PS3 Game Night Ideas (Permanent Thread)
  • Hey guys and gals, this is where you'll post any ideas you have for games we should play for PS3 game nights.  Go nuts, anything and everything helps :)
  • GTA V Noobtoob Crew?
  • @Epke That's a great idea!  Did you want to start it up, or have someone else do it?  I'm totally down for this though :) 
  • Yeah I could jump into GTA online for a while if there is a worthy turn out. Been meaning to check out the MP. Never did.
  • Well i am on Japanese times, first have to establish everyone's time zone's, Could create a new crew, have to check how to do it.
  • Noobtoob army crew already existed? i made this
    Noobied by 1shozaya
  • @Epke You should make your own thread and ask people to join.  I'll work on scheduling.
  • We do already have a NooBTooB crew, which Manio is the owner of. I don't know if it's better to use that or easier to use the new one Epke made, but they're both options. That said, I'd be interested in joining for this too. I've messed around in GTAO for a couple of hours but never really had anyone to play with so it didn't stick, a game night could be fun. 
  • Well, after months of review... Manio's crew hasn't been active for months so I went ahead and requested an invite from you Epke.

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