd love to get one together. I'm getting hooked on Minecraft again.
    Should we setup another PC Minecraft server?
    1. Should we setup another PC Minecraft server?9 votes
      1. No way, bro.
  • I would drop in. Not sure how much I'd play.
  • Totally down.  Minecraft is only better with friends. 
  • I'll look into getting started then.
  • I might stop by every now and then. Now if it was had mod pack, I would definitely would.
  • @ness

    I'd love to throw mods in. Any ideas for any?
  • Are there any that make mine craft a game?
  • I'd be up for this!
  • Alright, cool.

    I'll see what I can do over the course of the next few days.
  • Alright, here's hoping this works.

    EDIT: Still messing with IP stuff.
  • How is the server going?  Any news yet?
  • @shozaya

    Having loads of issues with IPs and ports. Done all the necessary forwarding, etc. Nada.
  • @Manio
    I was going to respond earlier,but I totally forgot.

    There are a couple mod packs that are a lot of fun that add tech and magic stuff to the game. The more popular ones are on the the Feed the Beast Launcher, i think Monster is the latest FTB pack and Direwolf20 pack are both pretty good, and have a lot to offer. Some newer ones using Minecraft 1.7.1 are on the ATLauncher, they are the Yogscast Complete and Modsauce packs.

    As far as individual mods go for Vanilla Minecraft, map mods are always good Voxel map and Rei's minimap are the two most used. Inventory Tweaks is nice, it sorts your inventory and chests with the touch of a button and when a tool breaks or you run out of a block on your bar it replaces it with one from your inventory. There is also a mod that adds gravestones so when you die your items are stored in a gravestone that you break to get back, I don't know what the mod is called though.

    There are 2 mod packs on the FTB launcher that give you quests and make it much more difficult to survive. One is Agrarian Skies and the newer one is Crash Landing. Direwolf20 has playlists on his youtube channel of both if you or anyone is interested.

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